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Caroline Danjuma


Late Tagbo
After the untimely passage of this young man after a drink binge. There seem to be some form of conspiracy theory going on. 
Dude was supposedly with music star Davido his friend and others sometime before he died, but no one is yet to or want to admit that something must have gone very horribly wrong suddenly that led to his death. 
So in this interview conducted by Stella Dimoko-Korkus, the late dude’s angry lover- Caroline made her mind known about the whole issue. 
Hello Stella. I really can’t believe that I am talking about Tagbo like this because he was not one who liked publicity.Firstly I would like to address this whole razzmatazz about David killing Tagbo and that I said so. I never said so but yes, I did call out Davido to know the whereabouts of Tagbo.But I never said he killed him. I never used that word, ‘Killed Tagbo.’
The last time I heard from Tagbo was on Monday when I just got back from MFM Church praise and worship which took about 7-8 hours. It was around past 8pm to ask me where I was. I had invited him for the programme but he didn’t show up. He called and asked where I was and when I said I was home, he said he was coming over.I was tired but didn’t want to sleep off because if Tagbo comes he would ring the bell. So I went upstairs to watch CNN to keep myself awake until he comes and for some reason I slept off and woke up by past 1am or 2am. As you know the normal ritual was to call your friends the next day when they are celebrating their birthday.
I felt bad that I had not called Tagbo because Tuesday was his birthday. I tried calling him but his number was switched off but I thought it was the network and continued trying but it was switched off and I concluded that maybe his battery was down.

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I sent him a text message to wish him Happy Birthday and I went to bed.I woke up at 5-6am to do my normal routine and looked at my phone and there was no missed call or reply to my SMS. They day went on and I kept trying his number but until 3pm his number was switched off.
I was out at the Bank when Tagbo’s childhood friend called me and said he wanted to talk about Tagbo—he was just asking random questions.I told him I would call him back. I am aware that Tagbo was trying to do his Schengen visa so I called the guy helping him out to ask if she had heard from him but he said Tagbo was supposed to deliver some documents but had not.
I got home and called Kola back around 4pm and this was when Kola revealed to me that Tagbo was dead. I thought it was a joke because Tagbo does not drive carelessly, he doesn’t fight, he is not one to be seen in a place where people are fighting. If he is angry he walks away.
I was confused.
I decided to call the mum to find out if he went to Anambra to see his mum like he said he would to collect some documents. So I called the mum and she said she had not seen Tagbo.
I sent the sister a message that I heard Tagbo was dead and she should help me find out if it was true. The sister replied asking, ‘how? When and where.’ Then I knew that she was unaware. So, I decided to call my neighbour who was also Tagbo’s friend and my neighbor, who was holidaying in Lebanon, called me back and said there was a bet of 200k and that Tagbo drank about 50 shots of Tequila. I said that cannot be true— Tagbo cannot drink even a glass of Hennessey because he has a light brain like me.So, a guy who cannot drink this much cannot finish 50 shots of Tequila.
Tagbo does not need 200k to do that. He comes from a very wealthy background so he does not need that kind of bet; he is not hungry for that. I was shattered to hear such news; I went into my office and sat down.I tried to find out where Tagbo was and Kola said he had been trying his best to find out but that each time he calls; the people would drop the phone on him or tell him they would call back. So for one hour and despite trying severally, we had not gotten any information to where Tagbo’s body was or what hospital he was taken to.
Tagbo’s friend, Chucks, made some calls and found out that Tagbo was taken to Lagos Island.
Meanwhile, someone who rented my bar told me he was with Davido at Shisha bar on Monday and then I asked him randomly, ‘Oh then you must know Tagbo.’ This is because Davido and Tagbo are close friends and the only reason Tagbo would be there is if Davido was there. That is on that birthday eve.
The guy confirmed he met Tagbo and that was when he knew they were birthday mate and he also said they had fun and went from there to DNA to party. This was all before I heard Tagbo had died.
My impression then was ‘Tagbo was having fun and that was why he hadn’t gotten back to me.’
I called the same guy when I heard tagbo had died and asked him to find out what happened and he said he was trying to but every time he called Davido’s team and mentioned Tagbo’s name they would drop the phone on him and this was what they had also done to anyone who calls and mentions his name.Davido knew and his crew knew Tagbo was dead as at 3a.m and they did not contact anyone. Davido’s P.A, Lati knows where Tagbo stayed but did not go to the house to inform anyone.
After we heard that Tagbo’s body was in Lagos Island, Davido’s crew refused to give any information and this was about past 7pm. I contacted someone who remembers seeing Davido and Tagbo at DNA and remembers there was a fight.
This person also told me there was a bet and said the same thing my neighbour said but said 30 shots and not 50.
According to what was said, Tagbo drank the Tequila and got intoxicated and wanted to drive his car but Davido refused and said Tagbo should drive with him. That was what I heard and that they drove to G12 beach and got out leaving Tagbo in the car all locked up and that one of the crew members came back saw Tagbo gasping for air. This was the information they spread out there from a supposed eyewitness.
He was taken to general hospital where he was confirmed dead and they left him there. We went there with Nabila and Mary who can confirm what was said. We were told that he was dumped and those who brought him ran away. The doctor told us that when the nurse were trying to fix the card, the two people that brought him ran away and their footage could not identify those who brought him and ran because they hid their faces with caps.
They refused to tell us anything. The medical director told us that because they ran away, it was now a police matter and that we should go to the police station.
I posted online asking Davido why they abandoned Tagbo on my way to the police station because I was so angry and needed answers.
I sent Davido personal messages but he didn’t reply until I called him out on the social media and he told me to take down the post and he would tell me what happened. I took down the post and told him to come to the police station but he never showed up. Tagbo’s family members came from far but Davido and his manager did not show up.
Tagbo’s phone and shoes are missing and someone went on Tagbo’s Instagram and deleted all the videos he posted of being with Davido on that day and eventually deleted the account. We quickly munched all the videos on snapchat. Tagbo was with Dammy Krane, Davido and Asha Asika. Davido knew that Tagbo was dead but kept quiet. He told the Police later that he would have spoken out if I didn’t call him out on the social media. Can you imagine? Tagbo meant everything to a lot of people—his widowed mum who is recovering from an ailment
I am pleading with anybody who has information on who drove Tagbo’s dead body to the hospital to come forward.
We want to know what happened and how Tagbo died. Davido, we are not calling you a killer but we need to know what happened to Tagbo. You owe him this because he loved you like a brother, he took you like a brother, do it for him and call out the people you assigned to drive him. Please.
(Weeps again)
They alleged that the late Tagbo was your baby daddy. Can you confirm or deny this?
I have woken up t see all sorts of allegations and it is really laughable because the whole idea is to divert the attention from the questions I am asking about what happened to Tagbo. I will address this once and for all. Number one, I met Tagbo when I was legally divorced and out of my ex’ house to start a new life. Yes we were dating.
My daughter is three years old and I only met Tagbo last year. So it’s not possible that Tagbo is the father of Elizabeth.
The person who posted that information claims to have Tagbo’s phone and claims he went to DNA with Baba, who is baba?
Let us leave sentiments aside, trying to blackmail me to keep quiet will not work or change anything. We need justice for Tagbo.No one is accusing anyone of being a murderer but we need to know what happened and why everyone is quiet.
My anger is that he was abandoned by those supposed to be his friends and brothers. Davido and Tagbo were very close and I am angry with Davido for keeping quiet. Those who drink Tequila should come out and confirm if 30 shots of Tequila is strong enough to kill.Stop protecting whoever is guilty. 
Someone is dead, please!
Source: Stella Dimoko-Korkus Blog

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  • I want to believe nobody killed Tagbo, it was reckless attitude from all parties.
    Tagbo who is said not to be into alcohol went as far as taking a bet to take more alcohol, all for birthday fun. So sad.
    Davido and his boys were irresponsible in handling the whole issue. They shouldn't have locked up a drunk man in his car, they should have rushed him to the hospital in due time and when they eventually did, shouldn't have disguised and ran away. They were running from trouble and got it eventually.
    Now I see why Caro got really emotional about it, Tagbo looks like he's got some super golden rod Caro liked. A divorced woman expecting an ex in her house at night, hmmm.
    Alcohol kills, abuse of alcohol can kill like gunshot. Let's stay healthy.

    • @ Mama born girl. Let me first pray that to God to give the strength to bear the loss of her rx and that just because she is a divorce woman with kids doesn't means she has to put her life on hold after all her ex has been living his life and she should live hers too and is wrong of you to scold her for that. Where is your sensitive chips? She is grieving a loss and God will give her a closure to the death of her ex too

  • Truth most often can be bitter and it doesn't have a particular time that it must be told. And this is one of those times. I totally agree with Mama borngirl on this. The Yorubas have a saying that translates like hardwork doesn't kill but over indulgence is what kills. It is most definitely irresponsible behaviour that led to the untimely death of the guy. Why in the world would any do competition on who can drink the most alcohol? Then because he was with irresponsible friends who were supposed to be human he was left to his on antics till it led to his death. It's not even a case of whether Caroline was dating him, it is the case of like would always attract like. Davido not matter his involvement in this stupid thing would get out, no matter what. And it speaks of his own irresponsibility as a person too. Now that the boy has died now, what next. One only hopes this would have taught many others a lesson. But I doubt it. The way these little kids, who all think because of fame have become grown up by force over indulge is a major issue. The smoke weed and all other derivatives and miss with so many other concotions and codeine and co and you are wondering do they have 9 lives? They even glorify these things even in music videos and co, you see them carrying cups of such things in their videos indirectly preaching the gospel of wantonness, debauchery, indulgence and all. So idiots and fools seeing such now believe that life is like that.

    As a mother of growing kids I am very afraid. We must teach our kids well so that when they are grown they would give us rest.

  • Thanks anon 10:38am,recklessness caused his death. And Caro cos of her growing kids should be wary of who she dates, who sleeps with her in her house that the kids will obviously see.
    Am a mother of grown up daughters, and I've a son in law to be. My opinions were based on my experience as a mother not a MM jester.