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Sijibomi OGUNDELE aka Sujimoto

Siji with guests 

With Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Sijibomi Ogundele is his real  name, but he is also very well known by his exotic sounding moniker or is it alias, Sujimoto.

He is a young and very resourceful man, especially blessed with the “gift of the garb”. That he can talk, is second nature to him. He dresses well, he is a dandy who always looks dapper when you encounter him. He runs his own “eponymous” establishment-Sujimoto; a brand that is into the construction, renovation and marketing of *premium real estate”. He has a very ambitious project planned that would take him into the stratosphere, when executed.

He is a man of extraordinary sagacity, he goes to great lengths the make you understand where he is coming from and where he is hoping to land or be in the nearest future!

This very “eligible dude” from the source, who counts as one of his life’s icon the Grand Sheikh of Dubai, just very recently waxed very lyrical about his desire to find true love, before the year ends (by Christmas).

In his text found on his Instagram page, he spoke about what the “lucky angel, his princess” that would mesmerise him continuously and sweep him off his feet to fall sweetly, on the magical Aladdin like mat of love would gain for their love for him- His carrot (๐Ÿฅ•) which he hopes to crown the lady with- “A beautiful house (home) in Banana Island (that stupendous enclave of the super rich) & a Rolls Royce (we don’t know which of the Rolls Royce, but it is still probably one of the best and most luxurious of super cars, but we prefer to refer to it as the ‘ultimate chariot’).

So damsel, lady, babe where are you hiding? “Prince Charming aka Sujimoto” like the Prince in the Cinderella story is searching for his princess, are you gorgeous enough to wear those gorgeous and very delicate glass slippers? Do you fit the bill? All the “unfine/ugly step sisters need not apply!

It’s only 2 more months to December, so get cracking!!!


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