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Talk about the zenith or is it the peak of irresponsibility and this billionaire personality describes or totally defines it.

Imagine that the one turning his head topsy-turvy right now and making his heart to flutter near incontrollably is the one and only, socialite par excellence, social media queen par excellence, new author of note and style maven, the young and the restless TM.

The 70 plus years old owner of P.O.O and is of Yoruba extraction with both names having the 6th alphabets as his initials. This dude runs a oil company and his brand employs hundreds of staffs, we all know that the oil and gas brands only many months ago were the ones in charge of the economy. In fact he owns an oil bloc.

Our old lover loves to feel very young at heart, so the reason for this his new heartthrob, that he is very willing to go to the moon and the stars for. While we like to blame the likes of Jyoti and Kiran because they are foreigners who came to collect their own part of the flowing largesse (golden fleece if we may call it that), we forget the fact that we have our very own home breed same same, who are just like them in every sense of the word.

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Our chairman is alleged to be a chronic debtor, owing just one bank alone at least ₦180 billion plus. Apart from that known fact, he also owes his staff members upwards of 6 months salaries, which is a massive shame to say the least.

His house in Ikoyi is as humongous as they come and it is said to be the biggest on the billionaire’s row, next to 2 other billionaires like himself.

Much as he is owing debts up and down (upandan), he doesn’t joke neither does he play with the needs of TM at all. In fact legend has it that in the battle between our current chairman and TM’s former ATM, it was this current champion that won the prizes asset. Two things accounted for why the other dude left, one he doesn’t like to share at all for any reason and two, when he found out it was grandpappy he was in competition with, he felt slighted and just left. So from one big boy deep pocket to another deep pocket.

TM drives around in a brand spanking new RR courtesy of her ATMs, but according to the gist, she’s responding to her own inspired competition with another who used to be in the same circle as herself in the days of Awolowo Road, Ikoyi at B owned by L.P.

TM herself apparently wants to control things like FF the lady who loves Olivia Pope, who not too long ago dropped her bambino. FF is not a small fry at all oooo, totally on top of the food chain and off the hook in terms of the money at her disposal.

Can one just imagine what it is like to be the jewel of inestimable value of a billionaire’s heart? No wonder the Guccis, Louboutins, Bottegas, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes et al, are all just mere names now on the list for the impressionable young lass, who counts Selfridges and Harrods as a must visit now, whenever she drops in, in London via her Business class or First class flights.

We too go love ooooooo……


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  • Dis short ugly Festus of a man is owing my bf n his colleagues but has money to waste on this egbere of a girl. As long as my bf n is colleagues are suffering God will not answer dis egbere prayer for a good home. Na so so Gucci God go dey reward her with. Hypocrite dey claim hardwork which yeye hardwork for dis economy fit afford the lifestyle she dey portray

  • Aloba re you trying to tell us our Babygirl na high class Ojuelegba girl? Former Governor yesterday, 70 yrs old man today, me I no know wetin to believe anymore

  • Isn't she better off with these old men who can't get their dicks up without viagra and who come in 1 minute? Unlike RA, young and virile who will tear her vajayjay? Lol!!!!!

    • Her options are limited to ancestors and gigolos. No right thinking guy will take her fake ass seriously.

  • You are on the money @October 3, 2017 at 6:16 AM. You named him and his surname is a popular road/area on Ikorodu road. Frying "pan" in a "big sea" oil corporation.

  • Abeggggii the vayjayjay done wrinkle tay!!!!! You people no know say whom you dey take in you go be like too? From the old men essence, to the former hisband's own who was a strong man wey go don tear am to pieces already.

  • Madam Onbecoming keep enjoying Pa Festus money, the head of all the pipu he owe go soon catch you like the Mathawhore sisters

  • Where can I get all these ancient of days magas?Me sef like LV, Gucci, expensive travel and all these perks Tokstarr they enjoy. Abeg make una help a struggling sister out

  • Abeg what is @frying "pan" in a big sea"? His surname can be onipanu, fadeyi, obanikoro, jibowu which of the popular b/stop on ikorodu road na? Please mention.

  • Adonbilivit!!I know a 25 yr old chic here in London that's balling on his tab,nice flat at canary wharf and a BMW sport

  • she's allegedly in competition with freda you say???,,,wonder why..these una lagos chics will not kee someone o..what an thing i hate about lagos runs girls is the hiding under business,motivational speaking, salon,boutique etc …rubbish

    • This Olosho always thumping bible on Twitter has been wrecking homes since unilag days. God get patience ooo

  • 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨! Nooooooo! It's not possible nah! Toke? She is a virgin now! Maje only gave her STDs orally! I pity any chick who wants to fuck or who fucks any of maje's friends! Std loading! Toke has warned you babes! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁

  • This Olosho that has been oloshoing before and after marriage has the nerve to keep shaming Maje. As soon as Maje finish up on his book "Onbecoming lies" your 15 mins of fame built on lies will be over!

  • My mumu friend moved from Calabar to enroll in a Language Arts Masters in Lagos becos she wan be OAP and live Toke lifestyle. I keep telling her they don't make the type of money this Aunty is flaunting. Even Toolz that speak perfect queens English, born into wealth and married into wealth doesn't splurge like Aunty Toke. Now we know the source of the pepper

  • I see why she was preaching that "People should mind their business". Sorry Toke you talk about other people and should expect other people to talk about you and your fake hypocrite self

  • Aloba @SDK don carry this story go her blog. When they are sharing money for blackmailing I hope you will collect your share because that's what she does best. Remember the other story of another MFM ho and now this MFM ho. Ain't it the perfect church for hiding all witchcraft, wickedness and fake lifestyle fa.

  • Aloba my sweetheart, you're back with a bigger bang. Who're those that believe Tokstarr got her luxury lifestyle from the book sales and vblog.

  • This overbleached twat think she can ruin our aunt's home. You will hear wen, you will know that jazz pass jazz. Ashigbe omo ward Jati Jati

    • Abegi make we hear word. No only Toke dey ride that useless midget horseband of your aunt? You better come see 25 yr old gal wey dey enjoy the man money pass wetin Toke go ever dream of. Una go fight plenty Olosho tire

  • Nobody knows this man before this gist. It's safe to say he's a silent billionaire!! But this wannabe of a girl brought very bad publicity to their doorstep. I feel for his wife and kids.

  • Toke na ogbologbo for dis side chic bizness. God don vindcate Anita, she talk am several times that no be she be side chic

    • Enter your reply…wawu so Maje na real ode be dat naa, I mean for him to leave the good gyel/ his main chic Anita to go a marry a runs gyel/his side chic Toke.

  • Dem talk say @Tagbo na father of sisi caroline danjuma's daughter, humm I can never believe that oo. That baby girl is pure musa's blood, like her brothers.if she ever had a fling with the guy, am not sure and still cant deny at the same time, but say hes the father? Na lie lie be dat.

  • Lol, I hope he doesn’t dump her…no one likes attention. Toke you see your life baby girl for life- showing off on IG

    • You should be disappointed in yourself. Toolz and Dolapo Sijuwade dey there you no look up to them as role models na madam MTN you look up to

  • Aunty was getting all emotional and mushy on Twitter over 50 shades of grey, whereas away from the limelight she was breaking another woman home. Amadioha punish you

  • Some of her friends her running away from her because she's fake, pretender and a liar. They also worried her hoeing reputation might scare potential single guys

    • I always wonder what happened to their Miami crew, granted (Kunbi) got married. Toke just descended from that crew to the naijagistlive regulars, Kung fu fighting crew

  • Bitch ruined Maje's reputation and she's now doing the same thing. Your reputation is going up in flames too, this is just the beginning. Shameless hypocrite!

  • Maje will be having a good laugh now, he's getting vindicated so quickly.
    Aloba, I trust you're not an hungry blogger who'll collect money to take this post down.
    Maje kindly screen munch this story and comments, for use when you write your book.

  • OMG I hope this allegation is not true!! I respect this Toke Makinwa lady a lot. Her story is powerful, I will be very disappointed if she's enmeshed in this nonsense!

  • Nothing bad in chopping an older man, better than oshofree for all these small boys. I sell "adodun" and some native love charms, all I don't tolerate is breaking a home. Just chop well and waka go, don't even embarass wife at home in the process.

    • Hey babalawo, I've heard of love charms n need for my husband too. Before the likes of on becoming capture him cos he's getting richer…

  • Toke! You almost ruined maje! Almost made him a laughing stock in the midst of his friends! Well! I leave all

  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁! Toke, the babe! Fuck dey go jare! Besides maje and his friends don't drop but only live on " Brand names! Who brand name eep? Abegi! Na ancestors sure pass! Fuck maje and his so called friends!

    • What else do you expect from sluts???Our brand name is not for the greedy, it's for stable and decent gals.I won't be surprised if her troubled life is bcos one of her ancestors has her destiny buried in a shrine.

  • Very very fake wannabe liar Toke Makinwa! Can't stand her bcos she's too damn fake and tries too hard to be something she's not! Very very annoying being!

  • Eeiiyaaa Toke's life de pepper some people for body, baby girl is going places while una dey here de drink panadol on top her matter.