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Love is surely a beautiful- Ini Edo

We had exclusively broken the news a few weeks back about the angel who has gotten the sumptuous back of this Nollywood titan, in the person of the man known to all as Stanel.

We also revealed to you that it is this man that has supposedly made Ini to retract into her cocoon in a good way, luxuriating in the fervent ambience of Supreme love.

We just caught both lovebirds last night about 10ish or thereabout having dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel Victoria Island, Lagos.

We had to look well again as we never knew that Ini Edo had such a banging body! That back hmmmmm can make an eunuch react in another manner! She was casually garbed in a polka dotted black outfit, that was awesomely form fitting and showed her curves to killer effect, while her man was just on a white top and jean.

The air and aura around them was thick with love, hence the title of this write up- Love is a beautiful thing!!!!


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