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Prof & wife cutting the cake

Birthday sir Prof. Edozien & Funke Bucknor Obruthe

The still handsome and very accomplished gentleman at 80 years old is the Papa (daddy) of the gorgeous trio Sandra Solebo, Linda Edozien-Priddy and Vivian Edozien.

He clocked the ripe age of 80 recently joining the club of the Octogenarians on November 15, 2017. And to celebrate the accomplishment, a party/reception was organised for the former Economic Adviser to the Nigerian President, who was and is a director and chairman of many blue chip companies, PZ, Union Bank being 2 of them.

There was a thanksgiving service which was followed by a high class reception at the Oriental Hotel Lagos and that had many of the who-is-who in attendance. The graceful man, known for his exemplary and exceptional humility was super happy as family members business associates and friends gathered to celebrate him.

Check out the pictures.

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    • The woman in the last picture with the celebrant's daughter is one " money miss road! Very unpleasant idiot! Local chick! Idiot with Napoleon syndrome! Sees every chick as a threat! You're lucky that I'm a good girl, I would've wrecked your life! Your jazz is weak by the way! Smello!

  • Happy birthday to the Prof. He's made money from every government in Nigeria since Shagari! No pictures of Linda? But is she Linda Edozien-Priddy though? This was the first blog that opened up the Anenih angle; as usual in the comments section.

    • Abi o is it not Tony again, shebi early in his marriage to Esosa, it was Ify Eneli that was shaking his head so tay insiders said he used to take her on trips when travelling with his family and put her in the same hotel, where is that relationship today? As far as I'm concerned Tony will always return to Esosa na just mid life crises dey do am for body.

  • In a way I'm so happy that Tony shove it to Esosa. Her arrogance was on another level since she married Tony. I visited twice and was cool with her until she married Tony and when I saw her at a party, she turned her nose up and acted like she has never saw my face and right there I knew is a matter of time before before she got served. And according to grapevine, they said one of the reasons why Tony dumped her is because of her attitude too which wasn't a shock to people like me

    • Same applies to Nigeria women. Esosa is not innocent when it comes to straying. A lot of these married women does it for material reason. Someone should ask her about Jim Ovia again. I'm sure you all remember Ifeoma Williams and Tunde Folawiyo story. They want to be with the Jones

    • Al Gore divorced his wife after 30 something years and it wasn't about his straying. Sometimes it just doesn't works out and I prefer they release each other. Maybe they just weren't getting on again and I think is better to be divorced happy than being married and be miserable

  • @loveandwealth….Exactly ..that is just a lame excuse ….so he left the mother of his 3 kids because she turned up her nose??..abeg leave matter for mathias …nigerian men will gave a dog a bad name in order to hang it

    • I had a dream in which a veeery black and dirty looking ram was coming to attack me, suddenly a white ram appeared beside me and tore off the head of the black ram that was coming to attack me, then the head of the ram called my name, as in my real name o, and asked in Yoruba language ‘where is my body’ ara mi da. I didn’t answer it, I just went on my way. This dream scared the ?!?,, out of me. I know it is some sort of victory. This dream is five years old.

  • The dreams that followed where equally strange. Different women will be begging me and giving me gifts( I always refuse their gifts in my dream). I prayed to God to make it stop because I didn’t know who these elderly women begging me for forgiveness where. As far as I was concerned I was just living my life to the fullest with my husband and children and had no enemies anywhere. God answered my prayers and they stopped begging me to forgive them. I only have good and progressive dreams now.

    • The dream is related or part 2 of the ram one. Elderly women in dreams usually are witches especially if you don't know those faces. They fought you and didn't win, so they devised another way to get you. Those gifts could be sickness well packaged. Good you rejected, another victory.
      Continue to do good and it's a multiple entry visa for victory.

  • Everything is not about juju in relationships. America girl Porsha got Rolls Royce from Jide and Kenya got Brentley from Tonye. Is about timing, state of mind and their chemistry

  • Thanks @love and wealth charms, the dreams of elderly women begging me for forgiveness came a few days after the beheaded ram dream.

    • Please help me as well! Anytime I dream about incidents or people, it comes to pass! Sometimes I think hard about someone I know that is bad so I can dream about them, next thing is they die in reality! Why is that any guy I fuck, gets favors, leaves Nigeria, gets married but never happy! In dreams I'm so strong and worshiped but in reality , I'm not that strong! If anyone hurts me, they are in for it! I don't forget or forgive! I give alms, I do charity work, I have empathy but I'm also mean! I'm very beautiful in reality. Anyman who sees me, wants me! I have powers yet I can't help my hubby! Please what is wrong with me! We live in UK

    • @9:56am, you've real spiritual power but wrongly channeled, we call you "emere" where I come from. Send me your real name, lemme help you rechannel your powers for good for your husband. Its your type that become prophetess in white garment churches and even rich pastors like to marry. Am in the UK (Woolwich and Kent) too now but I don't live in UK oooo.

    • Anonymous 9:56am! You were a mermaid before! You left! But still have powers! You are light skinned, right? You're pretty but your legs are not beautiful so you don't wear mini skirts or anything short that exposes them, right? I won't say others for now! You're a Queen but you have a fear of something! Please I like to meet you so you can elevate me! Thanks

  • @loveandwealt. You didn't respond to my emails. I even took the risk of dropping my phone no/whatsapp no in the mail. Kindly check your mails from Nov 15, subject is 'my biggest fish must not slip away'.

  • @ Blair Witch Haba Blair. You no dey make typo? Leave our friend alone ooo. Remember that English is our second language. Lol