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Politicians by nature, at least according to how their nature is in Nigeria have no ideological bent whatsoever, to them it’s not about a philosophy, but just a game of numbers, so when things are not too rosy where they were, all they just need do is dust their feet and just move on to the next. 
2 major moves were made this weekend alone, one the former VP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar wiped off his name from the registry of the ruling party, the APC. He gave many reasons why he needed to move. The other great mover was none other than the man many just simply refera to as Koro, his full name being Senator Musiliu Olatunde Obanikoro, erstwhile PDP member and staunch supporter and friend of APC’s number 1 enemy- Governor Peter Ayodele Fayose. 
Let’s even digress a bit, love him or hate, Peter Ayodele Fayose is a man of honour par excellence! The reason for saying this is because he has remained consistent, unflinching and steadfast as concerning his party and what he believes in and he is in the opposition for real, giving the APC back many doses of their own medicines, which they themselves used to give. Compared to the likes of many, who after just a little issue, they are already gone, like fair weather friends, who are tossed to and fro, here and there by every weather, those who cannot take a little stress or cannot face headlong any battle, he has remained a true person. Forget for now, any other part of him. 
So Koro, who many have called several names like of Judas, somewhat of a quisling has officially become a member of the ruling party and his move was celebrated colourfully by his new party in pictures, so we have thought to share them with you all. 
What the generality of the people have based this move majorly on, is that it’s a way of giving the dude some sort of soft landing! Identify with us, shame yourself somewhat and you will be pardoned. Is that the case?  

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  • SHAME ON HIM. I understand in politics no permanent enemies but permanent interests but this man was charged for corruption and in a real country, he wouldn't even dare to campaign not to talk or running for an office again but hey! Guess fora screwed up country like Nigeria, anything goes. You could use your whole family to make money rituals and you will still be recognized in the society. Shameless

    • Hahahaha! You think you just broke news? You are like 3-4 years late. Long been discussed here in the comments section.

  • Anon 1.53. Why should he/she leave Ladi and Banke Balogun alone? Is an open secret to their close friends and families. Is sad to hear but sometimes is better for people to divorce than staying in a miserable and sad marriage. Life must go on folks

  • At Anon 1.53 How can her own comes? She didn't make them separate or pray for them to be? All it takes for a marriage to fail is the 2 people in that marriage. Sometimes 2 people just were on different page and is better for them to separate than being depressed in the marriage just to please the public that wouldn't care their pains with them.

  • Aloba please read the capital news jare. I read from kemifilani blog now that Pa fadeyi's children call toke out and warn her to stay away from their father, that she shoukd stop coming to ikoyi house. Toke don enter national warning oo. Aloba please bring gist, bcus toke isnot the only one sleeping with a popular /wealthy maga in lagos.

    • Toke is flaunting and showing off too damn much! Like woman chill the f**k out! What emptiness are you trying desperately to make up for? I'm a strong believer in doing what makes you happy but Toke is on another level, I wish I could shake her and tell her to get it together nobody really cares, they are all watching, waiting, hailing you in front and praying with that same breath for you to fail miserably so they can get the satisfaction of mocking you…. but who am I to tell her what to do with her money? Any steps taken against her is entirely her fault. I bid her good luck in her endeavors.

    • @ Palesa Well said about Toke but his hypocrisy of you? Thought that was same thing I and other BV'S said about Ehizogie wedding that you attached us about? Isn't that double standard of you, Palesa? Weren't they both the same about showing off to half of the people that weren't happy for them?

    • My dear, I'm far from being a hypocrite. Ehizogie was getting married, yes the display was over the top and almost vulgar to some people….but I think that was a ceremony, a celebration, I can excuse that. Whether the marriage crashes or not it's left to them.
      Toke on the other hand says she's a born again Christian, spirit filled…blah blah., heck! I've even witnessed her "under the spirit" in one of our services in church(MFM) rme, quotes the Bible, has a vlog that tells young ladies to avoid married men but turns a 360 and does exactly what she preaches against, to make matters worse she goes on to flaunt the dividends of her misdeeds! I'm just over her now, hence my previous comment. I still don't judge her and can never dictate what an adult should do with her money and life but Toke is the most unscrupulous person I've seen.

    • @ Palesa. Well said and totally agree with you 100%. Wow! I can never in million years believe there will come a time that I will ever agree or be on the same page with Palesa after the way and manner she defended that Ehizogie OTT carnival. I'm glad you can see that the reason why people were so putt off with Ehizogie was because of the excesses.

  • Koro's efcc investigation was already longstopped and buried by Jagaban Borgu.

    Leave Ladi and Banke to get on with their separate lives, better than living a lie.

    Pa Fadeyi's kids should find work to do, Toke will reap what she owes whether bedmatics, bags, shoes, stds, books or debts.

  • Meanwhile one beautiful rich man wife will soon call mercy aigbe out. Mercy is all about town looking for money to throw banger birthday party in january, from lagos to abuja to PH to kwara state for sponsor on benefit. One madam don catch her text send to her maga. Still she will totally kill herself more, bcus her father's burial is also there. Mercy have shame small na. Lanre knows why you left him (money money) you left bcus lanre is down.