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Eko Hotel

As we speak the Lagos leg of this massive wedding is set to take off at the venue, Eko Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos. It is the wedding between the daughter of the Senate President of Nigeria, Dr Bukola Saraki in the person of Tosin Saraki to her beau, Adeniyi Olatunde Olukoya.

The introduction had held successful without any incidence in Ilorin, Kwara State of Nigeria.

Now it’s the turn of Lagos and alas, no light for the last 5 hours! And the hotel management is battling that! Some are suspecting sabotage! Sabotage???? Yes ooooo, like someone is hell-bent on disrupting things.

Eko Hotel is supposedly the biggest hotel in Nigeria and most probably the only 5 star rated in Lagos. What’s going on?

More reports as things unfold.

Keep it locked to us MM here. Praaaaaaaa!!!!!! 


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  • To start with Eko hotel is NOT a five star hotel, more like a 1 star by international standards.
    Eko hotel is also not the biggest.
    Now to matter at hand…this is exactly the treatment these politicians should get anytime they throw these insane events for their families on the sweat of Nigerian tax payers. Saraki has so many enemies. Many died from sucide when he stole their life savings in the defunct societe generale bank. They haven't seen anything yet.
    By the way, I am yet to see an uglier family. Ewww!

    • Thank you. There’s no 5 star hotel in Nigeria. I’d said this previously on the Intercontinental post.

      Not even Nicon or Transcorp or whatever name it goes by now.

  • @ Anon 12.58 Well said. I have never seen an ugly parents like Toyin and Bukola ( talking about external and internal look). Saraki wrecked Societe Generale Bank those days due to lack of experience and greed and was also an horrible most corrupt governor too. This guy and his ugly haggard looking wife grows up with silver spoon in their mouth with a good pedigree and lives a ridiculous extravagant lifestyles and hope they take a back seat for once. Very self centered egoistic piece of crap

    • Only okocha, the footballer was able to get his money from that evil bank. Some people committed suicide because of that bank! You use the tears of the common man to build, that foundation can never be strong!

    • Toyin haggard? She always looks amazing, amazingly good for that matter. That is one lady who has the secret of ageing gracefully. Elegant woman.

  • Iheneme/things are happening.

    Did they sabotage the redundancy i.e. generators too? They need to bribe some people which is their stock-in-trade. Game on.

    • If olalu and his brother are not friendly right now, then it's good! Let them feel the heat that they are hated so much for all the atrocities they all committed in era of that evil bank that swallowed a lot of people's money! Rubbish! Wicked souls!

  • But why are you people so wicked. Why? You hide behind your phones and spew rubbish. Tell me, if you were in their position, you would not steal or throw a nice party for your children. Bet you just came back from church with so much hatred in you. Search yourselves.
    Listen, there is no party that big that doesn’t have hiccups. It’s normal. Since we have a lot of flying spirits in Nigeria. The most important thing is that they are married. We thank God for His mercies. And the idiot saying ugliest couple, please can you upload your picture, so we can roast you………ewu

    • Obviously, this is one of the wedding planners that chopped part of the money. Awon OLE banza jatijati. The Saraki's are one of, if not the main problem in nigeria. Is being the chief law maker automatically nullifies anything or hopes of nigeria to get better. If they had burnt down that place on Saturday, can you imagine how much of a new beginning the country would have. Evil monsters the whole lot. I pray something worse happens at the 3rd leg in Abuja. Not only nepa, pray there is no water at the toilets and all the balloons refuse to inflate. Se there is another one in Venice later abi, pray all the gondolas sink. Why didn't Femi otedola go????hmmm

  • Ode ni e RR what are you doing here fa. Church ke? Shey you think we all go to church & we are all Xtians fa. Oponu rada rada!!! Dey there & be justifying stealing, e be like say na your papa and mama be this. Awon ole oloshi.

  • RR, if YOU would steal when you get to a position of power , that doesn't mean everybody else is conscienceless like you to steal money meant for the country. Speak for yourself and let others express themselves. Why should we praise a man who has wrecked the lives of so many, why?

    • @RR, you're an idiot! Talking like someone who can't spell his name in an alphabetical soup! I guess they are throwing you some, hence the support! Oponu! Omo ale oshi .

  • So let’s be honest here, did Saraki cause the problem we have in Nigeria today? Can our problem be solved within the next say 10years ? I hope you do realize that you and I and these politicians are the problem we have today in Nigeria. We have our own demons in our everyday lives too. As far as I am concerned, we are our problem. End of story. Please celebrate your child when it’s your turn. However building Nigeria is a collective thing starting from the grassroots. Let’s start now and quit wasting time apportioning blame on others.

    • He finished Societe Generale and Kwara. Honestly he’s one of the problems. You are going off point or maybe you’re in a position where you steal. Let them give grassroots a chance now but they won’t so again he’s part of the thieving lot and a hell part of the problem

    • Anon 10:57pm! God bless you for this comment! May joy never depart from every area of your life, Amen. You just took the words out of my mouth! Well, nothing is permanent! This too shall pass!

    • Anon 9:48pm! I don't insult people on blogs but you're wicked for supporting corruption! With people like you, Nigeria is not moving forward! How can you say that? Eh!

  • I don't celebrate looters or thieves in high places! Neither do I celebrate their kids! They make the hard working look lazy yet they never worked in their lives!

  • Only in Nigeria will such excesses be celebrated. Even Saraki sister Gbeni accused him of being a bad governor that wrecked Kwara State. Shameless Corrupt bastards

    • Wrecked kwara state? Most of the innovation other states are now copying was started by Saraki as governor of kwara state. What is Gbemi Saraki doing now? Nothing. Olalu's spanish wife danced out with the bride though.

  • All these nasty commenters were not invited to this wedding or what? Only the Saraki's could pull off restoring power to a hotel where electricity and generators failed! Gorgeous classy traditional wedding, the decor was out of this world yet not ostentatious. Haters should take chill pills, saboteurs failed.

  • Please I want to ask you foolish haters a question, the people in the National Assembly government are they silver spoon kids. .? The likes of David Mark, Dino, even your former president, who had no shoes…..did that stop them from stealing more than the so called silver spoon? The truth is that the grassroots poor guy would even steal even more and this has been proven times without number.You idiots shouting here would steal even more. You are just haters. It’s only a God that can redeem this country. I’ve never seen a bunch of evil people like Nigerians before. If you were their friend and you were invited, you wouldn’t say this ooo. Awon oni so ku so.

  • what is this one saying, you sha want us to know you are a silver spoon.So those of us who are also silver spoon that grew up in wealth but are gainfully employed we are from planet mars Abi? if your parents have stolen go and ask them to beg God for forgiveness I have implicit confidence in my own dad.gerraraie

    • Thank you anon 1:31pm! God bless you for this comment! The idiot up there with smelling mouth just want to talk! Omo ale jatijati ewii.

    • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁! I pity anyone that supports the saraki's on this blog! I'm loving this! Quietly, Revolution has started in Nigeria! Yeah! It's about time! Even the " Rich" hate them! Damn!