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Gbenro Ajibade

Osas alone at #BAAD2017 Capetown


Being a while we have set eyes on the handsome black bomber. The husband of the equally delectable Osas Ajibade has been scarce. We haven’t seen him at all, at all those events we normally would have seen him and it’s just madam, who is ever so gorgeous and lovely that we see alone.

We have swept the horizon with our binoculars and even used our highly technical and technologically advanced radars to sweep everywhere, but it hasn’t located the dark skinned actor cum model, who loads see as a hunk and we quite agree with them too.

Someone even speculated that maybe Gbenro has temporarily relocated to the US to perfect his papers. The bird whispered that part of the stipulations, is for the person to reside for a length of time in the US. If that be so, then it’s totally fine by us! But please do quickly and come home then! Or is it that he is especially so busy on projects for now, that coming out for some fun time doesn’t just cut it for now?

We particularly love this young couple, that’s Osas and Gbenro together. There’s the sexiness they exude whenever they are together and we haven’t seen that in a while.

Gbenro and Osas we miss seeing you together at events/occasions, on the red carpet dazzling us with your good looks and energy and sexiness and that bond that you guys show off, so effortlessly.

The hot duo have a one year old plus daughter together.

Love ya guys to bits and pieces! 


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