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Ifeoma Williams channels the king of pop at the Motown anniversary

Cutting the cake

Funke Fowler Kuku

Havilah boss- Kite Ohiwerei

Idia Aisien

The very hyped 40th shindig celebrating Ifeoma ‘s birthday has come and gone and in many ways it lived to expectations. So the hype wasn’t for nothing.

In this report, we are not planning to write so much about how it went down, we would only post a few of the pictures of the event here for your viewing pleasure. Pictures or images like they say, says so much, so we would leave all the conjectures to your imaginations.

We heard it was a star-studded affair all the way, with at least 2 certified billionaires in attendance amongst several other guests. Alhaji Aliko Dangote came and in tow, was his main man Femi Otedola, both as expected didn’t have time to dress Michael Jackson!

As Ifeoma Williams is known to do, she gave a super good account of her dancing skills, her dexterity on her feet is of legendary status and she didn’t disappoint at all.

Many of the invited guests did their best to adhere strictly to the theme of the occasion, which was “Michael Jackson”, including the hostess herself. They all looked outstanding and we had many favourites just too numerous to chose from.

Check out a few of the guests that attended the event at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island Lagos on Sunday, October 22, 2017.

More after the break.

Noble Igwe & wife

Ebuka Obi Uchendu & wife

Aliko Dangote & Femi Otedola

Ndidi Obioha

Veronica Odeka

Mo Abudu & another guest

Mo Abudu, Debola Williams, Deola & another guest


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  • Yasssssss! Aloba! You're the best! So where are the boys! I mean the "Men! Abbey! How far? Abbey's friends, how far? Una dey fear!

  • Dangote and Otedola! Luv these guys like mad!*coughs! Abbey and friends didn't turn up? Why? Oh! Well, his ex turned up and represented well.

    • Abi was there actually, dont why you all are saying he wasnt there, and they are both cordial with each other when ive see them at occassions it you naysayers creating non existence drama

  • Okay now! I love the fact that Dangote and Otedola came. These guys are humble! Big Boys in the House! Some ladies dressed like it was a Halloween theme! Didn't they get the Memo? Oh well! I'm done.

  • World class event! Yassss! Even Michael was there live! Sorry, I meant his poster! Thanks Aloba for posting pictures! You're a spot!

  • Finallllllly! The pictures are not bad. This birthday girl, sorry birthday woman is so smart. So she's friends with Abbey Kuku's ex wife! Abbey be hitting that while playing friend zone!

    • Anon 12:26am! You're wicked! Aloba! Please where did you get all these " Pleasant Anonymous" From? They are so bad! 😁😁😁😁😁😁 I had to be nice before they come for me!

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ at secret fuckers! Some women are pained that this birthday woman is balling. I believe the wives and girlfriends of those she had something with are the anonymous on this blog! No outsider knows about this woman except her friends! Wicked friends!😬😬😬😬

  • Nothing much to see here except how ridiculous that Debola Williams looks every time there's a themed party. Is that where his juju is? In the white outfit and red cap? Maybe lobbying to be a part of a secret cult and that's if he's not already there.

    Happy 40th again, beautiful.

    Agbaya billionaires. Two of them. Not the one in black. Terry. W?

    I can see what you did there with the addition of Kuku. Beautiful girl.

  • Funke Fowler Kuku is a pretty woman! Abbey! Please go and get your wife! Mehn! What could have happened to their beautiful union! The devil is a liar! Abbey, I'm begging you, please come and your wife!

    • @ Anon 1.09 Did you say Funke Fowler beautidyl? Really??? You need an Eye Doctor ASAP. Beautiful and Funke Fowler should never be on the same sentence as far as I'm concerned. She is just another spoilt child with no sense

    • Abbey! Come and marry me please! I'm humble, obedient, 5"8,not too flashy but pleasant. We will make beautiful babies together and prove haters wrong! Please give me a chance. I luv you. NT

  • The guy in traditional attire, didn't he get the memo? Abi , is Micheal Jackson from Lagos State? Hmmmmmmm! Overdoer!

  • I love the fact that our" Billionaires" have started coming out more! Saw them together first at Omotola movie premier ( in house) and now at ifys! That's so good of them!

  • I swear down! This blog is the Best! You can take it to the bank! Love Mama Borngirl , Flair Witch and the great Anonymous! All I have read here is the Truth!

  • I said it, that this babe is balling! See Dangote and Otedola! Enough big envelopes! Enjoy your birthday woman!

  • Funke kuku is really pretty! I can't believe that Abbey would let this angel go! Something is wrong! Abbey! You better go and beg your wife please. You guys should come back together and start having kids Please.

    • Not likely to happen, too much pride and ego involved. They are officially divorced not just separated and with no children between them there's nothing tying them to each other. Abi's sisters should find him a very pretty and quiet Ijebu gyel to marry while Funke Leila should marry oyibo. With these few points of mine I hope you are strongly convinced that Abi and Funke are not coming back together thank you.

  • If Funke Laila Fowler isn't pretty can you name one person of her complexion who is pretty? If she's not pretty are you saying she's ugly. Eyin haters cool down. Her character is ugly in fact very very ugly but she is pretty. Photoshop or no filtering she's pretty.

  • All the stupid girls drooling over Abbey, Have you guys seen Maje Ayida lately? I will FUCK him ! Damn!!!! He is so Hawt! Make is the real deal! Sorry Toke!

    • Toke is a BITCH. and hope God will show her for who she is to the whole world. Karma is a BITCH and is coming for her fake everything on her body soon ( bleached skin, fake accent, fake hair and what not) soon. Maje the Lord is your strength and this too shall pass

    • This maje boy! Hmmmmm! Small world! Maje made mad love to me 10yrs ago and I can still remember every move, thrust and gasp! The guy is good in bed joor! I'm married now and I still pray for him. Such a nice boy!

    • Anon 2:05am! I don't support what maje did to toke at all! Deceived her for years, gave her both STD and sti and still depended on her like a leech! Maje was wrong in all levels! But Toke should not have had her pound of flesh by writing that book! She should have cried her eyes out to God and let God fight her battle, instead she chose to fight the battle herself! Anon! Don't support evil! Keep out of it! Gbo ro mi rio! Sasapoki!

    • I would luv to have olaolu for breakfast, Shola for lunch and Oboden for Supper! If wishes were horses…………!