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Dr. F is a philanderer extraordinaire of the topmost kind. He loves the game and the game itself loves him back with much aplomb! It is like his very life force depends on digging dip, the way we see it, if he doesn’t get down for a limited period of time, maybe he could just pass on! He and his group of friends are into the game and they play it well with outstanding dexterity. Maybe he is also majorly helped by his handsome face, good body, good name and money, loads of it we hear, dad in the middle belt is a major big boy.

Imagine that a couple of years ago, this dude and his friends brought in from America a former “playmate of the month”, during a now comatose fashion week that used to bring in people to Lagos from around the world, just for them to hang out. We even met the lady one on one then! 

Apart the regular girls that are game for the game, many of which this married doctor has taken down without fanfare, he seems to love models to a fault, maybe because they are “cheap and cheerful”, and for next to nothing many of these girls are willing to hangout and have fun anyway, so needs not too much prompting.

Imagine just dining, clubbing, lounging with men that you see and read about normally as celebrities and stars, or that you get to read about as the movers and shakers of the society now having interest in you, even before you are told to remove the pant, you would have gone many miles down the track already. We have seen that Nigerian-American model- A, who competed in a popular American series being courted by Dr. F and friends before, there’s even an SA based model by name PP whose dad used to own an hotel in Ikeja years back, who enjoys the Doctor’s attention a lot. Young lady we hear, swings on both sides, which is another added advantage. Maybe the good Doc, just helps to merely check her innards quite often, to make sure all is well!

At most fashion shows and other major events, you are sure to see the good doctor, whose benevolence with his joystick or should we say rod of power, is of  the awesome kind, around somewhere in the crowd, always scanning so as to trap a new bushmeat.

Curiously like we have already stated above, Doc is/was married to a stunner of a wife, in fact a beauty of a lady- tall, nice body, gorgeous eyes, soft-spoken, who is very well mannered and who is very creative and went to that Great school located in Oyo State, known for academic excellence in Bodija. Oga we hear takes no nonsense from Madam and would deal with her summarily if she makes any unnecessary fuss, it’s the same way it has always gone.

Unconfirmed gist even have it that madam might have gone on a sabbatical at her parents home for now, due to many issues. If that be true, that’s like leaving the Doc on the prowl, Doc is a combo of a fox, lion, leopard and cheetah all in one and a major sharpshooter. Doc lives around KA on the island.

PLEASE NO FULL NAMES! Thanks in advance. 


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  • Lol @Palesa. Just took a breather now to read this. I don't know who this is at the top of my head but will try a Google search. That was how I was able to scramble FF of POOC and the GTB ED. Google helps you know.

  • Too hard to decode. Dr F is from the middle belt. American Nigerian model might be Am!nat ay!nde from America’s next top model.

  • All I can figure are Aminat Ayinde of America's Next Top model and the comatose fashion week is Arise Magazine Fashion week.

    Middle Belt/North Central zones are Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau and FCT.

    F names from there are Fabiyi, Farouk, Femi…

    A wild goose chase

    • Aloba has deceived us. Edo is South South and not Middle Belt. Easy peasy. His brother was the former governor of Edo. Dad’s house is on Bishops Avenue. Okada people. Wife’s sister is married to one of the Sahara guys.

  • Haven't you all watched the Flintstones with Fred as the main character, he was the brother of a very "lucky" fellow, whose daddy is titled Sema

    • No thanks to Aloba for giving us a wrong geography test. Okada people. The Medical Doctor who never practised medicine and his wife who is a fashion designer.

  • Oh no don't tell me it's D I's husband. No wonder she is not as loud as other society girls. Her hubby's lifestyle must be giving her nightmares. Hope her big sis married to oil guy has a good home. Their mother despertely wanted all the girls to marry rich. Story for another day. OMG

  • I know all the people involved. Her doctor sister is a friend. My God. It is not good for a mother to push her daughters that by fire by force they must marry into wealthy homes. Most of those guys are irresponsible. I know first hand. Daddy this, daddy that. Ikoyi/victoria island fuck boys of the 90's.

    • It's not their mother who pushed them into marrying big boys. Their elder sister started the trend and they all followed suit. They just grew up wanting to live bigger than their parents.

    • Me I don't see anything wrong with that o. After all Sade got married to Grandpa Okoya and Aloba constantly sings her praises.

  • Oh!!! It's him, didn't even think of him as he doesn't practice medicine.

    He married his wife cos she's soft-spoken and can be kept shut.

    He dated madam blogger banana house briefly before impregnating his wife and marrying her.

    Am not surprised, he's been into threesome with a Dr's husband Obodxx since the mid 90s and late 90s. Lucky those girls then as video sxxtapes weren't in. I remember those girls who they did with, they're now in their 40s. Some of them still trending in the blog gists, most of them have obvious issues in marriage.

    How do I even code the names of his threesome partners and you all will gerrit???

  • Dokito ighinediiis fredricki, wify na D something.the state where ladies have permanent stay in both italy and spain. Wify a designer, her name starts from 'D'.

  • Now I will mention her name (D=Dunni) her inner caucus mentioned her on a meastrosmedi @kinabuti aparativo post 2013 , while they bash banke n ladi join.but dunni n Dr fred matter came up.

  • Awon aiye from many years ago oh
    Anonymous said… Who are you then ITK? GBG gave herself away the manner in which she defended Dunni. People know Dunni's runs well well and you further gave her away by saying would she abuse her customers. From her old jist she said she hears all she spills from her customers. If that's not abusing and back biting what is it? E ka bo Dunni. She has now kept quiet now she's been exposed……….June 7, 2013 at 10:17 PM

  • Someone I know went to sell stuff to her in her house when she was just starting out as a tailor. This babe isn't Yoruba but picks up languages easily and pretends like she doesn't understand any language but English. 2 calls that D answered on her mobile in Yoruba were her prayer man & her scope. She coded to scope how & when they'd meet up. Before she left after selling her stuff to D, the doc came & they greeted & pecked in her fake Yankee accent. I made the comments on the kinabuti post & gbogbo big girl said I lied. I told her she was D which she denied & after that she stopped posting on this blog. The same gbg person said Havilah cheated & repented. I told her she was lying. Many years after both of us were right. D and Havilah K are where now? Pele.

    • I am not D and I did not stop commenting on this blog after that post.

      I still insist that D does not and has never cheated on Dr. That she coded some info doesn't mean adultery. It's common in Yoruba land for people to call and pray for you, they don't have to be your prayer man or spiritual god father or mother to pray.

      It's sad that some people are rejoicing that she has issues with her husband. This too shall pass and all your evil wishes won't materialise.

      Once again I'm not DBI.

    • Your jist dropped and you conveniently came back to defend yourself. Clapping for you. Read again, two people called. One was an alfa, I just dropped that and the second was the one she was banging. Are you now saying Aloba is lying & this cheating just started?

    • Whatever Duns did to you, please forgive her and if it's because she married into fame that's paining you, begin to count your blessings and you'll be happier.

      Duns is from a Muslim home, so anyone from that side could've called to pray for her in a Muslim way. We all need prayers one time or the other.

      I still maintain that Duns didn't cheat in marriage, stop insinuating what you don't know. Aloba didn't say she cheated, he focused on Dr.

      Aye ma le o.

    • You are very stupid. Married into fame fa & is paining me? Dunni shut the fuck up shogbo. Yucky family she married into & another one that spreads stds like mad. What is there to be pained about fa? I’m out, please keep talking to yourself.

    • Why don't you just send Duns an email with your real name. Wa gba pe eran to yi ni won npe ni nomo. I rest my case.

    • Dunni that boyfriend has bought house for, maestro will carry the gist next year, gbo bigz girl dunni cheated from the start there was even paternity matter when she was preggers with her first child because she was seeing Dr F and Stan Rerri, nothing is hidden in Lagos, the husband and wife were chronic cheaters decieving themselves awon lo mo kilo kon miii

    • See ehen i believe DI’s family sent this story to Aloba to discredit Dr F so that when she remarries she would be justfied,you cant stay married to a cheat all these years and claim innocence,she and her siblings started from the bottom at Eric Moore Towers sleeping on mattresses,then forced their way into lives of men who they thought could allevate their status in Lagos,the only exception were the DR and youngest sister, the remaining 3 who thought marrying “big boy” are all suffering, SO has been kicked out of her marital home so many times by AO, she knows without him the likes of the people she dies everyday to be friends with will shun her,DI married big name that even her trad wedding was done in Benin,a yoruba girl that lives in Lagos went to her husbands state to do her trad,if thats not a desperate family with no backbone i dont know what that is, or is it TW married to GW that just finally got married legally after two children had been born while GW was actively and openly dating LE,i am not condoning what the men did, they are scum, but when you marry for the wrong reason and then use diabolical means and have a pushy desperado mother in the background sooner than later the house will fold. I pray all the men involved in these girls lives go and get delivered, the spiritual binding their mother inlaw as done is not childs play

    • Envy!!! Which trad did Duns do in Benin? Her trad was done in Surulere, it was church that was done in Benin. And for your info she isn't remarrying and only death can separate she and Dr and no one is into jazz. Go get your own big name to marry.

    • Eyah GBG you are really confused, go and search for ovation to see if she didnt wear okuku in benin before her white wedding the next day, someone that has given the Dr divorce papers

  • @anon November 6, 2017 at 9:27 AM
    @anon November 6, 2017 at 3:47 PM
    Thank you for exposing those dirty Eric Moore half women half spirits. It was this same blog that when the Eric Moore thing was mentioned see how gbg defended Dunni. If you are not her why are you defending her so much. I can't even see her sisters defending her like this. The cheating story was everywhere but coded & it's not just me & the lady who told me who knows but other people. Can you see your useless self?

  • Dunni is actually a very nice girl and I love her. Most people are so jealous of her because of her beauty. Awon ode. Bet the people writing shit about her want to be her. Drop dead beautiful black beauty. Not all these fake girls we have now. Bleached up and depressed….,,,,,

    • Have you seen how haggard she is now? Who beauty epp? Plenty fine girls are on ground oh don’t overhype her. You are the one jealous of her cos of her beauty to say it. Tundun their sis dey finer.

  • Anon 11:32pm. As you can see the hatred is from envious people. Awon ore onilara. If she married a poor guy that's how they'll say with all her beauty she ended up where she'll suffer. Now she married wealth, they're saying it's jazz. And they call their lies coded gists.

  • Aye ma ni ka ooo. Dunni is drop dead gorgeous! Oya jump inside 3rd mainland and kill ya sef. My dear, if Fred no work for you, plenty better guys dey wait jare. Not all these expired things with their fake bodies. Upon liposuction, injection, body magic, una still ugly. Choi. Hating on darling Dunni.

  • Habaaaa you people should fear God o! I went to ui with this chic and she was so nice and respectful. I pray all will be well with u dunni. This too will pass.