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The lovebirds- Ehi & Ken

Wedding Invitation

Ehizogie in her traditional attire

The Stupendous Cake

Kenneth & Ehizogie

The sumptuous bride- Ehizogie Ogbebor is not only a supreme beauty and super stylish too, but she’s also an Instagram sensation par excellence, a big gal by all standards and ramifications, as the CEO of her own Lekki based luxury boutique hotel and also Interior/furniture/furnishings brand by name Sayaveth Hotel and Apartments, on Freedom  Way, Lekki and Sayaveth Interiors, Emma Abimbola Road, Off Fola Osibo, Lekki Phase 1.

Her gushing groom, is none other than Warri Millionaire, Kenneth Bramor, who though is already married to 2 before his new wife Ehizogie, is madly and deeply in love with this his angel who he apparently met 2 years ago at her Interior store.

Their love story is like things read in romantic novels, a beautiful damsel meeting her knight in shining armour, who rode in on a white horse and coming in to sweep her off her feet and both live happily ever after.

This marriage is Ehizogie’s 2nd missionary journey into matrimony, as before now she was a divorcee of over 10 years and with 2 kids to show for the first experience.

The humongous Wedding Edo-Benin wedding ceremony took place today and like we already described, it was humongous and magnificent by all standards. It was obvious that money wasn’t spared at all, imagine that even 2 lucky guests went home with 2 brand spanking new Toyota Camry Cars as part of the gifts that were shared.

Imagine that the initial plan was to invite just 800, but at the end of it all, 3000 guests was what the guest list came to at the end of the day and they were feted, well taken care of and apparently had unbridled fun.

Ehizogie spoke about their first meeting thus-

Met my Oxygen In Sayaveth INTERIOR…. so we decided to give Sayaveth the Honour of hosting us for the Photoshoot…. 2 and a half years a ago .. i just arrived from abroad were i went shopping for goods… ddnt even want to work the next day cause i WAS tired… but my brother insisted we go to the office that day @butty_boyyy … just 5 mins after arrival at the store….. a MAN walked into my store looking very restless like he had not even taken his bath that day with his dalabia and slippers with a Scrab looking CAB.. pricing our Settee on SALE … (our cheapest settee) started negotiating with my staff @interiordesignerandconsultant…needed a 200k discount ….she insisted to call her madam from upstairs to approve the discount asked… as a very Stubborn Man that he is I kept hearing no … No…no… telling his boy”pay make we go””” “MAKE WE GO”””” “Warri man”” 😁😁😀😆 stubborn people…..SHE INSISTED 😁😀😊 … I CAME DOWN AND SAW HIM THERE STANDING WITH A STRAIGHT FACE… PERSUADED him to come up to my office … He reluctantly agreed … well after a couple of talks OGA ENDED UP STAYING 4 HOURS EVEN HAD THEM TO GO BUY HIM COCONUT RICE 😁😁😀😆 2. HALF YEARS AFTER NAH WETIN WE SEE SO ….. After several months of dating I found out HE IS TERMED “LIFE CHANGER”… A GOOD MAN WITH A GREAT HEART… HELPER OF PLENTY… .Irony of the story… don’t ever look down on any one only if you are admiring their shoes…. FOUND MY FOREVER… MY KING… THE ONLY MAN THAT TAMES ME … I LOVE HIM LIKE THE AIR.” (sic)

More pictures after the break.

Ken and Ehi

With Timi Frank & Zaynab OTITI

….. Helen Inegbeniki

…..Eyiri Emami

Senator Dino Melaye


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    • Congrats as a 3rd wife? Guess the man is under her spell to have married a divorce mother of 2 in such a ridiculous wasteful manner with no feelings for the other wives, their children. their families like he is marrying a Vorgim Mary of Presdemt's daughter? Will be here when their bubble burst

  • This is pure nonsense and a waste of money and a pure recipe for disaster. He has 2 other wives and he decided to marry the 3rd one. Marrying the 3rd wife is not really the issue for me but the way and manner he went about it without being considerate of the other women.
    What makes her better than the other women? Because she is light skinned? Ok o. I'm sure the 4th one is also somewhere around the corner because what goes around will definitely comes around. Getting married in such a wasteful lousy manner without giving a care if not to the feelings of his other 2 wives, what about considering his children's. Does he realize his kids might see the wedding picture all over the internet? Guess whatever the spell the woman has on him to have overshadowed his common sense might soon clear off after getting all the money he needed from Mr Foolish. I don't think he is looking for a real wife, he needed a trophy wife to make him look good, and also to show off to the whole country that he has money. Good he met that woman that fits that criteria for him and I'm sure she will leave his ass and get another rich 3rd MUGU if and when she has gotten enough from him or if and when he goes broke.
    I heard this woman married a married man in her first marriage and getting married again for the second time to a man with 2 other wives this time is a red flag right there for me that she has a motive and happily ever after is far from it. I'm a little skeptical about the success of this marriage being her second and she chose to be the third wife. I honestly wonder why such a beautiful woman with a successful business always get married to a married man and couldn't get a good single man. It seems she falls in love and get married to them based on financial status than for love. I can understand the second time being married to a married man because she she has 2 kids now but what about her first marriage to a married man?
    The same way her spell cleared off from the first husband is same way it will soon clear off from Mr Foolish eyes and i hope it doesn't get nastier if and when it does. Will see how long before that happens.

  • Ok ooo. This Benin women knows how to get those men to put a ring on it. Will wait for the tea. Where are you Mama Borngirl and Gbogbo Big girls, please serve us the sweet rich tea.

  • Same way he married 3rd, he will marry 4th. Why has she never be 1st wife? She was wife No.2 in her first marriage and now wife No 3 in the second marriage? Does that tell something about her? Not judging but just asking

  • 😂😂😂 just one person choking and masturbating all over the comments! My God! How spiteful and hateful can you be? Is it your waste? Is it your 3rd/4th/5th…. wedding? Why are you convulsing everywhere? If Ehizogie likes let her get married for the 100th time it's none of your damn business. So what if she has 2 children? You are there wondering how a divorced mom of 2 can get a rich man(even
    If she's the 3rd wife) whereas your sad, lonely, hateful, spiteful and bitter ass has not even gotten your native dog to be loyal to you.😂😂😂. Change your evil ways so God can allow your gateman to glance at you. Wicked being. She's married, her life, her choice. Be indifferent at least or keep foaming at the mouth till you choke. Ekwensu.🤣🤣

    • 😂😂😂😭😭so true… Ma sef shock with the comments oh.. she sounds very butt & if you ask me this could be the 2nd wife or an ex girlfriend… Why drinking paracetamol for another persons headache? So sad. Be happy for others & god will bless you

  • 😂😂😂 just one person choking and masturbating all over the comments! My God! How spiteful and hateful can you be? Is it your waste? Is it your 3rd/4th/5th…. wedding? Why are you convulsing everywhere? If Ehizogie likes let her get married for the 100th time it's none of your damn business. So what if she has 2 children? You are there wondering how a divorced mom of 2 can get a rich man(even
    If she's the 3rd wife) whereas your sad, lonely, hateful, spiteful and bitter ass has not even gotten your native dog to be loyal to you.😂😂😂. Change your evil ways so God can allow your gateman to glance at you. Wicked being. She's married, her life, her choice. Be indifferent at least or keep foaming at the mouth till you choke. Ekwensu.🤣🤣

    • At Palesa STFU. Left only one BTW All I said was that there is no need for wasting that kind of money on 2nd and 3rd marriage when they have people they could have helped either in their family or in the community after all Charity should begins at home, you must be one of those gold diggers girls with no morals. I could care less if she is No 1,000 and FYI, I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart with beautiful kids Ihe Voltron. They wouldn't make it public if they didn't care about public opinion and allow me to ask you why you are also so pained too. Remember when OONI married the other Benin jazz lady and people on this said something about her, they were all accused then of being jealous and that the marriage is of lifetime, so what happened to Whorelori and OONI marriage today? Will wait for when the bubble will butsy

    • Stfu, how people spend their own money is none of your business. She married a polygamist, she didn't hide it. So why are you convulsing? Rubbish.

    • Look who the cat dragged in from the trash! If I hear you are married, spare me the bs. If you are happily married you won't be masturbating all over the comment section. I'm not pained, never will be about someone else's life like you are. Is it your money that she's wasting? You sad, miserable, insignificant. Go and mind your imaginary childhood sweetheart😂😂😂. Disgusting people that will never mind thier business. God will shame and disgrace you, wicked human. I'm sure you are one of those her frenemies smiling with her while hating behind her. Bloody coward! I'm not married but will never hate on anyone if that's what their heart desires. Swear you don't have a family member that's divorced and remarried with children. Smell away you awful human. Go and help your family with "your" money and leave others to do what they will with theirs…

    • At PATELA, I left only 2 comments one about the wedding and the other responding to you. Everything you said will come back to you million times. I think you must be the lady PR. or her family because you are very pained that people called her wife No 3. No one cares about their wedding but about their wasteful extravagant show off carnival that is called wedding when there is a lot of people suffering. Is their money and is my opinion since they choose to involve the public and wonder why you are taking Panasonic for their headache.Please come back and let us talk about them still being married 10 years from now. Everyone is not going to be happy for you and that is LIFE. Although I don't wish them ill luck Why don't you focus on getting married yourself and if you are married already, why don't you pray for your man to be married to 2 other wives. I will not dignify your curse with a response but will pray for you. MY PRAYER FOR YOU PATELA IS FOR FOR GOD TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND TO MARRY 2 OTHER WIVES AFTER YOU OR FOR YOU TO GET A MAN THAT WILL MARRY YOU AS THE 3RD WIFE JUST LIKE YOUR ROLE MODEL – EHI. IJN

    • At Palesa, You have your opinion about my comment and i have my opinion about their wedding. Just cannot understand your hypocrisy about this. Please don't get heart attack over this and let us talk about their marriage in 5 years. No need to waste your breath taking about the wedding as anyone can get married but not everyone can keep the marriage. BTW, remember some of you said same about people being jealous when OONI Married the other jazz Benin woman in same way, remind me what happened to that marriage again. You guys are in denial about the truth. Will continue with the topic in 5 years. Peace

    • Osenobua ooo😂😂😂😂, see this one cursing! Go and sleep for gutter, dirty and envious thing. Your curses can't even work, get out of here jor!😂😂 you are so bitter. Is it your husband that Ehizogie married? Why so pained? All the curses back to you and your generation. No be only Panasonic😂😂, olodo united. You stink from miles away. Wait for the marriage to crash, madam 1st wife alias high school sweetheart🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I'm sure your wedding cake was done with agege bread and your wedding sourvenir is broom and your high school sweetheart is still struggling to pay the debt from your wretched wedding 20yrs ago😂😂😂😂. Go and sleep on barb wire, you need help. Smelling thing, she has done carnival wedding go and die.😂😂😂😂

    • And you trolling all over the place talking about itohan, she married ooni and divorced him, go and hit your head on the wall. You are the one convulsing not me. Face your life and let them, if they like they can get divorced tomorrow, that's their problem not yours. Now go and drink cold fanta, na their mammy water drink be that😂😘 peace to you too.😂

    • At Palesa Bye Felicia. And I'm sorry that you are now having headache over your jazz Benin Sister's headache. Same way they get them they lose them

    • @ Palesa, sit down and stop making a fool of yourself. Stop fighting lost battle as everyone knows their story and BTW, is not about how many souvenirs or who made your cake but how long and happy your marriage she and remember everyone is not as VAIN,SUPERFICIAL AND SHALLOW AS YOU AND YOUR ROLE MODEL IS. Vanity upon vanity

    • At Fan. I wonder ooooooo. Perhaps to show off that they have too much to spend. His other wife Vivian need some of those money from Mr Foolish under Benin woman spell to expand her business.

  • She was friends with the second wife and then helped her look after the husband so tey d man don marry am, chaiii no friends in this world ooo

  • The funny thing is I don't even know this lady personally but people should learn to mind their business, it really helps a lot. Congratulate them and keep it moving. No one is perfect and God gives everyone a second chance, She may be a devil married 20 times with 50 children and you married a virgin and very "holy", never hurt anyone… but God deals with us differently and He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. Wishing anyone bad because of their life choices that doesn't affect you is disturbing… humans confuse me a lot. I wish I knew what it was to be envious or hateful of another person, it seems like too much stress and I'm too lazy to do that. I'm at most indifferent, live and let live people. Life is easier that way.

  • Response @ Palesa. Are you sure about not knowing her? I doubt if that is true the way you carried the story on your head. Go to Stella blog and read her life story there compared to this comment. This comment they left here is a child's play. Tell people that lives in glass house not to throw a stone. And pray to get a man that will marry you as wife No 3 too

  • Palesa if this is your role model then you are a fcking IDIOT
    These are the types of assholes that give nigeria a bad name
    I mean what kind of shallowness and vainness is that.
    Do you have to showcase all that bullshit. FOr a woman who has claimed to have worked hard for herself doing interiors and established a business and comfortable financially in her own right I am surprised she has no class whatsoever. Her behaviour today on instagram has shocked me. Like seriously what is all that about. Even Bill Gates or none of the fortune 500 billionaires act this bush. Showing the spraying of money and all gifts to guest, and so what.????.This marriage WILL NOT LAST and its not a curse its just fact. 1st marriage she was wife number 2, 2nd marriage she was wife number 3, 3rd marriage ……….(fill the bracket)

    I mean all that nonsense she is showcasing on her instagram is so not necessary. She needs to calm th fk down and You palesa village champion fan needs to calm the fck down too. Learn from classy billionaires like Beyonce, They got it all but dont flaunt it.

    Inferiority complex will kill una.

    • The marriage has crashed o. The man has not seen his child. Apparently he paid all the bills she sent to him and blocked her off all his phone. So his new soon ex told me. Lol my amebo is popping heavy.

  • So it was through Instagram that the relationship started! Hmmmmmmmmmm! Social media things! Maybe the fourth wife will be gotten from Twitter!😀😀

    • @ Palesa, I saw Whorelori Zhynab in one of the posted video on the dance floor looking for her next MUGU. Her thirst is real men! She need to stop making herself a factor as she is a MF non factor. Hope Ehi one of her protege can learn to simmer and stop her whoring after marrying her MUGU.

  • You all are jealous fools and with the way you foaming at the mouth with bile about this woman's wedding, don't kill yourselves with bitterness o😂😂😂. Did Ehi borrow money from you to do wedding? Or did Mr. Ken borrow from you? See them talking crap, as if some of your mothers didn't marry as 2nd/3rd/4th/…… 100th wife to some old fossils. I will say it again,you are not God! You can't predict their future! See them breathing fire and brimstone untop someone they claim is razz, vain and superficial. Bloody hypocritical ass wipes, go and tell her on her IG cowards! It's her razzness, leave it for her. Dirty, useless, jealous, spiteful animals. I don't need to read her life story anywhere to know her because they are all coming from people like you who hate her for no reason. Felicia kill all of una, any small thing them go say "bye Felicia " 😂😂😂, tryna act all brand new. Get out of here you miserable lots! Waiting for another persons downfall, because you have nothing better to do with your lives, God will put you all to shame. Wicked beings.

    • @ Palesa. Wow!!! I just saw your comment at Stella's blog. Why are you going crazy over someone you said you didnt know? Pls dont forget to go and defend your role model on other site like Linda, Laila, Nairaland and You Tube because I read a lot of negative comments there and this are not from anonymous commenters. You must really be crazy to ever think you can defend her on every blog on the internet. Let it go and stop wasting your air time bundle on nonsense. Stop before you passed out and become broke.

    • At Palesa. I feel sorry for you Palesa which I'm sure is a fake name just the dollar bill that was sprayed at your role model/ client show off carnival (according to info on the blogs) You are defending a lost battle as people are entitled to have opinions which I'm sure you must have had at a time in your life. Aren't we all judgemental as Human? Is a tough job to do but hey! it seems you tried but you just couldn't fight millions of people on the internet as everyone is not going to like their excesses. I hope you are paid well enough for doing the most toughest job anyone can be hired to do. Good luck with your next assignment

    • Hey palessa go take your medication. You sound sick. Go let them give you some of their money cos you sound high and desperate to defend. If you claim you don't know them then stop having orgasm and seizure defending your celebrity. I've never seen anyone defend one like this and claim, I don't know her, if that's the case you are extremely sick and need help.

      Keep refreshing post to come read comments and respond, since clearly you don't have a life but respond with long epistle. Evidently you don't have a man either, what sick man will be with a woman who be defending people upandan they claim they don't know.

      Sick bitch, get the fuck outta here, your celebrity wedding was still sophisticated Razz to the highest. It won't last. Abeg shift

    • I know Who Palesa is and it is that confused boy that said he is a blogger or fashionista. The one that is friends with all the runs girls in lagos . The original Leech ! Go get a job loser , defender of the poor ! Don’t go and hustle . Oniranu ET

  • At Palesa
    Wow!!! Alumni of Runs Girl came out in droves from different branches to represent one of their members. BTW, I also saw the the President of the Benin Branch by the name Itohan, Zhynab, Sonia and what not, was also there in person to represent her Branch on the achievements of one of her Branch members. The Runs members all came to represent big time both within the country and from outside the country. THEIR THIRST IS REAL. Very interesting carnival indeed

  • @ Palesa. And you have something better to do with your time and life? You that is going from one blog to another defending the person you said you didn't know think you have a life? You don't think it takes one to know the other? You don't think you are equally as miserable as any frustrated person can be? If you have something better to do with your own life I don't think you will be running from one blog to another attacking people for having an opinion. You are a big hypocrite so please first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your someone else's eyes. GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN. IS TOO HOT FOR YOU TO HANDLE YOU JOBLESS THIRSTY IDIOT

    • She will have heart attacj sooner than you all expected. She has lost her sense of reasoning by trying to shove the razz carnival on us and I'm glad we all show her what time it is. Ehi is a lousy, classless and ghetto and that is the truth. Just because she clouded the guy common sense with her jazz doesn't make her better. Hopefully she can tame the guy or the guy can tame her for whoring under the shadow of interior decoration nonsense. They both met their match and will wait and see who will win in this crazy union of The User and the Usee. Abeg BV'S Make una help me with the right language to describe this 2 razz people


  • Palessa i dare you to take your stupid rant to SDK. They will finish you over there.

    Why is anyone even wasting time with this stupid jobless girl, We are talking BAAD2017 with almost 44,000 repost in less than 24 hrs and you too are here ranting bout some razz money miss road bush wedding #ehiken2017 with only 2430 repost, (where money being sprayed. You thought your money spraying will make it go viral abi. Bush people.

    Thats the difference between razz (ehiken2017) and class (BAAD2017). MONEY Cannot buy class.

  • @ Palesa. I got you a gift from SDK below to show you people are not only calling you out but also calling you crazy

    Anonymous20 November 2017 at 14:20
    that lunatic Palessa ranting on maestromedia, i dare you to bring your stupid rant to SDK. we will finish you over there.

  • I don't go to linda's blog, I only visit Stella's and Aloba's. So stop lying, I will continue to tell you people to go and die!!! She did carnival wedding so you all can choke and die in hate and bitterness. She's so bush yet you all are having hbp for the razz woman😂😂😂😂. The money has rained and she will continue to do all of una long throat, make una go look bush. Your hatred has made you all run crazy! They can not do anything on Stella's blog because people are also there asking why you haters wanna die untop Ehizogie's matter. Go and tell her all these whether you will not be chased away like the dirty, stray dogs that you are! Mad people everywhere convulsing on a lady that's having the best time of her life😜. See all of them, their blood has turned to green venom filled with all manner of vile things and thoughts against someone that's just living her life. Bunch of retarded, old, unfulfilled, wretched reprobates. Awon werey jatijati, go and lick milo for some sweetness😂

    • At Patela. Others might let it slide but I will respond to your nonsense since you seems so pained that they tell it as it is. Vanity upon vanity and as far as I'm concerned, I could care less if she do the carnival from here till the end of the world but why are you so pained and turned yourself to a nuisance fight a fight that you can never win? Does that tell you how dummy you are? Who cares if she is No whatever? She is not my kind of person and do not care a bit about how much they spent or how many private jets they gave out as a souvenir but one thing I do care about is my own business and my home and hope the woman treats him better since he seems to be looking for his missing ribs by marrying different women. It will be a shame after going to heaven to make the wedding and it packed up within a short time just like his other marriages, that will be a disgrace and it will prove the soothsayers right about both of them.
      Meanwhile as a piece of advise although you didn't solicit for it but will offer it to you anyway. Why don't you get a JOB and stop going crazy over someone else's business or are Ehizogie, her sister or friend? Even so, how many comments can you keep responding to? You seems idle with nothing better to do with your life except fight a lost battle. You keep wasting your money and time on a ridiculous petty nonsense and you have the guts to call someone a name, what an hypocrisy of you. Please get see a Psychiatrist ASAP before you lost it completely. Is not that serious and remember life is never fair as everyone is entitled to their opinions which in some cases doesn't define that person. You will give yourself an heartache over something that is not that serious and you make it look like the world is coming to an end over someone else's business. People have opinions everyday about each other and that is the truth

    • Gees Palesa don't bother yourself replying these miserable frustrated women. If not could definitely be the 2nd wife. If not am sure if this guy proposed to her she wouldn't blink an eye. You can see from her messages she's in extremely deep pain! Shame but madam don't worry eh, time will heal all wounds & please, let god be the judge not you!

  • Am sorry I don't know them, even the man that's a Delta man. They're not even my kind of people, whorelori kinda people. Next pls…

    • At Mama Borngirl Yes she is Whorelori kind of people as they have been whoring together forever. But Ehi does a coded one using her furnishing business to whore but make it look like is pure business between those money guy and herself.

  • Wow ive never known a more clit sucking fan, especially for someone who claims she has never met her or known her. You write up is sickening. I mean read through all your comments and tell me you are not sick.

    On another note or might i say on a BETTER NOTE, BAAD2017 so cute, was so classy, Their genuine love just exuded everywhere. No 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th marriage, no pologamy ILLITERATE nonsense, just pure love , Those babies will be so cute. THE BEST MARRIAGE EVENT of 2017, I hear the wedding is in capetown,sa and will be a lil more low key.

    CLASS CAN NEVER BE BOUGHT OFF THE SHELF, ehiken0217 defined that properly, all the money spraying their shyt still aint trending,

    BAAD2017 was the classiest best . Everyone is so in awe and reposting that gorgeousness unlike the other razz MONEY MISS ROAD bunch

  • so upon how dis gyel fine reesh na dis local otimkpu wit moustache like village hunter na im she carry her p***y go give tufiaaaa!

    • Trying to make herself relevant. She is a calculating Bitch. She has been friend and whoring with Ehi since they were teenagers. They have both been whoring since forever. And they said this wedding will last? Observing. Did Whorelori wedding last? They were both same in whoring and the only difference between them is that Ehi has a legitimate business that Front her whoring while Whorelori doesn't

  • You are getting married to a man who is still married to first wife with 4 kids and second wife with 3 kids and you have the temerity to bring this to the internet all because of your insatiable appetite for creating the illusion that you have arrived.As if your first marriage where you were a second wife and fled with your two children eventually wasn't lesson enough
    What a terrible combination,a chronic womanizer and a whore
    How will you go out in public with your short man knowing you have slept with half the notable men around
    Anyway I no blame you an your mama whey everybody know for Benin whey dey control Una destiny with kitchen cooked jazz I blame to an extent,she had already exposed you to jazz and whoring as early as 16 yes of age when u married an older wealthy man as 2nd wife before his eyes cleared and he beat and threw u out.
    Young people should not use this as a standard,you can see that all that glitters is not gold
    That u had d guts to post this scam on internet and pay blogs to carry it defys logic.
    U have terribly exposed urself finally and by extension exposed your so called man

    Marriage whey the man dey live with woman and you dey stay alone,anyway am sure your just in it for the money so no qualms,just don't poison the man o…Lagos big girl indeed lol.
    You Don carry your hand enter map

  • Ehi hahaha laff wan bust my belle,how many of your mam friends did you invite for this your fiasco of a wedding fronting as customers for your furniture business?
    We know as you hustle die for Lagos and beyond,why expose yourself like this.shows you still not get sense
    Ashewo na ashewo e no get any rebranding whey fit cancel am.see her kokolo head with the disgusting short polygamist of a man
    Make money finish make we see if she no go take off.

    Wife no 1 abeg settle yourself real well this man no deserve your loyalty for the sake of your kids grab enuf while u can na real mad man

  • Coconut rice
    Tames me? On top person husband,named was o.u no fit even hide.Kai
    Where all these money miss road razz people dey come from sef?
    Runs vs polygamist

  • 9th October , 2018 . Like a lot of people predicted on the comments , the mariage crashed . and those that were being truthful were insulted as if they had a Crystal ball to see into the future