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MARK WHO? MARK Obi……., the ultimate big boy super car fiend! Salute. LIFESTYLE OF THE RICH & FAMOUS!

It’s the lifestyle of the rich and the famous (some infamous) on steroids.

Ferrari 488 GTB- Base Price $300,000 plus 
Aston Martin DB9-$200,000 Plus

We have thought to move away from the plenty “Alamala gist” and take it to another gear, focussing more now on some of those boys, some near men if we can refer to them like that, who are doing some things their elders who supposedly have far more money and who are supposedly far more liquid wouldn’t dare do!!!

Let’s talk about Mark Who? Mark O. Here is the dude who was the heartthrob, the heart beat of “that lady that a bag annihilated her marriage sometime back”. She was so in love with this dude and actually wanted to marry him at all cost, that she even got pregnant for him, but alas the dude didn’t want none of it. So the thing fell like a pack of cards and she moved on to go marry who you all know and the rest is history.

What’s the gist about Mark? This dude who is an acknowledged “Ferrari preferred client” is the ultimate “super car monster” of the most awesome kind. Not even just a monster, he is actually a juggernaut. No no no that actually doesn’t say it well enough also, he is actually the “Zeus of super car”!!!!

Let’s paint you the proper picture! For the last 15 years and consistently so, this Nigerian-Britico dude has not failed to own the latest and the best that Ferrari can offer at anytime in the years. We are hoping you now understand why he is a “preferred client”? Imagine that in 2016, while Ferrari was still advertising their 2017 edition of one of their awesome cars Mark already had it and had flown it to Lagos!!!

Mark as we speak is just a year or 2 shy of 40 or might have even just clocked 40. He used to live in the UK where he had apparently gone to “college/school” a few times. But he now lives in Lagos at that rich people’s enclave called “Banana Island”. Mark for those who might not really remember him, was the dude who in the days of “Ahmed Onwubettine” of 1145 used to drive those monsters with labels- Mark 1, Mark 2, Mark 3 etc.. . 

The proper English speaking dude with the accent, is a super car fiend without equal; apart from the fact that he has driven “EVERY” top range Ferrari that has come out in the last 15 years- from a Ferrari F430, Ferrari 458 Italia, Ferrari 488 GTB he also has a awesome love for the Lamborghinis too, a couple of which he has also driven! In fact his 488 GTB is claimed to be the first in Africa. The base price for the GTB is about ₦108, 360, 000 (one hundred and eighty million, three hundred and sixty thousand Naira plus.

He has driven every super car you can name, even the Aston Martin DB9- a $200,000 (₦72, 000,  000) plus valued car.

Imagine that this dual citizen, had been doing what the “Arab kids/men” have now made very famous where they “air freight” their cars to and fro, to be driven wherever they are since 2008! Mark has had every Ferrari in Lagos since 2008. 


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  • Is this not the same Mark that used to turn up in Ibadan those days, around 2007/2008, with mad Ferrari or Lamborghini cars. Heard he made serious money from rackets in London then. So he has stayed rich (or even become richer) since then? Hats off to him. Not easy to be consistent.

  • Mark Obisesan, husband to Simi Hughes-Obisesan, Creative Director Insight Communications. Hmmmm….i say no more.