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No no no, it’s not that talk again about him looking for his missing rib, that lucky damsel who he plans to bless with a state of the art home in that enclave of the super weslthy Banana- Island Ikoyi and with a Rolls Royce in the garage.

This time around the man whose dream, is as big as the universe itself, who believes that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it, is up to something totally out of the world and that dream is to be located at “Banana Island”, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

According to the gist, Suji like many prefer to call him who owns the famous Sujimoto Construction has already raised from local investors a colossal “1 billion Naira towards this dream project”, that he holds very closely to his heart.

Though facts about this project is still sketchy, we hear the initiator is excited beyond measure.

Maybe, this is the new idea that has replaced the other one which had gained much traction before which is the Lorenzo by Sujimoto, which is yet to have begun many many months after the attendant excitement that heralded its announcement. 


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  • This guy can barely speak fluent English, now he is looking for people to collect money from to build property, what a cheap scam! Don't go and look for who u will do joint venture with and build properties, be looking for who to scam with plenty talk and taking fan pictures with people in the name of affiliation, it's only dumb people u can scam, the real dons in the luxury property business worth billions don't make noise, please remove that tacky ass chandelier in the bathroom of that property you are trying to sell! Fraud

  • A lot of the so called big boys on the island hate this guy with a passion! Don't know why? * Chicks issue! Kikikikiki. Survival of the fittest!

  • he doesn’t hide his fraudster status. Just look at his maths 1+1=11 🙁 would you do business with anyone who gives you such BS motomatics.
    Nigerians are gullible and maybe just too desperate.
    A lot of lagosians who spoke highly of him when he came on the scene 3 years ago now hiss with disgust when his name is mentioned.