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Danielle Allen
Musa Danjuma and Ex wife Caroline

Musa Danjuma, the billionaire younger brother of the billionaire elder, in the person of the retired former Chief of Army Staff General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma was a year older last week, Saturday November 4th to be more precise, in fact the dude clocked 67, having being born on November 4, 1950. And to celebrate adding the year, the Executive Chairman of Comet Shipping, who is also the Executive Chairman of Nigeria-America Line, and a director of many blue chip companies threw a colossal party, at his humongous residence said to be one of the biggest in Parkview Ikoyi, that had all the who-is-who, many billionaires and multi-millionaires in attendance in great numbers.

The single and very eligible grandpa, since his divorce from his former wife Caroline Ekanem Danjuma, the mother of 3 of his kids, made sure it was a party to be at and to remember, as there was the over abundance of everything that helps to make a high class party a success. Be it drinks of all grades, food and canapes and then most importantly the guests, especially the ladies that came in torrents. 

Being a single man and one who might be searching again for his missing rib all over again, the ladies of all sizes, colours, shapes, physique and endowments, shades etc, in their various out of the dream attires and sexy outfits that clung on to them like 2nd skims came out in great numbers and they were dressed to the nines to capture and keep attention by fire by fire. Don’t know whether it’s because of his current status now as a eligible bachelor, the ladies who came old and young, sure did their absolute best to catch his and other guests (billionaires) attention.

Truth be told, throwing an outstanding party is not a one off thing for this handsome gentleman who is very game on the style stake, he has always been known to package first class soirees, shindigs etc, so when people get to know he is having something to do, they always make sure to attend in great numbers.

So this particular one at the weekend was also one that many would remember for a very long time to come. It was specially organised for him by his jewel of inestimable value that has always been a major fixture in his life in the past few years, even while still married to Caroline, in the person of the sexy, the gorgeous Zimbabwean stunner and designer Danielle Allen.

Danielle as the party hostess, was up and about and everywhere, making sure that everything was in place and all turned out well. The way she went about, made it obvious that, pretty soon in the not too distant future, she might soon be the “incoming new bride”, Mrs. Danielle Danjuma (DD) to finally sooth the broken heart of Musa and she’s most likely to be the correct missing rib, that Musa has been searching for all these while. ……

Her gorgeous outfit for the party was said to have set her back by about ₦5.1million Naira, that’s about $15000.

That’s chicken feed to a certified billionaire! Praaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!


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  • I'm not a fan of ghetto classless Caro but what goes around do come around. Caro if I were you, I will just sit down and watch how the bubble will burst. But hey you are not smart enough to take an high road and ignore the urge to make any comment relating to the party on your social media But at least be smart once and remember that A pig is a pig even if you put a lipstick on her. We all going to witness how this will play out with both sooner than you expected

    • There are a few things worse than ghetto classless caro, and one of them is this ghetto classless Danielle Allen. This babe is razz as fuck. Oga obviously has a type, he doesn’t to classy that’s for sure.

  • This man is old enough to respect himself.Inetead of him to find a way to make peace, bring Caroline back home and stop jumping from one woman to another,its really a shame.

  • I do not understand why Lagos rich men are dirty with the way they live life by changing women, sides chicks certified and endorsed by widows & spinsters, booty calls embraced by younger girls. Women should begin to stay away from such men. I wonder how their women feel. No matter how much you love a man, you know when he’s cheating. A woman’s intuition is so strong and hardly lies.

  • Musa is the kinda situation we call soldier go soldier come. I hope they acquire enough to last them a lifetime while their regime is on.

  • See all these money miss roads are always the loudest, those from good stock are not flaunting stupidly on instagram *side eye* agbaya lisa folawiyo, caroline the actress that musa never married but let her use the surname because of her children, please if a man has elevated your status remain humble

  • Lisa Folawiyo is a nice woman.
    Please haters leave her out of your misery.
    I don't understand how people can be so cruel.
    If you see her face to face can you spew this rubbish?
    Nonsense and ingredients.

  • All these Aristo girls making good girls rethink ohh see Danielle driving Range Rover she’s not even Nigerian .
    I remember her from London she used to date rich north London men in 2006

  • What I want to know is who is the wind beneath Genevieve nnaji's wing. There has to be some man secretly funding her.

  • Genevieve the real hustler. Her lifestyles does the talking for her unlike loud Toke that get CHANGE and couldn't let the whole world rest. Take a back seat Toke and give us a break!!!

  • At 12.26. Who cares if she is married or not? The truth of the matter is that she also lives a ridiculous lifestyle and her income cannot afford such lifestyle

  • Who the hell is this? You must be Genny PR or are you Genny herself? No one is exception as far as you are a public figure

    • At 5.05AM
      There is nothing about promiscuous Genny to be jealous about. A child at 17 is not what anyone would like to associate or be jealous about. She didn't even graduate from High school. A smart person would have further her education but she is out there doing runs to buy designer nonsense forgetting that beauty and fame is not forever as beauty fails while dump is forever. I'm a very highly educated that went to one of the best college in the world and married to an equally well educated husband with brilliant kids and wonder what is it about her to emulate or be jealous about. I will never be jealous of a fish plastic head superficial, vain and shallow minded being like her. There is more about life than being a runs girl for a designer bag. Take that to the bank

    • If Genny didn't come for you, please leave her alone! The post is not about her ok! Writing epistle on top of what! In life, it's not how far but how well! Leave her alone please!

  • So she is married and does runs, I thought she would have changed, so innocent looks is deceiving, it's whatever anyway