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Gorgeous Bride

Happy Groom

So the lovebirds are making it official today, Saturday, November 25, 2017. The preparation has been ongoing since and except you are living on the moon or on one of the planets away from the earth, that would be the only excuse to say you didn’t know this was going to happen or didn’t hear about it at all.

It was on the radio, TV, social media and infact it was advertised on that LED at the roundabout facing the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge, we mean the one at the Lekki end.

With the way it was advertised, we know for sure it would be a carnival. We expect all the entertainers in the country at least those not in Cape Town, their spouses and girlfriends or boyfriends to converge at the venue and all others too. Both

Style will meet colours, glamour will jam panache, good money (millions upon  millions) would be well spent, champagne & other beverages would pop endlessly. We would see an avalanche of the most gorgeous and very available ladies and young and not so young, available and not so available men, many relationship will be started today, as guys will meet babes.

We know that for sure that ORISHEFEMI the groom and his men of honout would be decked in “bespoke creation by Adebayo Bankole Thomas”, a fantastic Nigerian fashion brand, getting set to rule the fashon world.

The gorgeous bride as had a beautiful and hectic week. Her friends and supporters swept her off her fit with a secret but we heard well packaged”spinsters Adam party”, which was partly organised for her by Bunmi Olatunji. We even heard that gifts put together for the party by Bunmi would be out of the world. So just in case you are around “the Ark” Event Centre, off Remind Olowude, Lekki on the Island, same spot where Tiwa and Tbillz Balogun tied the knot traditionally, on the island where the event is ongoing you could branch and be a part of the carnival in Lagos.

The chairman of the event, if we heard right might be the Atayase of Lagos, moneybag oil tycoon chief Francis Inegbeniki whose is very famous for the kind of out of the world party he organises himself, while his wife Helen is one of the mothers’ of the day.

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Caroline Danjuma

Adaeze Yobo

Beautiful Cake

Bride’s outfit by Bunmi-Bunmi

Back of Bride

Lola Okoye and Bunmi Olatunji

Bunmi Olatunji

Helen Inegbeniki, Groom, Chief Francis Inegbeniki & Joy Chico Ejiro

Lola Okoye

Keke Ogungbe & Tee A

Oba Elegushi

Eni Balogun


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