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Owelle Rochas Okorochas

Uche Nwosu

I was at a meeting by chance a few days ago and was with 2 people that have done so well for themselves in their businesses.

Young men from the Eastern part of Nigeria, who I believe are part of those that can bring about that great future we are earnestly awaiting.

While having our good hearted discussion about our country, we touched so many things, a few of which were the state of the nation, vis-a-vis IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, Boko Haram, Imo State etc.

Here for this space we would only talk about Imo State, that South Eastern state that has as her capital the famous Owerri, where Owelle Rochas Okorocha reigns supreme as the Generalismo, the Executive Governor and the boss of all bosses, totally annihilating all opposing voices.

Imagine the shock of my life, when one of those I was in discussions with, who hails from Imo state said categorically, that “the last time Imo State had it good or had a proper people serving, service conscious, development minded Government in place in the state, was during the administration of the Late Sam Mbakwe”.

What???? That long ago?

He went on further to say that successive governments thereafter, time after time, have just been cosmetic, especially this present one, who is more talk then anything else! More shock!!!!

This person I was with, is from Imo State and he is extraordinarily passionate about his state. Also, he is not a politician at all, but a professional to the core and one who has etched a mark and has done well for himself. He believes that part of the reasons behind the agitation of IPOB and especially for Biafra especially as promoted by Nnamdi Kanu is because of the kind of dearth of leadership that has been prevalent all of these years. He felt that if there were purposeful people with the right mind and intellect in Governance most especially in his state and in the East as a whole, that development which is the crux of the agitations wouldn’t have been minimal or better still near zero like it is.

So we have thought to ask here and now on this platform, that what “value (s)”, very tangible ones at that have Rochas added to the lives of the people of Imo State since he became the Governor of the state? And by extension also, can an APC candidate ever win another election in Imo State again? Especially now that we are hearing that the Governor’s son-in-law Uche Nwosu, who is married to his first daughter Uloma and who is the current Chief of Staff to the Governor is the anointed one, the preferred one being especially groomed to take over from his father-in-law!

More after the break.

Uche is and has always been a loyal son, so maybe it is the time to pay him for his extreme loyalty, especially also as he is the husband of Rochas well loved daughter.

When Rochas should have been the one via which his party the APC, which is the ruling party in the country, would have shown the Eastern states what it is like to be a part of the mainstream, it is rather the opposite! Rochas so called inactions and unnecessary noise making has only further pushed away and alienated his people away from the APC in Imo. Those who are said to be in his support or clamouring for him are only those eating from him, so they are only telling him what’s he wants to hear.

One would have expected major developmental strides to have taken over the whole of Imo, especially as the party still wants to retain the people’s mandate come 2019 both in the Governorship and the Presidential elections. And that could have swayed the Ibos to vote enmasse for the APC, but rather it’s not like that at all.

So if truly Uche Nwosu is the anointed son, would it be plan sailing for him or would the people revolt? And go far away to pick their choice?


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  • Imolites eyes have opened and what Okorohausa is planning will be fruitless. The mistake the people made was electing him for a second term. They should have "Ohakimed" him. Rule for four years and when you mess up, you are defeated at the polls. Okorohausa is a big fraud and if the people go all out to vote, man for man in 2019 there is no way Uche Nwosu will be Governor. The dynamics in Imo state are glaring for all to see; if only Owerri and Mbaise people can get their acts together and settle for a formidable candidate from that zone irrespective of whether the person is from Owerri or Mbaise, then this nightmare will be over. This is what let Imo down last time. Emeka Ihedioha should have won. But Owerri people said they will never vote for an Mbaise person and the votes swayed to Roach Okorohausa. Development in Owerri is minimal and almost non-existent in Mbaise and this is caused by all the bad governors. They have developed their own area and left other places fallow. It's private businessmen who have developed those areas but there are some roads you cannot touch because it's owned by the state. If you go to the Orlu zone, it's quite developed because the past governors have developed their areas. APC won't win again because of what this man has done. Right now, Imo is Okorohause PLC but come 2019, it will be over for whoever he wants to install. Regarding past governors, Udenwa wasn't so bad but he was a real aka gum as an accountant but the people around him plundered the state. A formidable candidate has to come and put this fraud to rest. Then the spiritual cleansing begins.

  • Being frank, i'm not from imo but rather a staunch anambrarian.
    But judging from the look of things, Rochas Okorocha is a lion in a sheep's clothing, a puppet of the northern hegemons set in motion to manipulate & subjugate the Igbo people of imo state into succumbing to the wishes of the puppeteer.. He came into power under the guise of a messiah without the people knowing his true colour.He played & fooled the people of Imo..
    There is no possibility in Imo State for a Rochas Okorocha oriented Candidate to win the polls during the election come 2019, unless the usual occurs.🤷🏿‍♂

  • Igbo's are not tribalistic, so watch it over there man.It's an obvious eventuality that we are being marginalised & butchered in this contraption known as #Niger Area by Flora Shaw.