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Folasade Okoya

We don’t think it’s cosmetics (that’s the use of it) or cosmetic, that’s because no colourings can hide all the issues that much, for that long. We don’t think she’s done any nip and tuck either, but if she has, it’s more like her doctor (s) are that good and have done a fabulous job at it, so if she has we must say kudos to them.

Folasade Okoya at 41, and with many kids to the boot (4 kids in all to be more precise), has like good wine, well placed in it cask, aging gracefully and filling out well, she looks gorgeous.

We all know what having kids could do to a body and by extension, when the body owner now is too relaxed, how they can lose “good tensions” in all the right places and then they become a shadow of their former best, but despite all the ravages et al, Shade instead seems to be looking a lot better than years back. Her eldest kid in 18 years of marriage and still counting is a teenager already! The Aare definitely caught her young and both wife and husband have had good effects on each other, so it seems.

No wonder that the billionaire industrialist behind the Eleganza Group of Companies  and RAO Properties fame and a High Chief of Lagos, in the person of Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, only has his “big eyes” fixed on her alone, no shifting, no roving, just eyes on the target! .  


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  • Is called good plastic surgery Aloba. She did some work on her body and by the way, Who wouldn't look good with that much money at her disposal? The man is a good spender on his wives even before he married Sade. I know one or two of her ex wives and he pumped money into them and BTW, one of them is a drop dead gorgeous too. Sade is ok but she is not a drop dead like you guys makes her to be. If you look at her first picture when she married the man, you will see the change in her nose, skin and
    Boob. I have no problem in some body enhancement if you can afford it but just trying to correct the notion that "She is a natural beauty". Same applies to her besto Mrs Oguntade and Baba Ijebu wife – Kofoworola Adebutu. They all use same Plastic Surgeon. This is a FACT

  • @Anonymous with the first comment, if she did surgery on that nose she needs a refund. It's still wide and open. How old is Mrs Oguntade? I thought she was much older. Anyway, their husbands are best friends and now wives are BFF. Her boobs and tummy, yes she definitely had work done on those. She always looks OTT. Not pretty at all. Pity about what lies inside.

  • At 6.14 This nose is far bettet compared to what she has before. She better enjoy while the man is alive as his kids were waiting for him to die so they can deal with her. I think being that OKOYA befriend is a lawyer Judge Oguntade) who is now the High Commissioner in London, he must have helped him to draft a Will that will protect her because most of Okoya kids despises her in private but pretended to love her to appease to their father. She is better looking than opening her mouth to talk

  • Aloba. Did you hear about the drama between Banke meshida and her make up artists or you are feigning ignorance?
    Sahara reporters and instablog naija reported it and she was read for filth on that Instagram handle…lol

    • At 4.46. So true. Can't stand when she opens her mouth to talk as she sounds like a dummy and a very local uneducated fellow when she talks. She better save enough before the man's death Just easy to look at and that's about it.