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In the not too distant past, there were some, both ladies and gentlemen at that, who were constant and consistent features and fixtures whenever anything fun and fly and stylish were happening, one of such beautiful souls was Yosola “the elegant” Kuku.

She was pretty, well mannered, well loved, very stylish and quite friendly, in fact she was even described severally as a socialite, but we preferred then to tag her a “social butterfly”, who perches delicately on different stems of gorgeous flowers. In fact, she was one of the “it girls” then, our very own version of the likes of Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton etc. She was one of the most visible amongst the young upwardly mobile crowd then, who used to let us all know the “in things” in fashion & lifestyle then.

At a point we knew she went very career conscious a very good decision at that, steadily rising on the ladder at “MRS Oil owned Sayyu Dantata”, where she now heads the “risk management department”, so that must have been why she totally went off the social radar or was it a combo of many reasons? Someone also once hinted that she might have “cooled down” so as to get married, but does getting a husband mean to not socialise no more or not to have fun no more?

To have totally gone extinct? That’s a worry oooo!!!!

For whatever reason(s) that she has gone very quiet, we love it though and totally wish her well.


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