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One was the former Governor and now a Minister of the Federal Government, an important minister at that, with a massive portfolio. The other is the incumbent Governor of the same State, Rivers State.

Both used to be friends, with the current Governor being a prodigy of the former until they fell out, both now in different parties and avowed sworn enemies.

The story of the clash between the 2, very recently again, which could have led to bloodshed, had both sides not employed restraint is one that has enjoyed so much buzz.

Why both leaders, elders, fathers and husbands, cannot sheathe their forever drawn swords and allow peace to reign baffles us? Is it that their wives cannot talk to them to stop the nonsense? Is it that the kids cannot tell their daddies off, that you both should go and rest? Are there not elders in town, who can talk to both parties?

What is it that both are fighting for in the first place or have been fighting for, that they are both bent on embarrassing, disgracing, annihilating, witch-hunting, eviscerating each other? What is this battle of egos all about? Or is it far more than meets the eye?

Okay one has lost, and one has won, 4 years is not eternity, and is about finishing and another opportunity to test your popularities would soon come again, why the need to threaten each other needlessly all the time?

And the bad aspect of the whole imbroglio, is that while nothing would happen to both Amaechi and Wike and their very close family members, as they are too high up there and too cocoon to be touched, it is some over eager idiots and fools in the name of sworn and die-hard supporters/fans and even security details that would stretch out their necks and same would be cut off without a care in the world! All of the nonsense only for them to be mourned for 5 minutes and thereafter they are forgotten!

Let’s even just try to imagine the ugly scenario, so what if one trigger happy security detail in the midst of the hoopla and rising temperature by mistake pulls the trigger, and everyone then responds!!!!!

Dear sirs, as adults, grown ups, leaders of the nation, those with responsibilities, and whom very much is expected of, there are developmental tasks expected of you both, that these unbridled energy and enthusiasm can be poured on. This foolish battle of egos, is just unneccesarily distracting from better things!

Please, GROW UP! 


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  • Woke is a trouble maker. He’s so intimidated by Amaechi. Once Amaech steps into Port Harcourt, he starts going crazy. Heard he has bought the whole city and not facing pressing issues like militants and security. Silly man. Even the way he conducts himself is just too poor. That’s what GEJ and wife gave Rivers people. They have to live with it

    • Just look at Wike. Instead of going to Fat Farm to lose those fat that makes him look like Amoeba, he is there on the street acting like a THUG disturbing the peace of innocent citizen of Rivers. This his action is abuse of power of the highest order and he need to be curb of his excesses. Is not like Amaechi is blameless but I feel like the Governor should know better and stop acting like a FOOL on the street looking like a Shrek

  • They are both disgrace to the country and I wish they can impeach Wike and also remove Amaechi as the Minister. This is nonsense and someone high there should do something ASAP to avoid innocent people losing their lives because of both their EGOS. Very stupid men