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“Delectably shaped” she’s got curves for days, “wonderfully packaged” front and back, “restfully finished”, “curvaceously blessed”, ‘awesomely endowed”, “boldly structured”, “intimidatingly sculpted”, “Immensely gifted” are just some of the phrases or figure of speech by which we can describe this our thespian, Nollywood film/movie producer and politician, yes you are right she is a politician and she’s not in anyway or manner apologetic about that fact.

The Oyo State born Funke Adesiyan is totally in your face in this her haute outfit and the pair of high heeled sandals and bag, both in aquamarine green colours.

Her poses here are showing her structure to maximum effect, sidebar, front view and even seated. The triple threat has surely come a long way. She was quoted to have said she made her 1st million aged 17, built her 1st house by age 19 and almost lost everything by age 27.

She is now by the grace of God, the owner of her own oil and gas firm, and is also into importation and integrated services and then farming, and by her standards she hasn’t even begun. 


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  • Oga Aloba, what's all this nonsenz early in the morning? Everyday nowadays you're featuring one Hollywood actress or other yeyebrity for advert and promotion purposes. We didn't come here for these halflings and lowlifes- please revert to giving us tea on people of standing and substance like you used to!

    • Nollywood I meant to say not Hollywood. Bottom line is, Maestro Media cheapens the real gist on the movers and shakers when he spams us with these nonentities seeking relevance via paid adverts. We know man must wack, but enuf of these razz things!

  • What a resume! Politician,producer, Actress, farmer etc! First and foremost! Try and clear those dark and hideous knees, madam oil and gas! No hating folks!

  • Aloba! Aloba! Aloba! Please stopet! My eye balls ain't popping out please! Speak for yourself! This is factory reject! *Deep sign!

  • Lol. It's an entertainment platform and it has to be a mix of Everything. We wouldn't deliberately go gutter, that's why we wouldn't do some types of stories or posts. Paid adverts? One would wish it was like that and if it were they would have needed to pay good money. As per calling people nonetities, that's not right you know. Every human being is a person, no matter their class or where you place them. If they were nonetities you wouldn't have reacted at all in anyway about them!

    Also as par the stories, you also can supply the gist and then we go after to investigate and then publish. No man is an island. If you send a gist here that's not a delibrate lie, we would do the story or gist justice. Mind you also, we don't pursue just any type of story's too. Thanks

    • Aloba Baba, for the fact that you replied and stated your reasons, twale for you. Sorry for calling them nonentities, but u have to understand that for your regular visitors, seeing new post from you and opening it to see story and pishur about "this kain thin", or that other bleached out, black-knuckled actress of the other day is like buying N100 egg roll by th roadside, only to get home and discover there is no egg inside it!

  • My dear Aloba, thanks for replying. When they start paying for PR, remember your loyal commenters for our "share". Lol.

  • talking of dropping gist and investigating,
    Who is Freda's baby daddy, runour has it it's ST. Where are the ikoyi people
    Come and confirm the gist for us.

  • Aloba when will you bring banke and lady balogun confirm marriage crash post? Now peopke are free to gist about it, cus its also on SDK.

  • They've come again, ever excited to read bad news. Even sdk has stopped posting comments about the Baloguns and soon the thread will vanish.
    What else do you want to read that has not been commented here since 4 years back.