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Dapo Abiodun

Late Olugbemiga Abiodun aka DJ Olu

No parents no matter how strong they  might claim to be or how bad that child or children might be, would pray to lose any of their children to death while still alive no matter what, even if the kids were terrible. Not to now talk about a child like Olugbemiga Abiodun, who the parents consider a “golden child”.

Everyone, both young and old who have ever known him or encountered him, all have wonderful things to say about the tall and handsome dude. He is very respectful, in fact very well brought up and very hardworking, though he had a bit of independent streak about him, that in itself is a good value, because according to those who know him, he wanted to be seen as a man of his own, not one solely dependant on his rich pop (parent).

That he went to school to finish his studies was to show he was an obedient child to the core, who listens to good advises. For such a good child like that to have passed on so untimely and in such a cloud, is rather very shocking and painful and unbelievable all at the same time! 

His numerous friends, and even the one some say was his girlfriend, in the person of the daughter of the current Governor of Oyo State, Ajibola AJIMOBI we hear have been inconsolable.

According to our findings, the doting and very proud father, had only just very recently started showing his late first son some of his things and showing him a bit of the ropes. In Dapo Abiodun’s mind, he was already preparing the ground gradually for his son to take over the reigns of his empire.

What more could have been expected, when such a child was already 25 years old and has always being an obedient child, who listens to instructions and can be trained. 

Imagine that not too long before Olugbemiga’s sudden and abrupt demise, the dad had just opened for him a well equipped Car Wash and Lounge somewhere on the Island!

So can one just now understand the pain and the anguish the dad is in right now. To show how much Dapo Abiodun loves his kids to bits, he was even on his way to go celebrate his daughter’s 21st birthday abroad, where he had planned to givethe young lady a major gift of value, when he was called back because his first son and child had passed on in a freak accident sort of.

Imagine the pain of investing so much in one, expecting that all that investments of many years would soon begin to yield unprecedented results only for that child to have now died. While the father is still alive!!!

It is such a pain that is rather experienced than can be spoken of or described.

We just want to continually commiserate with all the people involved. And pray that God would strengthen them at this time and give them the fortitude to bear this irreparable and painful loss. 


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  • Inconsolable is not the right word right now. I dont even know what anyone can say or do to console both the parents right now most especially that she wasnt sick. Just too painful to even talk about. May God in his infinite mercies give all his loved ones the strength and fortitude to bear the loss

  • There is just no word to describe the pains all his family and loved one must be going through right now. God please console the inconsolables

  • Gbemiga was a very nice boy with a very promising future. Very respectful and extremely humble. May God Almighty grant him external rest and console Dapo and Bamidele and the rest of the family. This death was too painful. And all those foolish people talking rubbish all over the place…….may this kind of thing never happen to us IJN.
    Condolences to Chimes family too. God truly knows what really happened. Let's be mindful of rumors. This world is too wicked.