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This story is still a developing gist and it is still off the radar as at now, so if the person involved would do the needful, maybe sleeping dogs would be allowed to lay. But knowing this controversy prone thespian, she might just throw caution to the wind and out of desperation, not give a damn or care in the whole world, not minding the attendant hoopla might just go on!

At the very least, twice now on very major note/scale, the in your face prominent role interpreter has been involved in scandals of monumental proportions, that took over the internet and shook everywhere.

She’s a famn gorgeous thespian by all standards, not too beautiful, but pretty in a sort of way and you can still class her as a eye candy, she is stylish or at least  her style in the last few years has  greatly improved. She is/was married and a mother. When the nasty fight between her and now estranged husband broke out it raised a lot of hoopla, she accused the man of assault and battery, he raised hell about her alleged unbridled, unrelenting and unrepentant promiscuity. Many unsubstantiated unpalatable things were revealed as the man painted his wife as a wanton.  Both haven’t been able to reconcile ever since.

Though she has remained separated ever since that hoopla, which allows her to play the field as she wants to, her supposed current flame is said to be a married man! Same thing she has been accused of before.

Apparently her birthday is upcoming in the next few months so she wants to dazzle all comers with a trend worthy celebration! Not only that, she wants to also fly the dead dad “in good air to heaven” with a celebration that can match her status and name, so to do that she needs to raise the funds required. And to make that happen, anything goes!

Apparently she has caught a “Maga”, a married spendthrift in her trap and she has sunk her teeth in deeply. But alas, she’s made a mistake, as the man’s beautiful wife is said to have come across her “silly text” to her husband. Now that madam had found out, she’s carefully scheming, she’s gone on stealth mode, aligning things for when she would pounce. She wants to dish out the full dirts openly and publicly, but she’s apparently taking her time maybe to see whether like the street would say whether the thespian would “find or hire herself some brains”!

Madam is said to be carefully bidding her time and getting set to “out” this person she has tagged a “Desperado”.

Would she err on good judgement and quietly unlock her jaw and fangs and just go enjoy the blood she’s already sucked? Or would she damn the consequence and plunge on?

Let’s just wait and see!


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  • Mercy Ashawo Aigbe.
    The hustle is real, the thirst for material things and keeping up with the jonses via IG is real.

  • Hasn't Mercy reconciled with Mr. Gentry.
    I think it's Oge Okoye, that's why Aloba put up her pics yesterday.
    I was wondering why her irrelevant ass was up there.

  • Tonto's father is very much alive. I don't think it's Oge because she left her marriage a long time ago and if her father passed on recently she would have broadcast it in the typical fashion. It's Mercy and someone left a comment about this on one of the posts yesterday. Exactly, I thought she went back to Lanre and she's started wearing her wedding ring again. He promised her no more physical violence. She is his karma.

  • See yourself Messy Mercy after all the over open gra gra whenever you get award… I dedicate this to Olowo orimi Lanre bla bla bla taking all the over appreciation moment to flog about the awesomeness of the hubby as though other actress in their industries are suffering in their marriage. In life don't over blow your trumpet but humble & keep your family safe & let GOD rule. Messy MMercy's over sabi is too too much & above all she seems to forget where she's coming from way back then when she use to sell Weavon at fame has come igberaga & ako has entered as though they don't go to toilet we has so many of them around living fake life with loads of Credit igbese. Funny World!

  • Waiting for a fight between mercy and her newly found fashion designer @Ceoluminee. Is gbese to enter the matter, she go change am for the woman soon. Always saying shes a star and anything goes.

  • Mercy Aigbe. Shes a certified onigbese. She bought a bunch of clothes from my friend and she didnt wanna pay until that one charged

  • Mercy will soon show her, I mean ceoluminee. I notice latelyshe's sawing almost same stuff she sawed for mercy to others and that makes me know when a dress is made by her. Good job thou, just give us different styles. Love your work ceokuminee, keep it up.

  • Why not? Mercy has been with Ceoluminee from way back when Ceoluminee was in Ilupeju. Infact, one can say she brought her to prominence so why the bad blood?

  • Anony 12:15)you what? But mercy has her own boutique, so how can she be buying and owing again? that I cant believe. Anyways thats her business.

  • Anony 12:15)you what? But mercy has her own boutique, so how can she be buying and owing again? that I cant believe. Anyways thats her business.