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All things being equal, the apex Nigerian bank known as the “Central Bank of Nigeria” has a new vibrant energy coming in who is being seen by all as the future of the CBN and it’s none other than the young and brilliant banker by name “Aishah Ahmad”, 40., CBN deputy governor designate.

Her appointment is being viewed by most, especially in the industry as an appointment well thought about and very well received too.

At 40, the Niger State indigene is described by those who should know her as “brilliant, vibrant, seasoned, well experienced and vivacious” all in one, in fact she’s addressed as beauty with brain.

Imagine that she’s already had more than “20 years experience” in “retail, consumer banking and wealth management”. Infact she’s garnered very valuable experience over the years at such institutions like NAL Bank, Stanbic IBTC & Zenith Bank just to mention a few and she’s currently an “Executive Director, Head of Consumer & Privilege Banking at Diamond Bank PLC”.

Aishah has an intimidating portfolio, managing over ₦500 billion and helping to maintain performance at 250 branch locations across the country.

She joined Diamond Bank in 2014 as a DGM before now becoming an ED. While at Stanbic IBTC she was head, High Networth Individuals and Head, Private Client Services.
Mrs. Ahmad holds a B.Sc in Account from the University of Abuja. An MBA in finance from the UNILAG, MSc Finance and Management, Cranfield School of Management (UK). She’s a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and holds the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst ‘CFA’ designation.

She’s the current Chairperson of “WIMBIZ”, which is “Women in Management, Business and Public Service”. By her appointment by the FG which is still subject to confirmation by the Senate, she’s replacing Mrs. Sarah Alade from Kwara State who resigned in March of 2017.

Aishah Ahmad was born October 26, 1976 so would be clocking 41 in a few weeks. She’s married with 2 kids to Bri. Gen. Abdallah A. Ahmad. 


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  • Hellooooooooooo @mama borngirl I completely different disagree with you on this. It is obvious that she's eminently qualified for the post

  • Yes I know she's qualified, just as she's not the only one qualified for the post. But for the Hausa and military connection, she was picked!

  • @mama born girl I still totally disagree. Sometimes we shouldn't always conjure up some conspiracy theories where none exists. A quota needed to be filled and I can bet out of the many names that came up, she stood out and greatly too. Also as women we need to sometimes close shop and support ourselves. Her husband here is just an addendum and not much.

  • This isn't a gender issue my dear, I'm in an industry myself and support women getting to the top. I still maintain that in her case, partiality based on her husband came in. And I'm standing on my premise and closing this case here to talk about it in real life!

  • No need to be dragging this issue with MBG. I've known her since ladunliadi was hottest gossip blog, she don't like Hausa like most ibo and naijadelta people.

  • MBG why nah? nigerian women do not support themselves ..anyone who seems to be flying high is immediately accused of runs or connection ..mostly by women not men..its very bad..see how you just jumped to conclusion about someone whom you no nothing about ibo is the head of CBN ,,,,so It should be balanced esp when the person merit it

  • But Aisha Ahmad is grossly unqualified for a senior position in the Central Bank. She has built a solid career in retail banking and that's not enough to step into the shoes of governor in charge of economic policy. Many people make the mistake of thinking the Central Bank is only a "big brother" to commercial banks, while regulation is now a part of their role, their primary role is economic and fiscal policy. Working 20,30 or 40 years in a commercial bank doesn't make one qualified to work in a Central Bank. If a country was serious, they'd look for top economists for senior roles in Central Banks.
    Aisha herself doesn't have a great personality to adapt well to this role, her only saving grace might be qualified aides that she can leech off of.
    But this is a round peg in a trapezoid hole