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IMAGINE RAKING IN ₦20, 000, 000 PLUS MILLION YEARLY, just for accommodating young girls.

Every quite often, a game changer comes into the market place and brings in little changes that would totally revolutionise how things are done, bringing with them more ease to the way old things are done and once people see or experience the effect of those little tweaking,  immediately afterwards, the bandwagon effect comes into play and every other person also follows and wants to do such things too.

Young, very beautiful and somewhat street smart girls are always evolving daily. With money not that easy to come by as it used to and them needing to always represent very well, needing to look good, carrying the latest bags, wearing the latest outfits, going to the so called right places, where all the so called right people converges, they are willing to go to any length to up their game and rake in the money from the game too.

There’s now the new way to hawking (that is selling wares). Selling wares? Yes, selling wares! Just in case you are still wondering what commodities we are talking about here, it’s none other than the ladies putting themselves out there, for any that can pay!

Just in case you are still pretending not to understand it, let us explain. Dotting several places on the island now, are the “new types of brothels in the name of hostels”. A madame or a businessman, would rent a space. It can be 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms and then totally turn it up or remodel the space to accommodate bunk beds.

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Depending on the size of the rooms and the caliber of the girls, he or she is planning on accommodating afterwards, each room can accommodate between 4, 6 or 8 bunks each. Depending  also on arrangements, they can either be paying weekly or monthly.

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Most often weekly is the best arrangement and it ranges from ₦15000 per bunk occupant to ₦40000 per week. So just imagine 8 bunks in one room and times 4 rooms at ₦15000 per bunk per week. In 52 weeks which makes a year, that’s a total of a colossal ₦24, 960, 000 Naira, that is (Twenty Four Million, Nine Hundred and Sixty Thousand Naira only).

The apartments most often are well appointed, with large screen television in the sitting room for everyone. All the rooms are well air-conditioned, kitchen has standard minimum requirements like cooker and fridge.

The sitting room is well done up cosily, so if you are allowed to ever enter, it is like a proper well appointed home. As a rule of thumb, you are not allowed to bring your men in at all. Also you are warned not to tell your men you live in a brothel (hostel), but rather that you are either staying with an uncle or an aunty of yours, who doesn’t necessarily entertain visitors! Reason for the claim, is that to say otherwise reveals you are a ” glorified call girl” and that immediately reduces your value. The more mommy’s girl like you look or are able to portray, the better for marketing and branding purposes.

Some of these girls mind you have their own cars. They go out on dates every night, except when things are not too rosy. The girls most often times are stunning and look very innocent, but under the veneer of innocence, under the facade, are some of the most calculating brains or minds you can imagine. These girls are not your typical street girls. They are well spoken, they dress calculatingly well, carefully exposing where necessary and not necessarily vulgar, all of these are well planned though, to get the right attention. They are most often undergraduates of our various higher institutions.

Their hostels (high end brothels at that) are always very well located in areas like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki etc. From the outside of their compounds you most often see a beautiful flat or duplex. So when they tell you, they are staying with family members in their homes, you would eat the bait, hook, line and sinker.

That they stay in a good environment alone is part of their bait. You see them and you exchange details, once the game is on, you believe you have captured a good girl, from a good home and you become their paymaster, the ATM very gladly.  Just imagine an innocent looking, but well endowed girl taking a walk or doing the daily exercise along that Millennium bridge between Lekki phase 1 and Ikoyi alone. The very smart ones amongst would never ask you for money at all oooooo, they expect that you know to give “transport money” after a date, that’s apart from the enjoyment from the date.

Most often, you would be the one to offer this nubile, nimble, acrobatic looking girls, gifts and money etc.
When you are totally hooked on them, they can now innocently add new dimensions to their game, they can either bring a friend along for “Menage a Trois”, that’s the French phrase for threesomes and what have you.

Most often the owners of the flats or bunks do not care to know how the girls make their money, but most often he or she is not oblivious to what’s going on at all. What he or she just wants is the weekly payments. It is always the girls themselves that most often bring in their own “course mates” Lol!, That way everyone is comfortable and are not hiding things from each other, for they know what each others do. So no judging on any kind.

So now you see that hawking has truly gone nuclear and smart.

So watch that girl, she just might not be who she claims she is!!!!! And most often, they really are not. 


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  • Ah trending business o. They plenty for Lekki the best place to find them is on Tinder and were they sell crack in lekki 🤣. We know them

  • Aloba why do you wanna spoil "our" biz Na? Anywayz all na marketing. I have a 2bedroom for weekly pay in lekki phs 1,anyone interested should comment 👇🏼

  • And the Lekki/Oniru DPOs know all the madams wella wella. They collect steady either in cash or in kind. For the new ones springing up, they do raids. Well done…