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Dr.Ibe Kachikwu & Dr. Maikanti Baru

Chums or buddies for life

Up until yesterday both men were supposedly at each others jugular.

Dr. Ibe Kachikwu as the supposed boss had raised an alarm that his subordinate approved contracts without due process totalling more than $25 billion dollars. Apparently Kachikwu felt he was supposed to have been in the know and was supposed to have even approved those contracts. So because he was bypassed it might have meant some hanky-panky must have ensued in the process.

In defending his honour, the GMD NNPC, Dr Maikanti Baru apparently took his boss to the cleaners brought him crashing down to earth, stating categorically that he doesn’t have to get the minister’s approval to do his job well, especially in certain areas.

Now after all the missiles and the atomic bombs thrown at each other, the 2 combatants that were at daggers drawn all of the weeks past, that it took the intervention of the President to calm nerves, seem to have forgotten their battle of days before and have somewhat sheathed their swords and are now best of chums!

Both were at the ongoing 23rd Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja yesterday and it was like they were best of friends without any form of issues with each other at all.

Things were so rosy, that as soon as Kachikwu came in, Baru immediately got up to greet him and both exchanged pleasantries, then Baru even stood in for Kachikwu at a point as the chairman of session till he got back and both were now co-chairman of that particular session.

So now that both are seemingly chums, buddies again, what would happen to the alarm that was raised before?
Would everything return back to business as usual?
Was the feud brought on by that “somewhat unneccesary” alarm just a “Storm in a Teacup?”.

This is because if things could have just been sorted out so easily like this in the first place, why the need for the whistle blowing and all the attendant hoopla?

So those who had thought that the Dr. Ibe Kachikwu had bitten more than he could chew in the instance and were already helping him to sing the lyrics of a top hit song titled- “Going going gone”, would now be disappointed that the imminent sack they had predicted wouldn’t be happening again.



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