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Photographer- Emperor Aigbovbiose

LIFE ON A ROLL: My name is Emperor Aigbovbiosa I am a creative and highly motivated freelance  documentary photographer, photo artist, concept developer, social reformer and story teller (my medium of expression is Photography). With my many years of experience I came to understand that photography is a major art form, just like many other art forms too. 

So like other artist, I pride myself as being a type of Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, but my medium of expression like stated above is Photography, my canvas is my Camera,  I use my expertise and the understanding of the manipulation of light and the camera to create my art, which tells stories that directly affects or are affecting the lives of the less privileged people and others living around us.

This series,this particular photo documentary titled LIFE ON A ROLL, tells the story of the lifestyle of a poor community of people who used to live on the water inside Lekki Phase One in Lagos Nigeria. The images you are viewing were captured in the year 2013. Photography captures and freezes history for generations coming, yet unborn to understand a portion of their history and heritage! 

“From the photo of an 8 year old boy, who uses his late father’s boat to transport people to and fro the community to support the family, to the photo of the woman who sells cloths to people in the community with her boat, to the face of a little boy hoping to get a place to play football with his friends, to the fisher man going home after a very long  hard day of work,  to the photo of a woman on a boat carrying her baby on her back, going to get kerosene to make food for the family etc”.
This community so captured by my lens no longer exist just like Maroko, as the government had employed the able bodied men of the community, paid them minimal wages, used them to sand fill the community, after sand filling, evicted all the residents living in the community, and then sold the land to the rich land developers to build a new paradise for another set that would buy.
Photography has gone beyond point and shoot, it involves so much more. Done right, done correctly, it helps to get “YOUR MESSAGE(S) across to your audience. We are “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS”, who understands the art form to the T. We can partner with you to deliver, exceptional, thought provoking, beautiful works of art as images for all types of events/occasions. 
We hope that these images have spoken to you in your own unique way.
For more stories or to contact us, visit you can also follow us on instagram @emperoraigbovbiosa_stories 
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