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The irrepressible and indefatigable wordsmith known to the whole world as Sir Olanrewaju Alfred, the man who conjures words like a magician of very high repute, the man whose pen drips salacious words of grace, the award winning former Society editor of This Day who is now the CEO and Publisher of The Capital Ng a veritable online platform, who is also a celebrated author is about dropping another banger of a book, which though not out yet is eagerly awaited by all and sundry, because of his antecedence.

From the feelers we have gotten so far, this new book is likely going to be another bestseller like his first book, which is also a coffee table book too titled Highlife, which sold out totally.

This newest offering is titled The Titans- Exploits of Nigeria’s greatest achievers. The highly anticipated coffee table banger, chronicles and profiles the lives of the authentic super rich (wealthy) and the famous, delving into how they became what they are, telling us about who they are and so much more.

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  • @ Fan and Palesa Match and friendship made on Maestromedia. Lol. You both should pay Aloba for matchmaking oooooo. Peace to all Maestromedia BV's. Aloba please don't go MIA AND LEFT US AT HELLO AGAIN O. As you can see, you have lost a lot of your old BV's that brings the real tea in comments. Gbogbo Big Girl has not been regular now like before GBOGBO BG Please come back on Maestromedia ooo as we miss your comment Although Mama Borngirl and Fan, Blair and some Anonymous serves some good tea but I missed some of those old brutal no filter BV's too.

  • @ Maestromedia Even if you know Abati and Dele, so what? The truth of the matter is that your emotions took over you and your choice of word was disappointing and unnecessary but the lesson learned is never to respond to a comment in anger because you might say something that is way off. But hey! the good news is that you realized your mistake and you apologize for it and that is it SOMETIMES WE ALL FALL SHORT

  • I'm very glad that you realized your comment was wrong on every level which is the most important.thing that you did. Glad you take responsibility for your comment tho

  • At Maestromedia I'm so proud of you that you MAN UP and take responsibility for your action. To err is human and forgive is human. Was offended and let down with your comment but was very glad when I saw your apology and your Apology accepted

  • Aloba remember that “Not everyone is going to like, approve of, or agree with you or your decisions most especially when you posted comments about other people on your blog but choose not to do same when it comes to Lanre just because he is your friend. That might rub some people in not a good way and their responses to that effect should be expected