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Toke Makinwa aka Tokestarr
TM tote

Croc leather bag

Still in the birthday atmosphere and the euphoria of the concomitant attention and being a smart gal, not one to let any opportunity slip by, media personality dujour “Toke Makinwa aka Tokestarr” is sure turning her “media attention & scrutiny” into gold and might be smiling home to the bank for it and we are really happy for her for that.

Even amidst all the fun, she knows that the head needs to be very well screwed on, like the old Yoruba saying goes “even while crying or shedding tears, you are still seeing very clearly”, it’s obvious she’s doing her best to see very clearly.

So madam has added the tag of a “fashion entrepreneur” to her already well loaded resume, Vlogger, author, OAP etc!

Part of the birthday activities was the launch of her own bag Collection. And so the first in the series of the TM Tote is out and we are too sure it would sell out pretty quickly, and that’s because Toke is our own version of the American reality TV princess and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner! What ever she touches seem to turn to gold raking in cool money and the evidences are there for all to see and salivate upon!

The “TM” Tote is from her “Baby Gal for Life Collection”. The TM is obviously from her initials. Collection was crafted by leather brand Muji for Toke and input is said to have come from her friends Kunbi of April by Kunbi and her sister Estanola Oyelese,…….they all did well. Bag from the picture we have seen is well made and very well finished and it would most likely be well received also.

We are too sure many of Toke’s friends would want to support the brand by buying at least one. 

For fashion lovers who wants to get their hands on the Croc bag, which is planned to come in 2 colours of Black and Gold, pre-order would start soon.

Price???? Not yet stated, maybe to be given upon enquiry. 


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  • I noticed she was carrying a new Hermes on her birthday and not this bag. Her roll out was not properly managed. The success of this bag depend on her quitting all other brands and sticking with this. I will buy for 15k!

    • At 12.35. Well said. Not only is the bag a disappointment but her action is too. You are launching a bag to the public and you couldn't have pictures being taking while you are carrying the bag? Her PR should be fire for not doing a good job as far as the bag is concerned.

    • Most of them do fakes. I have seen Ene, Eunice Efole, Tonto and Chika carries bottle legs. Out of 10 designers that they carries, is only 2 of them that is real. The bags are as fake as their lifestyles

  • Pre order ko! Purchase on credit ni.
    If we want Ghana must go we know the market to go to and if we want designers we also know where to visit.

    • So I pre order, then they kill the reptile and use its skin to make my order? Hmmmmmmm! It is good to dream, Toke! Wake up!

    • Because no one is buying the bag except the one she’s giving to people as dash it has to be pre ordered as money cannot waste for fear of the unknown

  • I will buy in the spirit of women supporting women. Hope she rocks it well too and not just rock it for the gram!

  • Miss Too Know should have done better. The shinning of the fake croc and the gold trimming is just too much. Showing off an Hermes Birkin bag on the same day that she introduced her own bag is no BRAINER. Guess it shows her longs for superficiality. This woman low self esteem is on another level

  • Very nice bag. Anita, get a LIFE and stop stalking and insulting this chick all over the net. You are a baby mama now, I am sure you have something to focus on. Or maybe you can work to get Maje to marry you. Or are you not the love of all his life anymore? Hahahaha hahahaha. You are the most stupid woman… child.

    • At Anon 5.40 pm Sorry o Toke. Why can you move on and focus on your so called success after all the guy and his baby mama has. They chose to ignore you and your lies still you are still pained and miserable with all the money you made lying on the guy. Na by force? Did he asked you for have inferiority complex and insecurities to the extent of bleaching your skin? Maje is not into you so please move on to someone that might appreciate your smelling skin

    • Anita doesn't have your time.She has a child to take care of and better things to do than stalk you on net. Your fake friends or Mrs. Fadeyi and co are probably the one's stalking you.Leave Anita out of your theatrics.

    • Anon 10.05 Well said. She and her Voltrons are fools. You sure right about Anita too busy to respond to their nonsense and BTW,Anita is real and natural unlike Toke that is fake and trying too hard to show to the world world that she has arrived

    • Her bags might be original but the Hermes is fake, maybe grade 1 fake but fake non the less.
      Quote me any where

    • Don't mind them. All these bitter bintus, who have failed at everything in life, including hating on the Internet. Obviously loads of them have psychological issues and are deeply mentally disturbed. I suspect some are housegirls of these celebs sef. What a bunch of low lives here.

    • @ Anon 9.20am. And you haven't failed at anything Miss Perfect? Last time I checked and the reason why she is this popular is because tried by fire by force and she failed to make Maje loved her. Poor little insecure thing

  • At Anon. 9.20. I'm sure you are either Toke or her messenger with a big mental disorder too. The only one that has insecurities and low life is someone that said she bleached her skin to impress and keep her man from going back to light skinned Anita. If that is not a low life, then wonder what you call that