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Pinstripe, double-breasted, androgynous in luxury black & Gucci bag

Gold dress. Check out that brown Hermes Birkin in Croc

The whole ensemble-shoe game, bag⚡🔥

In Turfah, 100% hotness, see the bag & pointy toes

The best foot forward, see the bag and the outfit. 

Need we say anything? 

Attitude! Camouflage top Black pant. Check out the bag and pair of stilettos

What do you say when you style focus is- totally, awesomely and mind blowingly stylish and a game changer par excellence?

This is one person that is totally into (immersed into) the game of style. She writes the rules and she determines and understands the ethos and the how to of it. Never afraid to experiment, totally and impressionably fashion forward, many steps or better still kilometres ahead of her peers.

Her style is mixed, avant garde meet classic meet futuristic… the French would say “Jennifer est tres elegante, elle est toujours magnifique!

This one would stand side by side with the best of them all from across the world. Her accessories game is A-class- those bags hmmmmmmm! Her shoe collection hmmmmm! the eyewears hmmmmm! the wrist watches don’t even say etc, her style game is 7-stars, the garbs themselves, most often it’s like they are conjured up from “planet style”, where only those that dictates the trend, who have uncommon tastes are the only citizens.

It’s not just about wearing designer brands or things with logos, it’s about wearing them with style and the “oomph factor” that you exude! The clothes don’t submerge (wear) you and hide your personality, you wear the clothes and effortlessly too.

Jennifer Obayuwana, is an Executive Director of Polo Luxury Group, owners of Polo Limited, one of the very few authentic brands in Nigeria and West Africa, that the authentic “purveyors of style and luxury of the “bestest” kind swear by”, for the best of time pieces like Rolex, Cartier, Hublot, Chopard and writing instruments like Montblanc etc. She’s not just the ED of Polo Ltd alone, she is the brain behind the A-Class affiliate-Polo Avenue, who are the stockists of some of the best fashion pieces and accessories brands in the world. She’s also a director at CATS Construction, which as the name suggests are into high grade constructions of all types, there is also still the Oil servicing brand too. All of these brands owned by her ” style cognoscenti” of a dad, Mr. John Obayuwana. So like they say, the apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree.

The dad’s style game at over 60 is just on another level entirely, very few and we mean that with every sense of responsibility, in this country can match up to his swag! Dude (with respect,) defines C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E!

Jennifer’s style and evolution, can be defined by a few things, one of that would be via inheritance, if you have a dad who understands it and is willing to let you into the secret, then you are on to a good foundation, a good start.

Also, if money is not necessarily an issue, that also goes a very long way too. But the major thing is about the personality too, Jenny like close friends calls the “underboss” (capo bastone) a tag or title she loves so much, seeing her dad as the “Boss of all bosses”(capo di tutti capi); went to some of the best schools, money can afford in Paris, France & Switzerland! Where apart from academic excellence, one other thing they place premium on, is a person’s total package- books and outlook, hence some sort of finishing school training, poise, pose, the way you talk, how you dress etc.  Apart from holding at least 2 degrees from prestigious schools in Paris & Switzerland and having done many management courses at INSEAD, Columbia, LBS, she also speaks French and Swiss fluently and a passing Italian/Spanish!

So it’s not just about style for Miss J Obayuwana, but a total package. Undoubtedly tres chic!

More after the break.

Totally on point, the fascinator, the bag, the shoes and the legs leading to the feet wearing

Kimono dress

Check out the blue bag and the casual ensemble

Tres chic



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