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Illustration of both outfits

Adesua in the outfit next to Mo Abudu

Banky W and Adesua on her other outfit

Adesua in the first outfit & her maidens

From picture to life, it was well executed, met with the brief she was given, well fitted, supremely stylish and very well delivered.

One of those things that we have learnt most often turns a gorgeous bride to a “bridezilla” is her wedding outfit!

Most often what was dreamt of, what they had envisaged or envisioned, was many times not what was delivered, so the bride having to make do with just what is available in a short period of time, becomes mad, crazy and just very nearly evil!

From the looks of things here though , it was obvious that Adesua Bankole Wellington nee Etomi loved her outfits (both) and she popped to high heavens in them. Unlike many that their outfits wears them and are totally submerged by such, she was the one that wore both outfits and with much aplomb at that and they were both equally well styled also. We loved that in one she looked like the perfect Bini princess/maiden and in the blue, she looked like a gorgeous amd very stylish Yoruba maiden, getting hooked!!

Kudos TOJU FOYEH, for delivering when it mattered the most.


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  • Umm.. Not really her outfits were basic. especially the first one which ought to have the wow! Factor. The second outfit was a lot better than the first but there is absolutely nothing special about the designs or it’s hype other than the wearer, fabric used for the second and head gear worn on the first.

    However, I See why you’ll write such false piece about Toju, she must have taken her time to give strict instructions the obi-o-ma-s and probably increased their pay while accommodating them in her Air conditioned “studio” all because of the persons involved. With that said, toju is so overrated from her lack of professionalism, poor taste in fabric sourcing and over priced fee with her road side Tailor finish.

    Before you come for me I’m not hating. I’ve been on a few bridal train and Most of her brides shed hot tears the night of the wedding stressed from last minute fitting. toju and disappointment are like 5&6 🤞🏼 except it’s sewing for toke or anyone else that’s in the limelight

    • stay there looking for a point till it’s your turn to cry when your bridesmaids dresses start ripping apart before the wedding reception only then will you come back here to locate your point. Aturu

    • No hating here. I can attest to what anon is saying. I've been on a train where Toju used cheap N400 lace to sew a 40k dress. I couldn't believe what I was seeing for the money I paid.

      However, with regards to Adesua's outfits, it seems these are the styles she wanted, I remember seeing a post where TF said the bride turned down every design she was given but loved what she ended up with. It reminds me of that Stephanie Coker girl, if you were to judge style temple based on what SC wears, they would have gone out of business by now. Both Adesua and Stephanie have very off taste in clothes. My 2 cents.

  • I prefer the other two outfits in black. Not feeling these two. I am hoping for the day that I will read/hear something nice about Toju Foyeh. Quite sad. She looks like a sweet person. *Looks* being the key word here.

  • To be honest! No wow effect! The dress is just bleh! The person wearing the dress made the dress besides that, I ain't feeling that dress!

  • Yup I totally agree the outfits are just basically basic, Adesua looks nice cuz she has a good body and is clearly in love so her happiness is giving her a glow and that has nothing to do with Toju Foyeh.