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Chief Willie Obiano

Dr Goodluck Jonathan & his PDP henchmen

Fayose, Okowa etc 

Baring any last minute magic show, the incumbent Governor of the state of Anambra, is coasting home to an emphatic and quite impressive victory.

Though the opponents arrayed against him were supposedly heavyweights, with the way things are going, it’s like they were more of paperweights than the heavyweights people had thought they were, as their perceived influence apparently carried no weight at the end of it. Even with the calculations and permutations done to wrest power from Chief Willie Obiano, even with all the hell raised by his former friend and political ally in the person of former Governor, Mr Peter Obi, it is like the people seem to prefer the tested hand to a new one, it’s likely saying the devil we know rather than the saint we don’t!

The PDP particularly had raised so much dust, claiming the Governor never really did anything that warranted him needing a 2nd term, they had raised so much hoopla that at a point many felt that they had a chance to tip the apple cart and cause a major upset, infact with their final campaign just a day to the election, where former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR, Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti, Governor Iyesom Wike of Rivers, Governor Arthur Okowa Ifeanyi of Delta, former Governor Otunba Gbenga Daniel and many other bigwigs were present and had spoken against the incumbent and his party, the APGA one would have thought there was some major, very potent magic they were going to perform, but alas, there visit was inconsequential in every way, as the voters were apparently not convinced by them and at the end of the day, they the voters, voted their conscience- Willie Obiano!

The battle for 2nd position is a straight forward one between APC’s Dr. Tony Nwoye and PDP’s Oseloka Henry Obaze. UPP’s own Osita Chidoka would most definitely come in a very distant 4th, all the other candidates from the other parties needed not to have contested at all in the first place, reason being that it’s like it was just their friends and family members and few associates that voted for them and it was just a waste of resources. Maybe their calculation is that they would get relevance by contesting, we would see after all the dust has finally settled down if they have. 

We just hope that once Chief Willie Obiano is officially declared as the winner, which might be via a landslide victory that he had confidently predicted before the election began he would get, that he would be magnanimous in victory. And that he would close ranks with all his opponents (those willing to work with him though) so that at the end of it all, it would be Anambra that is the ultimate winner. Though a bit of gloating is allowed, it shouldn’t be the type that would be to the detriment of the state. It’s good that at least Obiano has finally dealt with the nuisance factor of Peter Obi and has somewhat shown him, that without him he can win an election quite easily.

Now that the people have openly showed to the world their confidence in OBIANO, what he should also do to thank them for the confidence reposed on him is to work, work and work, doing things that would greatly advance the quality of lives of Ndi Anambra.

So it’s another 4 years of the Obiano magic, let’s wait and see what the man would do for this 2nd term.

Imagine that the curious thing this election has brought to fore, is that the IPOB who had greatly over estimated themselves, couldn’t disrupt the election, which they had ask the citizens to boycott. Now it’s very obvious that they had given themselves credit that they didn’t actually deserve.

The Nigerian Police and other security arms must be greatly commended for ensuring that a peaceful election took place, with next to no trouble recorded. Also INEC must also be commended for conducting what many have tagged a Free and Fair, rancour free election. Hope we can always expect this?

But the biggest commendation should be for the people, who we see as the real heroes, who despite the unwholesome intimidation from all sides, especially from an IPOB that had threatened death for daring to vote, they still went out and performed their civic duties and picked for themselves their own choice in returning the Governor. Kudos!

Any person or group of persons or entity that can afford to threaten her own people with death, just to get their support is not worth listening to at all. Those kind of people are the type that would turn out to be tyrants if given the chance. Everything in life is by choice, it must not be by force or intimidation.

Congratulations in advance sir. The people are expecting so much from you, one just hope that you wouldn’t disappoint them. 


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