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Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Daddy Freeze

So there’s a video already going viral where the General Overseer of the RCCG while ministering or preaching apparently asked for anyone who was willing to donate a billion Naira (₦1billion), and then any others who couldn’t donate a billion, but some other huge amounts to see his Secretary. It wasn’t announced though what the money was going to be for. In the said video, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye apparently said anyone who was willing to make the donation should see his secretary afterwards as there was a special announcement for such a person or persons.

Not one ready to let such a thing slide just like that, as he continues in his campaign, which aims to help free supposed gullible Christians from the clutches of their leaders who he believes have continually brainwashed, hoodwinked, impoverished and continuously sapped them without a care in the world, via his relentless campaign that has been tagged (#freethesheeple) which has since gained a massive momentum.

The unrelenting, enfant terrible of church leaders in Nigeria, who has become a serious torn in their flesh with his pronouncements, in the person of the now renowned OAP known as Daddy Freeze, as expected wasn’t ready to allow the “man of God” to rest at all and he pounced on it, he responded thus

-“Eku ise Oluwa”, which loosely translates to Well done on God’s job or work! 

-Billion Naira Gang.

-“Is the Special Announcement only for the Billionaires? Did Jesus separate believers according to their spending power”?

He then went on further to ask-

-“If I may ask where did all the billions, hundred million go to? Did it go into building free hospitals or free schools or factories where workers can work or was just swallowed by “Church expenses or was it geared towards building more churches, Something we already have much more than enough?

– “When Moses realized that there was more than enough offering to finish the temple, he instructed the Israelites to STOP bringing their offerings. Are we going to finish temple building or is this a perpetual process in Nigeria”?

-“I hope this billion Naira offering was shared equally among all the believers as practised by the disciples in Acts 4?- FRZ”

Then he went on to copiously quote from “Acts 4:32 to 35 and Exodus 36: 3 to 7”

MM’s reaction- A billion Naira donation at this time of recession by just one person??? So if one doesn’t have and must give at all cost, like some would do out of compulsion just to impress and wanting to be seen to be religious, then that person can do anything possible just to be seen to be a donor!

What’s the major difference between a fraudster, 419, Yahoo yahoo boys who offer hope of a massive return from little investments and pastors who offer hope also so that one can be seen or said to be in right standings with God?

Let’s even ask a question, “what happens to the tithes or offerings given by arm robbers, kidnappers, fraudsters, prostitutes etc?  Are these sorts of givings pure, holy and acceptable? One would have thought that those things brought to the temple must be without blemishes?


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  • I have been feeling some type of way for awhile about Nigerian pastors, More so I've stopped going to church because all I hear is prosperity and miracles talk. I just got fed up because I could actually see through most of them. People have been brainwashed with "touch not my anointed" preaching to silence them but I know better because I'm an "anointed" not just these pastors.
    In the Bible, Paul called out Peter for being a hypocritic… Gal.2:11-13 reads, "But when Peter came to Antioch, I had to oppose him to his face, for what he did was very wrong. 12 When he first arrived, he ate with the Gentile believers, who were not circumcised. But afterward, when some friends of James came, Peter wouldn’t eat with the Gentiles anymore. He was afraid of criticism from these people who insisted on the necessity of circumcision. 13 As a result, other Jewish believers followed Peter’s hypocrisy, and even Barnabas was led astray by their hypocrisy.
    What I'm driving at is, it's our responsibility as Christians to bring ask questions, to bring anyone to order who we think/know has erred but here the followers have been hoodwinked not to ask ask questions but do as they are told in other not to incur the wrath of "God". I wonder the God they mean…. We must ask questions, search the scriptures and listen to what Jehovah has taught us and not what is being imposed by these men for their own selfish gratification. May God deliver us.

    • @ Palesa I totally agree with you and couldn't have said it better than you. I'm really getting to like the new you Palesa as you have recently been making a lot of senses lately. Is so hard to believe you are the same Palesa that was advocate for Ehizogie. Kudos though for making some sense from Toke's comment to this, You are officially now inducted to Maestromedia inner causes. Welcome onboard lol

    • @ Palesa Loool. I didn't know that you are this very funny though. Bipolar is an understatement Dearie. Your 360 degree turnaround was faster than fastest running man in the world – Usain Bolt. Jokes apart you made senses though, Have a blessed weekend Palesa. PS – Pls don't disappear on us like Gbogbo Big Girls and other old BV's. Once again welcome onboard

    • Aloba, see how friendship is being established on you blog. Who knows that some of us can get to like @Palesa on this blog? Myself included because she was so annoying defending Ehi after her over the wedding backlash

  • I'm not a fan of Freeze but I agree with him this time around. There are too many excesses with these so called man of God and feel they oppresses the poor. Church shouldn't separate rich from poor as we are all one before God. I struggle with their actions and also their ridiculous over the top lifestyles. I feel that majority of them make themselves invisible and inaccessible towards the poor people in their church but they weren't too busy to preach and encourage them to give the little they have to church which they uses to take care of their ridiculous and extravagant lifestyles. I feel that 95% of them were hypocrites and a fraud that take advantages of those poor and vulnerables members of their churches.

  • why hasnt a single one of em mentioned about libya
    Why hasnt any of them loaned their private jets to rescue people in libya

    I think from here on i will live by Proverbs 19:17 – God will bless me more – than if i give to these crooks

  • i learnt this video started with 1000 that the video is not complete its when the 3km auditorium was to be built i think some years ago…

  • Has anyone see the Masquerade face Pastor wife of RCCG (City of David) Pastor Siju Iluyomade? She is the capital of over the top and I honestly don't see anything Godly or role model about this woman.

  • Yes, it's from 2008 and it started from N1000. Still, I get Freeze's point. Pastor (Mrs) Iluyomade reminds me of medusa/yemoja/a pretty serpent. She's scary as hell.

    • At Fan. She is beyond scary and the first time I saw her, I was shocked to know that she is a RCCG Pastor's wife. She is the capital of OVER THE TOP and i said that mildly. I was shocked that she has not been reprimanded by Pastor Adeboye and her husband to tone down both the ridiculous loud makeup and her over the top dressing. She makes Casper the Ghost look ordinary with her over layers makeup and Dracula finger false nails. Is people like her that gives churches a bad name in respect to paying Tithe.

    • Yes Pastor indeed ( Siju iluyomade)
      is the epitome of over the top excesses. From her makeup to dressing is sickening from this woman that makes Imelda Marcos look like nothing but an ordinary. I'm not saying she should look wretched as a Pastor wife but expected some level of modesty from this woman. She oppresses those women that couldn't afford those designer rags she put on and is a shame that no one has told her to tone it down yet

  • Hmmm,this is a sensitive issue.paying of tithes is a personal decision between man and God.they are not forcing anybody to pay.i believe it is God that will bless you not the pastor.i strongly believe that any pastor that is using the money members are giving to God for their personal gains instead of spreading the gospel they are just heaping curses on themselves.God will judge them even if not now but later.leave God to judge need criticizing them.

  • in my Rccg parish we have a free school, soup kitchen, school fees funds ,health care funds ,battered women shelter where is the money to fund these to come from ??

  • I heard and read that that branch of Redeemed; City of David is the richest branch in Lagos. Maybe that is why their GO looks the other way because of the money the church generates. I just can't look Pastor (Mrs) in her eyes and this is just from pictures. I have never seen her before in person and I can imagine she'll be scarier in person.

    You are just noticing Palesa? I told you to ignore that Ehi post and move on. She has a lot of goodness in her. So do you.

    • @ Fan and Palesa Match and friendship made on Maestromedia. Lol. You both should pay Aloba for matchmaking oooooo. Peace to all Maestromedia BV's. Aloba please don't go MIA AND LEFT US AT HELLO AGAIN O. As you can see, you have lost a lot of your old BV's that brings the real tea in comments. Gbogbo Big Girl has not been regular now like before GBOGBO BG Please come back on Maestromedia ooo as we miss your comment Although Mama Borngirl and Fan serves good tea but I missed some those old brutal no filter BV's too.

  • At Fan You are very funny about the scarier in person statement. She sure do look much scarier than you can imagine too. A person that should be a role model has become an oppressor. Shame on all those hypocrites

  • Wow! I thought i was the only one who noticed how superficial the woman is. Why can't the church women complain? I am sure they have no 'liver' to talk and instead will be following her upandan the church like goats, nodding their heads like lizards to all she says. She looks like 'elegbe emere' to me. Shout out to my church Guiding Light Assembly.

    • At Blair. Superficial is a nice word compared to her over the top show off and she gave bad name to Pastor's wife. You are so right about the women following her up and down like she is the best thing to have happened to them.