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Swaggerlicious Pastor BIODUN Fatoyinbo

Gucci Supreme Tote

He has been known to be unapologetically stylish and very trendy. His dress sense is topnotch, in fact it extends to everything about and around him, even his cars, which are the top range ones.

It has been a long way from the days of the University of Ilorin, for this alumni.

That the man of God, who presides over the church with the largest congregation in Abuja-Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA ABUJA) favours designer apparels and the best brands in time pieces, is just stating the most obvious. He is known to favour some very particular brand, the likes of Angelo Gallaso, Billionaire Couture, Gucci etc. He is undoubtedly one of the most handsome men of God and also top 5 most stylish in Africa.

When you obviously work hard and pray hard and there are obvious results to show for it, what can a man do, other than to enjoy the best things that life can offer?

Pastor caused a bit of uproar recently in church last Sunday, with his designer casual garb at the service, wearing a hoodie by Gucci, which retails for $1280 which is close to ₦500000, his trainers that same day couldn’t have been less than a million Naira, but the time one would add the cost of the wrist watch and the pants he wore, all couldn’t have been less than ₦5million Naira!

The fashion bomber par excellence had been seen another time sitting next to his Gucci Web Animalia GG Supreme Tote, which retails for $2,490 that’s about ₦906,360 don’t add the wrist watch he was wearing and the ring he had on or the slippers or sandals or pair of shoes he might have been wearing.

We don’t know why the hoopla though, same things are worn regularly by top executives of banks and other good companies without it raising dusts, why a pastor or man of God wearing the same would raise eyebrows we don’t get? Many of the suits that the more popular men of God wears regularly are in the region of minimum $2000 dollars and above for one, not yet adding the shirt, tie and socks and pair of shoes. The take majorly about it all is that, if you would preach about the Almighty God, who owns everything, you need to represent Him very well also.

It’s been a long time though from 2013, when a member of his church then, had tried to dampen his pride and swag with unsubstantiated allegations of infidelity, which was waved aside with ignominy and without much thought, the church which was already making waves then, as since grown far more in leaps and bounds. 


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