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Dr Sid & Simi

The Esiris

Not the best of times right now for for Dentist turned entertainer under the Mavin Group label as headed by Don Jazzy, in the person of Sidney Esiri aka Dr Sid and his gorgeous wife Simi, as we hear that the marriage that was very celebrated with a very public wedding of the year ceremony 3 years ago has crashed! Crashed? No we believe not yet, until a formal divorce. So so sad!

We had seen the beautiful wife and mother of one very recently at the Fashion Weekend alone and had asked for the husband to which she had replied, fine and at home, only for us to hear this sad news that things have gone beyond repair and that madam has now packed out not too long afterwards.

We intentionally refused to write or post anything since, because they are both our friends, who we love so much and we had thought to allow them find a way to sort out their issues, but alas we hear that both sides have dugged deep and reconciliation might not be that quick, with both parties unfollowing each other publicly.

We have tried reaching Dr Sid since, at least to hear from him, but his known number has been unreachable, switched off probably deliberately.

The celebrity marriage which was sanctioned with a celebrity wedding of the season, was so rich, so exotic then that it razzzled-dazzled all and sundry when it was contracted only 3 years ago and they have a beautiful child between them. It was even alleged then that cost of wedding ceremony was a whopping ₦25 million Naira!

We cannot tell you yet for a fact, what is said to have caused the enstrangement which has led to this major public scrutiny and both cutting ties from each other, but many unsubstantiated reasons have been bandied about, two of which is infidelity and philandering.

We pray that both can work things out amicably though. It has not necessarily been a fantastic year for the Mavin Records as unlike before, they would have saturated us with hits after hits after hits, save for the incredible Tiwa Savage who has swept us off our feet, all others have been average. 


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  • The problem with all these girls is that 'daddy' has spoilt them and they just cannot sit down and make a home for themselves. I saw a total mismatch when they married, why didn't she go for mike adenuga's son? You married a regular guy and you are too lazy to build a life. You should have married a guy that can employ vera wang to wash your pant ke! Most rich men today did not start out rich o. I know a lot of stories. These girls will die single and lonely.

    • This isn't a fair comment. Simi has her magazine setup and I see her work through edition releases. She could have decided to do nothing but at least she has some source of income through a job.

    • Be quiet! You sound so bitter. Pound sterling fall on you. *rolls eyes*

      Like marriage is life’s greatest purpose. You married man/woman you will still die with your partner one day and not make heaven.

  • May God heal their home. πŸ™πŸ½ I don't like to read about broken homes, it's a sad thing to see two people brought together by love fall apart so quickly…

    • At Palesa. This is the reason why people said Ehi (your role model) should have opted for a quite wedding. There is a research that says that the bigger your wedding, the more likely it will fail. 90% of those people you invited to celebrate with you could care less about your happiness, so why not do a quite wedding and invest that money on your business or future. Same happened to Funke Fowler and Ooni's wedding too

    • @anonymous 2:12, please share the source of that research. I'm assuming you've read this detailed and proven scientific research to be referencing it as a matter of fact? *serious side eye* . If the foundation of a marriage is wrong, it will fail regardless of the type of wedding. Quiet weddings, registry weddings, carnival weddings…all fail.

    • I only defended Ehizogie because there was too many hateful comments against her. Not withstanding, I don't think a successful marriage depends on whether you do a big or small ceremony. It has to do with the people involved and how willing they are to remain together, it's not an easy task but its doable. A lot of people don't have the patience to work it out together and it's sad.

    • Is true that the size of the wedding doesn't determine the marriage success but doing elaborate over the top wedding can put unnecessary eyes on the couple and marriage itself is a pressure already that doesn't need any additional pressure. But i said it before and will say it again, the wedding was just too over the top and wonder why they are giving cars at a wedding? Even Bill Gates wouldn't do that. But hey! That should be expected from Money Miss Road people

    • At Palesa. Wow!! I cannot believe that I will ever agree or be on the same page with Palesa Lol. I agree with your comment 100%. Marriage is tough and the size of the wedding has nothing to do with the success

  • its not rocket science to know what crashed the marriage

    It is FINANCES – the number 1 thing that crashes marriages as it crashed Dami and Chris Attoh. Dami wants to be on AMCVA red carpet like her friends in red bottom shoes mean while you can afford your child private school fees. That puts pressure on the relationship

    These fools have lavish weddings to please strangers forgetting the real work starts after the day they say i do. For Sid to marry someone like Simi who is known to be a luxury shopper, what did he expect. Oh that she comes from a rich home so you will be fine thats why you said in an interview "I MARRIED WELL". (google the interview) Men are so foolish, i am sure you saw her spending habits before you proposed but you overlooked all that cos you thought your dead music career will be able to fund it

    Take this actor daniel K daniel foreinstance, how much do actors earn that he will do such lavish wedding. Next you know finance issues will erupts (especially since his wife spends all her money buying makeup) and they will tell us we are having issues.

    no matter how much money i have or i dont have i will NEVER have a lavish wedding – you know why, because i want my kids to go to best private schools, that is more important to me than feeding a flock of strangers in some highly expensive decked out hall for one day so i will trend on Bellanaija. GTFOH.

    MEN BE SMART and choose wisely. Think about the future of your kids, the private schools and private classes you will give them that is more important that anything. How about investing that money say buying a house in future in the college town your kid will attend, so that if its 4 bedroom they stay in one , and rent the rest to students and that rent willl pay for the mortgage . I mean be smart. Think future. not now. Men dont marry women like TOke, the red flag is all there. Vanity vanity vanity, luxury this luxury that. anuofia

    • At Anon 2.01. Agree with your comment about Toke. I don't care how hard she works or how much she has, she is way too flash, materialistic, vain, shallow, superficial and wasteful. I saw her last time wearing a Roger Vivier Sneaker that cost $3,000, I know a lot of Commenters said she buys fake designer like Tonto and Eunice Efole while some said she wears the real deal. If it is true that she buys the original, unless there is a Financier somewhere in the corner and even so, it is an act of being irresponsible for a smart lady to buy a sneaker of over a Million Naira in this recession when she can invest the money for a rainy day and she expected a responsible hard working guy to put a ring on it. I doubted it much unless if any hardworking responsible guy will be impress about such wasteful excesses unless she is ready to marry an old moneybag man and become a second wife. These so called big fake ass girls are just too materialistic and that is a red flag for a serious guy

  • Lol @Blair Witch. Aloba is better these days. In previous years, it'd take him 24 or 48 hours to post comments. Marriage is a totally different ball game. After all the spoiling at home and you now marry a man that's not up to the spoiling, you better adjust. Even rich men's sons can be picky with their spouses. I believe in making your own money. Let family money and a spouse's money be there chilling but have your own money and spoil yourself how you like. Anything else, is extra.

    Amen @Palesa. 1) a lot of people don't marry for love. 2) where there is love, love is not enough to sustain a marriage. A marriage needs more than love.

    Good thing with Dr Sid, is that he's a doctor (dentist) and it's never too late to dust up that certificate.

  • At Blair Witch. I hear you. So true that It takes Aloba too long to update comments. As per marriages broken up, is because those girls are spoilt rotten and would love to stay in the kitchen but unfortunately couldn't stand the heat. Poor little daddy girls aka Funke Fowlers and many of them

    • What is happens in most cases is lack of understanding and they couldn't compromise with each other. They expected the marriage to be like dating which in most cases can never be. That is why you go to your honeymoon after wedding to enjoy the fantasy world and when they come back to real life, some of them are still holding on to the honeymoon mood without getting to real life

  • I'm in love! Will find out by next week if and when my girl is coming!I'm so excited! Got her some lovely gifts to surprise her! I will spoil her silly! Praying that she loves me back! Why didn't I marry this chick when she was here! I was so stupid chasing all these washed up, fake and dirty girls! Now I know better! God! Please let her love me back! Tired of this friend zone! Don't care that she's married! Her two kids are so adorable and beautiful! Should have been mine! Hmmmmmm! Fuck me! I luv you and I can't keep quiet! Feeling better now! Aloba! Thanks for letting me pour out my soul here!

    • I understand that you really love this lady but have you stopped to think of the damage you might cause her and those her "adorable" kids if you intrude on her marriage? She might divorce her husband but don't be the cause of it. I hope you find someone available. Regards πŸ€—

    • You this anonymous 9:04pm! I am starting to believe you! Wish I knew the married chick so I can earn her before you wreck her home with your stupid feelings and d**k! What if she turns you down? Eh? I pray that her husband refuses her to come to Nigeria!

    • Anonymous in love with a married woman! I don't blame you bruh! I also love a married woman but she's here! Most married women are loving, caring, respectful, warming, beautiful and intelligent! Did I mention that they are tidy too! Wait till you make love to her! You will testify! Sweet to touch! Hate all these phony singles! Fake everywhere! Carrying germs and all. Please anonymous, follow your heart joor!

    • Tell that to fake everything Toke. How can a good responsible man marry that a girl buying $1.5 sneaker and that is just one of many. I know people like that crazy Palesa might say is her money which is true but the problem is that those kind of girls are good to look at as as arm candy but no guy worth his onion will marry such girls reason why a lot of those big girls are single.
      Oh my!!! Fake hair, fake accent, fake skin,fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake lifestyle ( You all can add your own fake about her) and she wonder why a guy like Maje of all people couldn't be faithful to her? Toke because you are too FAKE. Your trying too hard makes you come across as PLASTIC

    • Response @ Palesa. Wow! How ghetto and petty can you be over a mere blog comment? Is not that serious and please get a LIFE or JOB

  • Marriages are breaking because our stupid Nigerian men are just spoilt and feel so entitled, useless bunch of brats called men! They want to eat their cake and have it. You marry a good girl and keep a prostitute outside and expect a peaceful loving home, in your dreams, assholes!

    • Just a second! Did Dr Sid cheat on his wife with a prostitute? Mennnnnnnnn! Why? Insatiable goats! That's why I like the states! You catch your man cheating, you shoot him and declare bipolar and unstable! They send you to mental home, 6months later, you're out! Life continues!

  • Anonymous that is in love! Please give me the gifts now! Kai! The married chick in abroad has enough ! Abi! Nawao! Hmmmmmm! Just need someone to shower me with gifts too! Some women are just lucky!

  • Quick one! My wife asked me to take her to somewhere expensive, I took her to the petrol station!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  • hmm Palesa I'm beginning to agree with your point of view..but reduce the insults next time because it takes away from the message your trying to convey

    • You see I'm on my own and that oloriburuku anon 11:57 or so is calling my name, I won't ignore cos I'm petty like that. Thanks jor.

    • @ Palesa you are the oloriburuku and remember that everything you wishes others come back to you on Million folds. Who are you to cause whom God has not caused? Take several seat back because you are too little minded to cause anyone Madam Stupid

    • @ Palesa. It doesn't matter as 2 wrongs doesn't make a right. Since you claimed to be the advocate for being righteous, you comment says otherwise. You do better when you know better. Your curses takes away from your sensible comment thoughts

  • It's very evident that finances broke up their marriage. I honestly do not believe that infidelity played a part.
    Before she was introduced to us as Dr. Sid's lady, she was featured on a documentary that followed Nigerians shopping in the UK.
    She claimed she spent Β£30,000 yearly shopping in London.
    This amount would certainly be double that now, especially as she has a daughter to shop for.
    She has champagne taste [Baby shower at The Dorchester, London…gave birth at Cedars Sinai in LA…pissed off that her friends couldn't travel to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party etc.], but her husband has beer budget.
    It's unfortunate though, because one cannot predict music.
    You can have a hit today and several flops afterwards.
    How was he supposed to know that the money train would dry up?
    If you truly honour your vows of "for better or for worse", one would stick it out, and help financially.
    She has a law degree, whilst he has his dentistry one. They can both go to work in those fields.
    Someone mentioned her magazine, but let's be honest, the magazine industry died years ago! It's clearly a "pet project", and not intended as a money-maker. Even established magazines like Ebony, Vibe, Essence, O were wiped off years ago.

    • At Fan. Palesa called herself a voice of reasoning but she rained curses on someone because they mentioned her name shows how hypocrite and petty she is too. Those curses shows her true self and she is as morally guilty as those people she felt was attacking Ehi.

    • At Palesa. If you are half that decent, you would have chose the "When they go low, we go high" statement. You fight with pig you become a pig too

  • @Anonymous 12:04pm there is no need to carry this aggro from the other post. No one knows anyone here (well Aloba knows me. LOL!) so let us all try to be civil. I enjoy reading your comments and I enjoy reading Palesa's comments, please let's move on. A new week starts tomorrow and Black Friday/Saturday/Sunday continues until Cyber Monday. Smile!!

  • But everyone wants to blame Simi for being too material, Sid that pretended he was doing ok nko? Lying that he owned his house, when it's rented, did he not equally misrepresent himself? I hope they work it out, but Sid has to step his game up and provide better for Simi because she's not asking for more than she already had.