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Groom’s men

All for one, one for all

Mai Atafo

This undoubtedly is the stuff of dreams. Both bride and groom are badass romantic. This we can tell anyone would break the internet, many times over at least by our own Nigerian and African standards.

The setting is most definitely from Lalaland. The boys were decked like they were James Bond, looking shaken not stirred. Handsome and stylish boys dem all be- BOMBERS!

Cape Town has consistently remained top 10, if not top 5 most beautiful spot in the world, so just imagine such a setting for a wedding and the kind of background. The official photographer, Kelechi Amadi Obi must have gone to heaven and back.

Imagine having one wedding ceremony and been on the honeymoon right at the same time, we can tell you for a fact that these nights would be the one of the favoured night that conception would take place, just the right setting.

Adesua’s outfit was made to measure for her by Ohimai Atafo of weddings by Mai. Mai himself is one of the groomsmen and is on standby to make sure the Sisi Yemmie dress is not any issue.

Let’s not talk too much, have a view of gorgeousness in an idyllic setting that’s a vision of heaven on Earth! Praaaaaaaa!!!!!!


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Groom and his main man Captain Demuren

Groom’s men

Bride entering


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