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Shade Okoya

Shade Okoya

Dr Bukola Saraki, Toyin Saraki & Senator Abiola AJIMOBI

Karen Koshoni


Saturday, October 28, 2017 was the D-day. Venue or the convergence point of the eagles was the ballroom of the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos, which has been completely demystified as a 5-star hotel.

It was when “Halima Oluwatosin Saraki” was traditional married and engaged to “Adeniyi Olatunde Olukoya”.

As expected, the “stars, celebrities” et al rained down ceaselessly on the venue, all dressed to the nines as they are known to always do. And we have a few more gorgeous pictures for your beautiful view. Enjoy!!!!

More spectacular pictures after the break.

Prince Nduka Obaigbena, Aliko Dangote & Dino Melaye
Emir of Ilorin, Zulu Gambari and Senator Dino Melaye 
Dr Odigie Oyegun & Chief Emeka Anyaoku
Aketi, Governor of Ondo State & the VP
Senator Abiola AJIMOBI & Aliko Dangote

Funke Fowler Kuku

House of representatives Speaker Dogara

ASIWAJU Bola Ahmed Tinubu & Senator Ben Murray Bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce & Ali Modu Sheriff

Ruth and Grace Osime and Mo Abudu

Toyin Saraki, Ruth Osime and Ekua Abudu

Honourable Aliyu Dogara & Asiwaju

Bride with VP & wife

Groom with VP & wife

Oba of Lagos, Riliwan Akiolu & Dogara

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo & Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo

Ekua Abudu, Toyin Saraki & Mo Abudu

Dr Bukola Saraki, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo & Tunde Fowler


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  • Off all the billionaire wives in Nigeria(at least the ones not hidden under Burqa) Shade has perfected the art of rich man's wife fashion. She is always on point. She carries it well with her height and figure. This a mother of 3 or 4 children. She has to start documenting her pictures.

  • Ekua nee Sagoe is Mrs Toyin Saraki's BFF from way back. To me, her only real friend. They (Ekua and Mo) were both married to brothers. Notice I used were. They (the 2 women) don't like each other and rumours are most of the negative reports about both of them are spread by both of them. Ekua is or one of the owners/founders of Greenwood House School. She's super smart, calm and very likeable. Sisi Dupe Sagoe's daughter and Araba's older sister (fantastic cake maker/baker.) When you see her out, she's networking and with friends and family.

    Before you come for me, I know the older generation more than the newbies (just like mama Borngirl. Winks!)

    • 👊 gbosa to you! That was a beautiful description without bias.
      I've to add that Ekua and Araba's late father uncle Taiwo was our family lawyer.
      They all actively participated when I got married.
      Yes I know the older generation, I'm an older generation myself.
      If they come for you, ignore them.

    • Double Gbosa to you @Mama Borngirl. Their Dad was a nice man. I won’t call myself of the older generation, I will leave that to my siblings. Lol! There’s also their brother Kofi (not Deola Sagoe’s ex.)

    • @Fan. You are very on point Ekua is Toyin REAL best friend from forever compared to all those fair weather new friends she has now. Is also true that Ekua is the daughter of Mrs Dupe Sagoe of the famous Sagoe Gele. Her mother is a very super rich old money like Toyin's parents. (Otunba&Mrs Ojora). Banks goes to her house as she doesnt goes to bank. As at the last time I went to buy fabrics from her years ago and with all the money Mrs Sagoe has, she still sells from her house somewhere around Sabo, Yaba. Very humble woman and highly very pleasant too with no big head unlike some new money bank debtors so called billionaires people that goes out with all the security personnel. Madam Sagoe is also one of the most trusting person I have ever seen or known too. Reason being that I have never seen this woman or bought fabric from her before and as at that time, I was just a normal person that is not a celebrity or a famous person. I bought a fabric of over N1.5M and had N1Million with me as at that time and she told me to go with all the fabric and either send the money to her another day or bring the balance of N500,000 if and when I come back from the holiday because I told her I will be traveling the next day. Wow!!! I couldn't get that over my mind that Nigeria still have such trusting people in the country and Ekua is also a nice pleasant smart woman too. Although I Araba came to see her mother that particular day and can say that I saw a trait of a snob in her. But hey! It is norm with some of these folks from a rich family

  • But I thoughtboth Ekua abudu and mosunmola abudu are seperated from their husbands. Ekua moved on long time ago, that after mo left wale abudu. I read it somewhere two years ago.

  • @anon 5;18
    its a trait amongst old money.I was gisting with my dad last week and he was complaining about how Oba Tejuoso always has a snobbish attitude whenever they all hang out then finished with "he inherited money and throne but I worked for my money" 😂😂 I didn't laugh in front of him but yesterday while telling my brother.They all have a bit of snobbish attitude (that generation)

  • Point of correction, Equa is not Toyin Sarakis best friend. Ikepo Braitwaite(Kuye) is the real bff. Started their friendship right from when they were very young. Now lots of attachments and handbags now.
    Let me keep quiet for now……..

  • Ekua doesn't need to do any attachment to Toyin in anyway whatsoever. She has it together and her parents are not short of money too. Toyin have more regard for Ekua than with the spoilt rotten Ikepo.? You can take that to the bank

  • Who told you Efua doesn’t need to do attaché with Toyin? Abeg if you don’t know something keep quiet. Has what together? O funny gan ni. Anyway is this even an issue? ………….