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Debola Williams aka Debola Lagos

Uche Pedro, Aliko Dangote, Bukky Shoni & Debola Williams

Programme of Event

We believe that the young, very dedicated, highly motivated, very resourceful, extremely respectful, totally focused, awesomely smart and very careful dude, by name Debola Williams is gunning for a future in Politics.

If the above thought is then true, with the ways that the elements have worked together so far, thrusting him into the public glare/domain in such very positive and good light, this dude is unto something major.

All things being equal, maybe this partner of Chude is going to be a “Minister, Ambassador, Governor, Senator, Honourable member of the house” sometime soon. Fact is that both of these duo’s combo must surely have been made in heaven. If it is said that anyone has a “Midas touch”, these duo sure must have it in graceful abundance as everything they have touched so far, as turned to pure gold, with sprinklings of gemstones added!

From Nigeria to Ghana, Debola and Chude, with their highly resourceful team at “Red Media and affiliates” have delivered with much aplomb on the briefs given to them and in the course of it, have made many powerful friends, fans and supporters and also must have made loads of good money for their efforts.

The young dude very very recently in America, was one of the few that represented Nigeria and Africa at the Obama Summit 2017, also in attendance were the Bellanaija Publisher Uche Pedro, Africa’s Richest man Aliko Dangote and Bukola Shoni. As expected when given the opportunity to make an impact, the dude delivered with vigor and excellence on a platter of gold, as he gave a super powerful speech which evoked all the right emotions and apparently got him a standing ovation in good ole America. That wondrous effort making Nigeria and by extension Africa proud.

Hear him- “The highest office in the land is not the office of the President, the highest office is the office of the Citizen”.

At least while some are hell bent on giving the nation a bad name, pulling her reputation around in the dung, a few are all about doing the opposite showing the overabundance of greatness that we pack as a people and a collective. Africa is not the dark continent like said before, Nigeria is not a collective of criminals. There are those who are bad like it obtains in all climes.

In thanking all those that wished him well and have always given good support, Debola wrote a thought evoking message which we have reproduced below.

Hear him- ” I am a product of grace and a the fruit of communal effort; I am because we are. I am deeply thankful to all of you for the kind words and support you give freely; Simply I am overwhelmed. May God bless you.
I am super proud to be Nigerian, to be African, to unashamedly carry our scars and blessings everywhere in the world and for me it was just another opportunity to represent all of us. I am glad you approve. My team including my partner @chudeity who though away contributed immensely to put together this speech. I stand in ovation to them, to you all and to God who grace has found me. Thank you! 


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