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Chief Rochas Okorocha

Hon. Mrs Ogechi Ololo

He is known as someone that doesn’t care what you think of him. He doesn’t care whose ox is gored as he just does his thing his own way.

Maybe the Governor of Imo State, Chief Rochas Okorocha has listened to that hit by Frank Sinatra (My Way) too much, that all he does now is to do everything his own way, without caring how he is perceived.

He has again defied convention and maybe definition. Not too long ago he sacked all his Commissioners, in order to inject new blood into his administration in her 2nd term. So he has just named and sworn in new Commissioners, 28 of them in total and also 27 transition committee chairmen to man the 27 Local Councils in his state.

Amongst the newly sworn in Commissioners was his own blood sister by name Mrs. Ogechi Ololo nee Okorocha. Agreed, there’s nothing wrong in having all one family members as Government officials in the real sense of it, the proviso should be competence, but when the new ministry such a one would be in charge of is called “Ministry of Happiness and Couples’ Fulfillment”, then it beggars belief! 

Maybe the new spokesperson of the state, Prof Nnamdi Obiaraeri would hit the ground running by letting us know, what this new Ministry is all about! Sharing of Happiness by the Government of Imo then making couples fulfilled! One hope this doesn’t just say something about people from Imo State.

There had been hoopla and uproar about the unneccesary statues he was building up and down that had no significance or economic value, now this appointment takes the cake.

Before this new appointment of “Come make we all chop”, Madam Ololo was her brother’s Deputy Chief of staff and special adviser on domestic and internal affairs and was also the Imo state chairman of Food security, maybe in those positions she had given exemplary service warranting this promotion to do more.  


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  • This incompetent fool! Next his brother will be the commissioner for sadness. The audacity!! Nigeria is really a failed state.☹️

  • @ Palesa Perfectly said. Beyond failed Dearie. I keep saying that God should send someone to come and wipe all of them from the face of the planet. They were all useless and only on Nigeria will such happened

  • I don't understand some you Nigerians? Cos thank God I'm not one oyall.. But tell me this, who voted for him. Was it ghost who voted for him. How many times has he won his election.? Who votes for him? Aliens? You deserve everything your government does to you. You bark bark yet no bite. Y'all are weak. Even togo has more guts than you, they hit the streets and they March against corrupt government. You that you will slay 24/7 on Instagram yet common let's March and speak up your weak ass cannot do.

    • You're right! We are cowards because we don't want to die! The election was rigged! If you protest, you get shot at! Lives are not valued here so most of us live in fear and only protest on social media! Talking about Togo, you can't compare! Togo is like a state in Nigeria besides they too are going through tough times as well! Thanks for visiting our blog and invite your friends too! All opinions are welcomed! Invite your single friends oooo!😉

  • @Anonymous December 5, 2017 at 11:46 AM

    Shut up there and go back to your country's blogs. Scratch that, you don't have any blogs in your minion of a country. Yet you come on Nigerian blogs and you think you can lecture us and denigrate us how you like?

    Jealous of the slaying right? Obviously you can't keep up with your Darling branded weave on and braids, fake MK leather goods, chain belts, ugly white shoes, black lined lips and badly bleached skin.

    Meanwhile, you all wish you were Nigerians. Comparing a minion like Togo to a big country like Nigeria? What an insult. Togo that has had a a father and son as President for a combined 53 years you think that's a country. That for starters cannot happen in Nigeria. You are a nitwit and you obviously don't understand the dynamics that operate in Nigeria so let me warn you to keep out of it.

    Anuofia! Barawo banza!! Oloshi omo ale!! GTFOH because we will skin you alive.

    • Yeah meeehn @FAN dropping it like its hawt! Don't my the idiaaat, thinks he/she can come and yarn rubbish about Naija.

    • Haba@ fan! Reading what that anonymous said up there is true! All the insults wasn't warranted nah! That anonymous is right to a point but comparing Nigeria to Togo was the wrong part! You don't drive home your points with insults but rather with kind words! You ended up sounding like the anonymous! I believe we need a Revolution in this country but we are also afraid too! Nobody wants to die I beg!

    • @fan! I use to like all your comments on this blog but this one, I don't! If you're a female, I will it slide but if you're a male, then you sound like a bitch! Why all the name calling? You should have educated the BV without shaming her! That's if the BV is a female!

    • Truth hurts
      419, corruption, cultism in you universities ,broad day light arm robbers, ritualism etc blacklisted by every nation on the planet. Yet paroles driving big jets whike your own people paying 10% tithe suffering and fleeing to Libya being sold as slaves by fellow Nigerians. Clap for your self.

      2017 still you don't have constant light even your neighbor Ghana and Rwanda who just came out of civil war less than 20yrs ago have uninterrupted light. What I am trying to say is enough of the FAKE LIFE'S ON SOCIAL MEDIA, just get up and March against these corrupt leaders. Togo did it, Zimbabwe did it, this is 2017, there's no point barking all the time. Tuface organized a marxh small threat he chickened out. So what am saying all the muscles your men use to beat women they cannot even protest wrong doings of government, at least do it and stand up and speak for your future generation.

      Ps: Did you know next year Feb 2018 y'all will surpass India as having the highest poverty on the planet. That means all that borrow pose, big weddings and red carpet slaying they don't mean shit if your have taken the number one place having the highest number of poor people on the globe. But I guess so far as you are rich you don't care for thr Poor people? This is why I support freeze, enough of the slaying, help the poor and March and protest agains corrupt government like Rochas. Truth hurts init. Bring on the insults. I don't give a fck, I am glad I was not born in Nigeria. Get ready for Feb 2018 to collect your disgraceful award of having surpasses India and gave the highest poverty in the planet. While y'all slay, wear that crown too. GTFOHWTBS

    • Your response sounds like a child. Typical. You debate a Nigerian their strongest come back is you blah blah blah u carry fake designers meanwhile you've never even met me so how do you know what I carry. Sweetie I don't carry real or fake designer, I don't care for designer wear because unlike you I don't have low self esteem and inferiority complex so much I'll commit crime to buy those bullshit to pose on social media because every click or like of my photo will up my low self esteem a notch😂😂😂. Where am from materialistic stuff and all that bullshit y'all kill for do not define us as a people. We are not vain and materialiatuc like you. 24hr light is more important to me than some designer wear. You wear designer yet most still rent. I invest in real estate only. Not some damn $1000 red bottom shoes. Fix your country and stop running to others to fck it up🤣🤣🤣🤣 TRUTH HURTS DEAL WITH IT. NOT EVERY ONE IS A HATER. SOME OF US JUST LIKE TO TELL U THE TRUTH. TRUTH HURTS INIT

    • Anon 9:14pm! You're not a hater joor! Everything you wrote up there is the truth! Bad governance, no light, no good roads, no security, no good healthcare system, no clean water, no good jobs etc ! Yet we can't protest because we don't want to die! Nobody wants to be a hero!

    • @Fan! Why ? You sounded so upset! The anonymous was only voicing his/her opinion! I come here to read comments and I always love your comments but this time around, I was disappointed! I love this blog and most times , your comments are part of the reason!

    • Fan didn't finish jack! I support the Anon 90%! The anonymous is right! But wrong on Togo! Let's call a Spade, a Spade! Nigeria govt need to be cleaned in and out! Take out the bad eggs but who will do it? Everyone is scared!

  • @anon 11:46, it seems they are playing kpangolo with your disjointed brain cells, better get your gravy smelly arse out of here before we get you all the way together.

  • This Rochas, Wike and Amosun must be voted the biggest morons in government. Very arrogant and senseless. I’m so tired of this country.

  • Yes! Our families, friends and foreigners who wish Nigeria well but live outside the country have the right to be mad at us! But they forget quickly that we cannot do anything about it! Last time some people protested, they were shot at! Some died, others injured! Who came to their aid? No one! So my people, understand it's not our fault!

  • Gov Rochas! That dirty scarf you keep putting on your neck! That's where some of your power is hidden! Soon we will take it away from you!

  • Well let's wait and see if by the end of the month IMO state citizens are happier or not, I bet the next Governor solo scrap that office ehn.