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Jaden and Joey Yobo

The young Okojevohs

Mercy Johnson’s 3 kids

King Andre Churchill- Tonto Dikeh’s son in Igbo outfit with friend. 

Bovi’s kids

Julius Agwu’s kids

We do love how in the midst of all the recession drama and other what nots, we are still doing our best to step out looking awesome and unharrassed, if ever there is a word like that.

Though change has changed us rather somewhat and nearly everything for us, we are still a people that can’t be kept down or weighed down by anything. So we always find those channels or avenues for fun and enjoyment.

In celebration of our independence “National day”, which we got on October 1, 1960 which this year, falls on Sunday, October 1, 2017 the different kids from across the country went to their various “private” schools happily garbed in various outfits as worn by the different tribes that makes up this great country known as NIGERIA, all looking fabulous. 

Truth be told, many were looking outstanding, and we have got a few pictures here of kids who are children of some of our “stars and
celebrities” representing the “National Day” with much aplomb! From the Yobos, to the Okojevohs, to Mercy Johnson’s 3 kids, to the Agwus and Bovi’s kids. We salute them all!

We wish all Nigerians Happy independence celebration! 57 years together as one united country, with our glaring differences is no joke!

Our diversity is our strength and thats what makes us unique. God didn’t make a mistake in putting us all together. To break us or wanting to break us, is an open admittance saying “GOD MADE A MISTAKE”. And God gets it Right in the 1st instance. He never makes a mistake. So in the voice of K.U.S.H “Let’s Live Together”. One nation under GOD! 


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