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Seyi Afolabi Tinubu


The testament to focus, hardwork, resilience and purposefulness have begun to pay off so quickly, so it seems as the scion of the famous Tinubu family in the person of “Seyi Afolabi Tinubu”, come this week, would be joining other young business titans in the making to be inducted into the “West African Business Hall of Fame”.

The hardworking MD/CEO and Co-Founder of one of the fastest growing and most innovative outdoor advertising brand in Nigeria by name “Loatsad Promomedia”, would be one of the “young men and women” of honour across West Africa to be so honoured.

The 2 honours to be bestowed on Mr. Tinubu, are the awards of “EYC LEADERSHIP of the year” and also his induction into the prestigious “ECOWAS Youth Council Hall of Fame”, in recognition of his exemplary leadership qualities and entrepreneurial acumen displayed over the year.

Both awards are coming from the “ECOWAS YOUTH COUNCIL” with secretariat in Cape Verde one of West Africa most developed countries. The EYC is designated as the apex youth body in West Africa.

It has been a rollercoaster year on all fronts for the young, highly motivated and hardworking Seyi, who after bagging his law degrees (LLB & Masters) from the famous University of Buckingham a few years back now and after his compulsory year at the Nigerian Law School, set up his now burgeoning business enterprise with his partner, another UK returnee by name Denrele Olusoga.

What began then like a little acorn, has now grown to become a little tree with great potentials already, with branches wide spread and also becoming a shade for young upwardly mobile and highly motivated crop of people who wants to take over the industry and world in a good way.

Loatsad Promomedia is the dream of 2 very resilient young men, whose ideal was to come in to shake the industry with innovation as their weapons of choice and top class service delivery as foundation. They had had clear cut ideas about coming into the country and setting up a brand that would make its mark upon the sands of time and in a short period of time, what was first a dream in the mind has taken a shape beyond everyone’s imagination.

Seyi Tinubu has always had a clear cut path to success well thought out in his mind, though he strongly believes in his illustrious surame, made very famous by dint of hardwork also by his colossus of a father, “ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU”, he has also thought to make the name more famous with his own achievements in business and in life.

Since Loatsad Promomedia emerged in the market, it has been success upon success all through. In just under 2 years, the young very innovative brand has collaborated with the “biggest outdoor advertising brand” in the whole of the Middle-East to deliver the best of its kind service and excellent innovations in Nigeria. And they are still not resting on their oars, as they are set to unveil some more award winning services and products to the country.

So these awards have come at the right time as a testament to good ideas, innovations, resilience, hardwork and much more.

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