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Late Babajide Tinubu

If death had made any demand prior to her striking he deadly, irreparable blow, asking for anything possible in replacement for wanting to take away the source of joy of the Tinubu’s, maybe they would have given her all that it takes or that she requires. For Jide Tinubu, all the clan would have rallied round and even friends of the family would have chipped in their own contribution just so that the dastardly grasp of death would have been removed!

The family would have given the grim reaper, that sad and ultimately ugly entity, whatever was required. But alas death don’t get paid. It steals, it Rob’s, it snatches and takes away what is not hers! When it comes after a person, she doesn’t loosen her grip and doesn’t need the person’s consent to do what she does. It takes away the infant, the teen, the youth, the old ones and the elderly. Doesn’t care how she’s viewed. She comes after the male and the female. Death is a desecrator, an enemy, it is bike, very and extremely dirty. It is terrible and always leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

It shows no distinction. It comes for both the good and the evil, the morally upright and morally deficient, the decadent, the foolish and even the wise. It snatches away one’s loved ones, leaving sadness, despair, anguish, pain in her wake.

And so death came unceremoniously without any prior warning or notice for Jide Tinubu yesterday and struck a deadly blow and took away the first born son of one of Nigeria’s political juggernauts, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the irrepressible Jagaban of Borgu and Chieftain of the ruling party the APC.

Babajide prior to his untimely death had no health issues whatsoever that he was nursing, he was hale and hearty the day before only to have been struck the next day. Jide is said to have been buried already. He was said to have suddenly slumped and was rushed to the hospital, where he was brought in dead on arrival, many are suspecting that the death might have been caused by complications of heart attack, but that is unconfirmed though.

So the family are in deep mourning as we speak. It is only God that is consoling them.

He was a Barrister at Law, who had gotten his first degree from the University of Liverpool, but later got his Master’s degree in Maritime Law at the University of London. He was called to bar in 1999 and was in his mid 40s as at the time of his demise.

May Allah grant him Al Janah Fidaus and May he grant the parents and the loved ones of the dearly departed the fortitude to bear the irreparable and irreplaceable loss. 


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  • This is so sad….I pray for all mothers who comment on this blog that we will never bury our children.
    My Yoruba friends are already reading superstitious meaning to the death. God knows all we don't know.

  • Yes it's sad especially when young people die. Amen to your prayer. A lot of politicians are into the dark arts though.

  • Look, nobody would want to bury their child. I’m not in for rumors. It’s God that knows. I pray God gives Asiwaju the fortitude to bear this great loss. People should stop please. It’s not pleasant.

  • Is not a good thing losing ones kids. No matter who you are or how rich you are, losing loved one is a very painful thing more especially if the death is that persons kids. May God console people that lost their kids

  • I join everyone to pray we will never lose our child.But jagaban and this Side has had a less than cordial relationship over the years.They were not close unless its a diff one of his sons