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As it is customary for prophets or should we better refer to them as seers would do at every end of the year, they would gaze into whatever it is they look at, and most often predict what they believe would happen next, either very near or even far ahead. They would zoom their special eyes, wearing maybe special goggles that allows them to see beyond the normal or ordinary to see into the future.

For some, many of such predictions like a homing device have hit the target near accurately, for many they only played to the gallery and were totally off course and just predicted based on certain things they had studied and not necessarily because they have any gift like Nostradamus! But let’s not lie, there are some truly as gifted like Mr Nostra!

Years back MM (Maestro’s Media) had accurately predicted then, that the next Ooni of Ife was going to be Prince Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, who later became the Ojaja II. While many didn’t believe us, we stuck out our neck then and insisted that according to our very accurate gaze, into our very clear and concise crystal ball, the then Prince was going to be installed as the Ooni, at the end, though many took it with a pinch of salt, we were proven right!

Now again, we have cleared our gaze again, we have applied our special eye salve and our sight is totally focused and our ICBM is already homing with unbelievable and intimidating accuracy at what is upcoming as concerning the most revered monarch from the South West, his Imperial Majesty, Kabiyesi Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, The incomparable Ooni of the great Ife, also known as the source.

According to what we are seeing, all things being equal, 2018 is a massive year for his Imperial Majesty. Though 2017 was quite a busy one where he celebrated his first year on the throne of his forefathers, in this second year of his impressive reign Kabiyesi would marry again, and unfailingly so too!

Not only would he be getting married again (major relief for many), Kabiyesi would most likely be marrying more than one wife at a time! What? Yes! According to our crystal ball, the revered Oba would be shutting down the mouths of naysayers once and for all with this upcoming masterstroke!

This time around from what our crystal ball is seeing & showing, the Oloris (queens) at least 2 of them or three, would be young, beautiful, most likely unknown, but with impeccable history, background and pedigree that cannot and wouldn’t be controverted.

What our crystal ball is revealing is that these ones that would most likely fit the roles of the Oloris, would be scrutinized and investigated and would go through the fine combing that is required, before they would be allowed to come in. The process from what we are seeing, would be painstakingly done, it would be done clandestinely also before the chosen ones would be revealed, and they would be those that all would be proud of.

So all those who have been worried, should please calm the F.. ..  down, is all we can advise.

It has been a momentous one year plus for the young monarch, who has dazzled all with his presence and style. What we are expecting now is that, this 2nd year reign would be far more greater than the first year. 


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  • bullshit. i can smell your sub at the previous Olori. you don't know her don,t disrespect her. yours is coming so hold tight my nigga

  • At Anon 4.11 Here we go again Whorelori Voltron or is that the Whorelori herself fighting the lost battle with Aloba? Sit your ass down as OONI has moved on to a greater thing. Sonia/Itohan/Zainab
    whatever your name is, just pay the people you are owing please. You need to pay them before they come and disgrace you just as you are embarrassed when your Diplomatic Passport was retrieved from you and you had to go and lined up for a US Visa. Just see where your ego,arrogance and lack of respect and home training leads you to. You think OONI will take your abuse to avoid public shame of being separated from you within a short time of being married forgetting that it is a fine line and there is so much nonsense,abuse and craziness that one can take from a crazy woman like yourself. Your Marabouts couldn't get OONI to take you back after you packed your belongings from the Palace thinking that OONI will run after you begging your phony fake ass. The same way you win them with your diabolical means is the same way you lose them. You have been married to Senator, Governor, King of Kings and a Billionaire Lebanese but your horrible/wayward ways and your lack of respect and not to mention your MANY LIES couldn't keep them. What a waste of time and money. Please for heaven sake, get help before it is too late for you

  • Which previous Olori? You mean Whorelori Itohan? Sorry but no ones cares about her fake ass any longer as she is now a forgotten piece of shit no man worth his worth should be married to. She is the capital of EVIL. She might be good to look at but SHE IS NOT ONLY UGLY INSIDE BUT SHE IS AN UGLY EVIL GIRL. I'm sure OONI is happy now that she is no longer in his life. He has learnt his lesson and will make a good decision next time. Good luck OONI getting a more decent and real wife next time.

  • Mr Aloba, as for me I didn't say it as a prediction. Immediately Wura was chased out, I told my people this Oba needs to marry two at once to make up for the mistake and embarrassment.

    Yes we need to be proud of that palace. Even the Oba of Benin marries well…

  • I'll keep saying it. The palace needs to write a public disclaimer, before she would do something "whorely" with the attachment to the palace. How can she still be addressing herself as royalty. I need to go through my contacts to see which of my Yoruba friends will take it up!!!

    • At Mama Borngirl. I couldn't have said it better Mama B/girl. I said it many times that OONI should put a disclaimer out there that she is no longer with him and that anyone that does any business with her or give her money for Oduduwa foundations does so at their own risk. she is a broke fake that might be going there collecting money for OONI foundation. The same reason why she ran to the Motherless home and took picture with those poor sick babies that was released to the media and bloggers a day before the story was out about her separation from OONI.
      She is a fake, a debtor,a scammer and a calculating evil lady and there is no man that has either dated or married her that will say anything good about her except that SHE IS A CALCULATING EVIL. She need a real help

    • I have a question – is the Ooni a saint? I feel he met his match with this woman and she’s not going away quietly. Maybe it’s karma. He’s now looking saintly because he’s a traditional king. He then now married this girl and she looked saintly because she was the Olori. They seem like two peas in a pod.

  • If I were him and with all this craziness going on, I will marry 4 at a time and shove it to people. BTW, I'm glad they are doing their homework on those women before he marry them. Good luck to him and anything will be better than Itohan with the Opolo eyes and big mouth