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Senator Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro

After months of deflecting what was very obvious, which most knew was going to happen one way or the other after all, former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro who at a time became a vigorous member of the opposition when he left the more socialist bent party AD then to join the conservatives PDP, is finally set to return to the party-the APC he poo-pooed and worked very had to destroy by all means before! Like they say, in Politics, there are no permanent enemies, just permanent interest.

According to a very recent interview he granted Channels Television, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has stated that he would be declaring for the APC openly/publicly this weekend!

The popular politician was at a time the Chairman (Mayor) of LILG (Lagos Island Local Government), he later became a Commissioner under the leadership of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in 1999 as the Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture. From being a commissioner he became a Senator in Lagos 2003 to 2007 when he ran under the party Alliance for Democracy (AD) then, it was while he was a Senator that he defected to the then ruling party the PDP.

He ran for Governorship under the PDP in Lagos against Babatunde Raji Fashola of the APC and he lost! He was later appointed as the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana by President Yar’ Adua. He was later appointed as the Minister of State for Defence in 2014, the position he held via which he used to help his friend, Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose to return as the Governor of Ekiti State against the incumbent then.

So he has had quite an eventful trajectory, holding key positions of influence. Maybe now with this new and current move, he is gearing for something new and big again. 


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  • Political whore. And people will vote for this tout? And Nigerians wonder why there is no progress in the country when they allowed people like this to win for an office. Did they not just charged this guy for siphoning Nigeria millions into his personal pocket? Our people should wake up and resist these selfish bastards