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Abdul-Rasheed Maina

This Mainagate issue much as the Government would want for it to go away quickly and vaporise into thin air, like it never existed after the unprecedented hoopla it has generated; has refused to go quietly under the carpet.

In the face of it all, it has left much to be desired and has cast aspersions on many and has shown the incompetence of many, while also exposing many for who they truly are.

This particular incidence has given a major boost to the voice of the opposition also, who have gone into a “crazy frenzy”, “brandishing their blood sucking fangs” and “highly sharpened claws” having seen and found an unmissable and an unmistakable opportunity to extract their own bloody pound of flesh and they have shouted themselves hoarse already and wouldn’t just let it go at all, until all would hear and react.

But the main man at the middle of the mess himself, in the person of the ex-Pension Reform Task Team “PRTT boss Abdul-Rasheed Maina” has shown an uncanny and unbelievable ability at disappearing into thin air, without trace at a prompt! Maina in his former life, must have been a “magician of extraordinary ability”, whose speciality in the business of hocus-pocus was to disappear into thin air right in front of his onlookers, which includes his enemies, rivals, friends and fans etc. Side by side with “the great Houdini”, if there was ever a competition, we are of the opinion and too sure that Maina would have won hands-down as per his super acts!

So what’s this gist that we are hearing that’s not too clear? That what if the subterfuge to quietly allow him back into the main stream and promote him to the next position in one fell swoop had worked, there was the possibility that he might later have transformed to become a gubernatorial candidate of a party at the next election! Wow that would have definitely been an exquisite plan, that was gradually unfolding!

Reason being that he is supposed to have a colossal amount/funds stored away  and at his beck and call, which would have been good enough to prosecute an election into the Borno Government house!

Are we foolish? Let’s just leave it at that for now!  


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    • It's either you're Maje or his pr! Okay! Aloba, please post Maje's picture here and let's see ……….! Fuck boy!