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Late Sarah in better days

Late Sarah & mom


A couple of days back we posted about Sarah a cancer patient undergoing treatment in LUTH needing help to overcome her battle for life, fortunately many responded and unfortunately some didn’t.

Suffice to say that Sarah did her best to live, but her best wasn’t good enough. The doctors did their best too, but that also wasn’t good enough too.

The resilient lady, who was very gorgeous and had the zest for life before the terrible scourge cancer reared up its head; Sarah unfortunately passed on yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, after her painful long battle for survival.

We just want to say thank you first to the Niola Cancer Care Foundation for all that they did, and also to many of our good  hearted Nigerians for responding positively to the urgent call for help, and to also announce that the donations should stop for this particular patient!!! 

May the soul of the dearly departed find rest and may the creator give her family members and her loved ones the fortitude and strength to bear the irreparable loss!!!


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  • It might not make a difference but at leady If you care about her that much Aloba, why didnt you post her mother or personal contact when it was requested for? DONT CRY FOR HER ARGENTINA. RIP Sarah. May God comfort your mother and your loved ones

  • At anon October 19 at 3:03pm that one don't answer to some intended insults all the time, doesn't me the person is stupid! There's also so much that assumption can do! You requested for direct contact of the late lady, and we directed same request to the people that sent us the notice in the 1st place. We never claimed in the story to know the family members one on one. So if they never responded and we now thought to even be responsible by saying please don't donate no more,so it wouldn't be like someone just wanted to hoodwink people, then we now get veiled insult, then that's irresponsible!

    • @ MaestroMedia. I see! I wasn't trying to insult you but just felt bad that I didn't get to contribute my widow's mite and was sad and felt bad when I heard her death. Guess was only being human. Having said that and with your explanations, please Accept my sincerest apology.
      Just wonder why those people that asked for your help to publicized her condition didn't respond to your request for her direct contact. The more reason I never trusted all these so called Organisation. PEACE ALOBA AND HOPE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND FROM A HUMAN POINT. ALL THE BEST