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We had reported already before as per the launch of Femi Otedola’s first daughter-Tolani launching her music career.

Now we have thought to showcase a pictorial excursion of the night for your viewing delight.

We had already told you all, how the big wigs, the heavyweights came out in torrents to support the gorgeous daughter of one of their own, so we wouldn’t bore you to stupor with names of those that attended no more.

So see bright lights, camera, and pose!!!!!

More pictures after the break.

Mrs Maiden Ibru

Akogun Lanre Alfred

Temi Otedola

Hajia Bola Shagaya

Ovation Editor Mike Effiong & Femi Otedola


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  • Why can't people who had opportunity to study abroad go into research work that will bring nigeria/africa out on top, like getting a cure for cancer etc etc. Entertainment industry is a road that leads NOWHERE at the end of the day. How can i send my child to yale/ lse/oxford etc then you now graduate and tell me you want to be a dj or musician, full time, oloun maje, is it dj work or singing that your father and i used to pay your fees abroad? Abi e gbe oju le ogun baba yin. My children must not try that SHIT with me.

  • Good for her and I'm glad that her father gave her this massive support and good to see her father's wife (Nana) there too. Good luck to her with her music career and i hopes she makes it

  • how do you people know all these stories and allegations about people's marriages?

    easy o

    remember; the man is a business man, and the wife understands what he is doing and how and where he spends his time

    Me don't think they are separated

    Me don't believe the story of separation

    Me don't think I'm wrong

    • It's so bad they're always happy when they talk of couples separating. Whether true or false, bad news shouldn't make anyone happy.

  • I just pity otedola's children, they don't realise their father is living large on debts if he drops dead today humongous debts will chase them out of Nigeria.Although I trust him, he will fix them up in wealthy homes to secure their future.