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Ever Stylish Ifeoma Williams

Ladies at the pyjama jam. Picture courtesy of Ruth Osime’s Instagram

Africa’s number 1 media mogul, Mo Abudu about 2 nights ago, Friday, October 7, 2017 to be more precise, on the island, hosted ex-beauty queen, lawyer and highly sort after image consultant, the gorgeously beautiful and effortlessly stylish Ifeoma Williams, to a cool and classy pre-40th birthday party.

It was an exclusive ladies only gathering all the way and from the look of things, it was both super stylish and super fun, with the theme been-a “pyjama jammy jam”.

Some of those in attendance were the likes of Ifeoma’s besto of many years Banke Balogun, Karen Koshoni, Tundun Abiola, Pat Faniran, Mercedes Richards, event planner extraordinaire Ndidi Obioha, Uche Nwandison, This Day Style’s Ruth Osime, top event designer Funmi Okigbo, ace designer Lanre Da Silva Ajayi.

Good music from the “old skool to the new skool” filled the atmosphere as the ladies sang along and demonstrated their dancing prowess to their own delight. It’s obvious that Ifeoma would have been a major hot-stepper par excellence in her much younger days, as she moved with grace and precision to MC Hammer’s old hit.

According to our findings, a more elaborate 40th birthday shindig is upcoming come Sunday, October 22, 2017. From the look of things it would be a supremely stylish and fun party, that would rate very very high. If we got it right the theme is revolves somewhat around MJ, the late king of pop.

As we speak, invitations for the exclusive shindig are been sent out to those invited.

Truth be told, birthday gal is so blessed by the goddess of beauty that she doesn’t look 40 at all, it is most obvious that the fountain of eternal youthfulness must be flowing endlessly and located somewhere at her backyard


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  • Banke balogun! Nice girl! Beautiful in and out! Also very smart! Happy birthday ifeoma! It's your birthday so I won't play dirty!

  • Banke Balogun beautiful in and out? Capital NO. Go and ask her co-wives about her manipulative and envious ways. Smart? Yes. Of recent she's beginning to be pompous to some family members.

  • Hmmmmmm! So ifeoma is close to banke balogun??? That means she knows ladi's friends! Hmmmmmm! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀. Hope she didn't fuck any of them! I know my guys!

  • Happy birthday Mrs Williams!!!!!! This lady is one lady I love so much! Hard working and no escapades! Untouchable! Good girl. I admire you so much, ifeoma. Wish I stepped up my game and married you! Even ladi's friends tried but the lady is a no nonsense lady! Love her so much!

  • Banke is the biggest gossip that liveth. Even her own cousins she bad mouths them. Ladi is still doing whatever he wants and they are not together. Old time jist.

    • They're unofficially not together. They only live apart, when they've family events they meet to attend together. Their parents hope they'll come together. Hopefully they'll get back together, I wish so for them.

      Banke be the best you can to your family, if you think you don't need them, your children may need them in future. Oya make one or two of your cousins happy this month, surprise them with what you know will make them happy. It'll make you happier, sincerely.

    • Is this the real MBG… advising banke on how to be happier…wishing someone well. You spoke like a mother in law this time around.
      Well I heard banke is very very stingy as in aka-gum so if it's anything that involves money they're expecting from her she'll rather not make them happy.

    • Aka gum, hahahahaha. Who even begs from her sef with her bad mouth.

      On a lighter note everything isn't about giving people money. She can just drop by a cousin's house to say hello, she can settle minor disputes between couples, she can call to ask if their work and relationship is ok and offer advice. She seems like she'll be better at welfare stuffs. These are worth more than dashing them money or aloku stuffs.

    • Anon 11:51pm, yes it's me.
      You also made sense with your suggestion, she'll be good at that. Lots of emotionally unstable folks around her…

  • Welcome Ifeoma @anon October 9, 2017 at 9:59 AM. @Hard working and no escapades! Untouchable! LMFAO. The biggest coded runs girl that liveth.

    • Please please please! Leave my ifeoma alone! We all fuck! Who doesn't! At least, she is discreet about it! On a lighter note, I just finished fucking ladi balogun and it was bleh!

    • Please who are ladi's friends? Heard that the guy is so pleasant. Never seen the picture of Mr Williams, ifeoma is a smart girl! Guard your hubby ……. Cos of sharks out there.

    • Ifeoma can Never fuck any of ladi's friends because they are all broke! They can only afford peasants! Living on branded names! Rubbish! And no I'm not a hater ok. Just keeping it real!

    • Abi kuku??? No that's a big fat lie! Never! I Luv Abi kuku so much. If it's true, then we are done! We are so done, I mean it! 😠😠😠😠

    • Abi kuku!!!!!! Mehn I luv that guy! So charming! Pleasant and loving! Abi! If you read comments on this blog, I want you to know that I luv you more than you know. The time we spent together, I will forever cherish! JB.

    • Anon9:52pm! Who told you that we are broke! We have properties, investments etc. I guess you're one of 'em bitches we fucked and dumped! Go get a life! Hater!

    • Oloshos want us to be spending like yahoo boyz who will run outta morning tomm! I bet Oloshos will abandon and make fun of em as soon as they run outta their ill gotten money.

    • Some people think ifeoma started this fucking around matter presently.
      News flash for those who don't know: she fucked ladi's whole crew back then! All 7 or 8 of them. She had her life planned, marry a rich kid by fire by force. After All names open doors first before anything else.

  • What the hell man! You can't live in Lagos without people knowing secret stuff about you! Monitoring spirits everywhere! Haha! Thank God, nobody knows me! Damn!

  • Born girl I thought you were good for the gist. They don't just live apart, they are divorced. Banke refers to herself as Banke Alakija Balogun

    • They're not yet divorced, no official papers I insist. Banke still introduces herself as Mrs Balogun! I don't want to mention instances that just occured so as not to give myself away.

    • @mama born girl. I don't know banke personally but i know aunty tutu her mother in law and she is a very quiet person who will be cringing at all this unncessary publicity. I wish bolaji could call them all and talk sense into their heads. I am shocked at how the banke girl is bringing so much attention to them. She is not the only wife. Haba

    • But divorced women still hold on to their marital names. That’s not a big deal and that point doesn’t add up to anything.

    • @Blair Witch, I do know lots of Banke's parents well, her mother is from my state and do know some of her father's relatives.
      I honestly have been decent in all I've written so as not to embarrass their parents, I do know more embarrassing details. Will they listen to Bolaji? Hmmmm

    • Banke would rather die than leave that balogun name she struggled so so hard to get!!! Her mother is another social climber/enabler. Her sister Tosin too has left her husband and the twins married girls they tot have money but …. sad really.

  • The anonymous on this blog are on fire! They make this blog lit! Wow! So much info! Who needs Google sef! I'm so scared right now! Aloba! Please don't bring my story here or else I'm toast! 😁😁😁

  • Omo see butt opening oooo! You can't get laid without the walls hearing ! I gotta relocate! Sweating seriously under split unit!😧😧😧😧😧

  • It's their so-called 'friends' that are talking smack about them on this blog. Outsiders cannot know so much, you people need to check your circles and do some weeding asap. My grandma likes to say bi iku ile o ba pani t'ode o le pani. Ladies, always check ur inner circle. Nobody holy pass.

    • @ Blair witch. You will be shocked to know that most of the anonymous are guys not ladies! Guys talk too much! Once these spoilt brat fucks a popular chick, they start talking,telling each other, describing the whole ordeal in details! Infact they are very descriptive!

    • I'm still in shock! Abi???? My Abi???? It can't be! How? When? No! Sniffing! Crying! Hand on my boob, crying more! Calling Abi now! Phone switched off! Cries harder! Enters my car, drives to his place! Hmmmmm! Gate locked! Places my hands on my head, walks back to my car! Cont'd

    • Don't you get hurt by his long rod? Hope he didn't share his multiple std with you? He seems to be the most generous in his clique, that's a bonus for you.

    • I heard he's the King of muff diving, its sad about he and Funke sha I always assumed that it's easier for marriage to last when the couple are from the same social class.

    • She doesn't want her husband in the limelight with her. She has two handsome boys.
      Am surprised her friend Leila F isn't at the party.

  • Na so toke too start, small small like ifeoma. Like say unilag babes are slow poison, also I think anyone close to aunty ebony too gets shark not panla fish.

  • @11:45 truely where is funke fowler kuku? I thought she was friends with ifeoma and banke ni? Still wonder how they are friends, cus funke dont do runs ke and banke is married. I sometimes felt her daddy yo's money can fetch her prince williams. As assor babe na.

  • MBG @Am surprised her friend Leila F isn't at the party. Friends ke? E jor do keep up. They fell out over betrayal from this sisi.

  • Mama Born girl you are wrong on that one o. They are divorced. Shame catching Ladi's father will not let them divulge it. Ask all the press men and blogs that are being paid to tight their mouths. It's over Jackie.

  • Hmmmn Aloba, you need to feature Ifeoma on your blog more often o, see the amount of traffic she's drawn to your blog.

  • Aloba! If you want your blog to be lit, feature ladi's clique! All the wives, side bitches, side chicks, floaters, hangers and pimp will dive in 😋

    • Old time jist. These ones were heavily discussed years ago. It’s her birthday and that’s why her jist is up again

    • She doesn't ignore stories about her, she reads them and tries to guess who wrote them. Stories don't fade away, the internet doesn't forget anything.

    • I'm new on this blog and after reading most comments here, please who is Abi Kuku? I would like to have whatever those ladies must've had from him! I know he's a healthy Alfa male so I know I'm safe! Abi,hit me up if you are reading this! My email address is iluvyourdick@😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • This is one of the reasons I don't do all these " kiss and tell guys! Once they see your panties, their wagging tongue goes north and south!

    • Nothing here shows any leakage from kiss and tell guys. It's all from women betraying each other.
      For the anon who wants Abi's didi, you want to contest with birthday girl who's been it's constant hole evven before he married to his divorce and to now.
      Reni F will be laughing at this now.

    • Let Reni F laugh all she wants! If I catch that her husband, hmmm. I am also married but will cheat with Tunde any time of the year…

  • I'm 5 "9 tall, dark in complexion, big boobs, small waist, large hips and we'll shaped butt. I'm also pretty, live in Manchester! Abi? Are you in UK? Let's hook up! Before I forget, I can fuck, do oral no anal!

  • Comments are still rolling on this post?????? Damnnnnnnnnn! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!

  • Comments are still rolling on this post?????? Damnnnnnnnnn! 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!