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Today, Sunday, October 22, 2017 is the D-Day, after all must have gone to church for the thanksgiving service. It is the day of the ultimate convergence, when friends and family members of one of the most stylish persons in Nigeria, in the person of the supremely gorgeous, top style mistress, a known master of the game in terms of looking good, a solid fashionista to the core, a former beauty queen (“former Miss Lux”), a trained lawyer, world class stylist, a mother and the wife of Andreas Williams, in the person of Ifeoma “Iphie” Williams”, would gather to celebrate her 40th birthday, with pomp and pageantry.

From all indications and information at our disposal, it would be a solid gathering at the exclusive party. We are expecting all the most gorgeous people at the party, which has as its theme- Michael Jackson”.

The party though celebrating Ifeoma at 40, would also put into focus, one of the world’s most popular and renowned cultural icons, in the person of the late king of pop- Michael Jackson, whose dress sense and style was very unique all by itself.

So guests both male and female are going to get their style inspiration from the man that was very very unique in many ways.

Known for her exquisite taste in all ramifications, this party would most definitely, be one of the best of the season. Knowing Ifeoma very well, she and her event planner, whoever that might be, would have gone to any length possible to deliver an exquisite and first class ambience to razzle-dazzle all, as Michael Jackson is known to love very bright colours and things that stands out, remember that bedazzled one handed glove, the bedazzled white socks peeping out under a short pant (trouser), the military jacket with many epaulettes, those big aviator sunglasses, the Jerry curled hair etc. We are eagerly awaiting how many of the guests would interpret these one of its kind theme.

The venue is the Civic Centre, along Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island Lagos opposite the 1004 flats and time to converge is at 7pm. Are we going to be there? That would mean the SSS, Military intelligence, Police and the Army authorities would have to declare war to flush us out. Lol!!!! Anyways we would do our best to bring you all the proceedings as they unfold.

This would be the shindig of all shindigs, that we can most definitely swear by.


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