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She’s undoubtedly not one to toy with stylistically. Sade Okoya, the young wife of Aare Razak Akanni Okoya has held her own now on the style stake for a few years now unobstructed.

She’s evolved over the years and come into her own. She seems to have found the fail safe style that is all her own and she’s owned it with much aplomb and we salute her for it.

Style like we have always harped it, is your own peculiar signature, that thing that you wear or do without necessarily thinking too much about it and which you have made your own and you are very comfortable in and with.

In the above pictures, the stylish lady here was at the 84th birthday of her husband’s great friend and paddy, Prince Samuel Adedoyin and she razzled-dazzled awesomely and got everyone salivating with her poise, gait and elegance or should we just say elan. It was a simple 2 piece of an elegant top with open back worn on a beautiful well sown and classy black flared pant and she accentuated the whole garb with a nicely wrapped gele(headtie) and her bag. Her best foot forward we think!  


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    • Style queen my ass. Perhaps you meant over the top tacky dress queen. For a start that dress is filtering silver color and she shouldn't have used a yellow jewelry and a so called proclaimed style guru should know that it is a NO NO to use yellow gold jewelry with a glittering silver dress. And doesn't get why she makes her dtess backless all the time.

    • This pantsuit is not nice on her figure as far as I'm concerned. The design on the dress is very busy and less jewelry would have been better but hey, we are talking about Queen of over the top.

    • She is good to look at until she opens her mouth to talk and all things falls apart. She is not good to look at when she opens her mouth to talk at all. Thought she would have done something to her mouth by now

    • Have seen her in backless more than 4 times the past month and wonder why she wears backless all the time. Those others times it wasn't bad but this one doesn't look good on her tho

    • To all you haters down below…she looks just fine! For instance, you guys have all the education abi? But no billions. Well, she doesn't have the education but she out smarted you to the billions. She is a regal looking woman and she carries herself well. You can't have it all in life. Btw, I am in the fashion industry here in New York and I have always admired her sense of style. Kudos Shade, please don't let dem haters shade your Shine!

    • Anon 6.01 Honey money is good but please is not everybody that runs or worships money like yourself because there are certain places you can't enter just because you have money and remember also that money can't buy you class. Did you say that you are in NY and in fashion business and you admired her fashion sense? Honey, you are in the wrong business if admired her fashion sense. I'm sure you live in Btooklyn or in Bronx NY ( which kind of rhyme with Shitta/Ojuelegba) where she comes from, for you to have admired her fashion sense. On a last note, she looks like she has an hunchback in this open back pantsuit. Don't hate on her but just saying that I don't see her as a style queen which is an opinion that I'm entitled to have

    • At Anon 6.01. You are a fool and money hungry trash. Putting money over Class. Wake up and stop talking from your ass as no one cares about the blood money. I'm sure the Okoya were only tolerating her until their father
      dies and they will kick her hunch back out on the side curb where she belongs

    • Sorry o money hungry fashionista in New York. You might need to move to Paris the fashion capital to improve your fashion so you can do better with your fashion sense

  • Enjoy your loot boo! The only picture that makes me puke is the thought of you and your hubby naked on the bed! Beside that,I'm good!

    • WELCOME GBOGBO BIGZ GIRLZ, Where have you been Dearie? Pls don't be a stranger on Maestromedia. Back to the matter. Sade is a fake ass and she hid under the shy demeanor to deceive the public. She came to Okoya house through ABiola and the moment she worked her way to the man's heart, before anyone could say go, she turned the man against his daughter and their relationship has never been same. She is a real snake and people should stop buying into her fake shyness. I heard no one except her, her kids and her shameless local mother were the only people that have unlimited access to the man's unit in the compound and he started the business that the local fool is enjoying with same ABiola's mother. Karma is coming for her as the kids can't wait for their father to die and show her real pepper

  • What stupid style!!!!!! Her dressing is regular! Nothing fantastic! But I have to admit that she's got a lovely figure!

    • Her bestie Modupe Oguntade is another evil woman that was going out with Justice Oguntade ( Who is her late husband best friend) while her late husband was sick on his sick bed. Modupe is also bestie with Titi Oseni former Speaker in Ogun State who is a bestie with Bola Marshall who I just returned from US after spending 10 years in prison for drug tracking offense. The 2 were alleged to have partnered in some business dealings that made Titi taken up looking after Bola's mother and children until she took political position and tried to distanced herself from her past. All their circles were into some shit do folks don't trust their nonsense FRONT. There is some shit going on in the background

    • You tell me. I have nothing against her but don't get the hype over her dressing. Respect classy dresser abut unfortunately she is not a classy dresser in my opinion she is way too over the top

  • Wonder why she wears open back all the time. She always over accessories and makes her look tacky sometimes. Not hating but truth be told

  • Aloba, Is it the money that you collect to hold body that makes you use some of the superlatives on some of the people you feature or you just write to fill the pages? Everybody knows that Sade is a trophy wife that is always OTT in her dressing. Also her fake ascent and and fish brained demeanour is plain classless and clueless. We know the man is old (if not older than her own father) and married her to show off, despite still having other wives who are as old as this Sade's mother, but the girl doesn't have common sense to see through and manage this, apart from looking like a doll and trying so hard to be seen like some butter girl, which we know she is not because she is one of those Shitta runs girls in Surulere, who hustled and finally hit a gold mine after meeting the classless money miss road man called Alhaji Okoya.If she is a smart and classy lady,she will not be trying so hard to get in the face of everyone everytime in their parties but lie low to enjoy the loot and manage the conflicting family wahala until the man dies and…

    • Anon 1.50 pm I couldn't have said it better. I said it many times and people thinks is about one being an hater which is sad. I said it that she is a real ghetto unpolished girl and one expected to have changed with the exposure she has been exposed to. She is a typical ALATIKA GIRL. Her real friends were those Isale Eko girls over bleached local girls. Thought she would have used all the money she has access to, to buy class

  • Am more appalled with her English language. Jeez! Not different from that of all those razz Nollywood actresses.

    She needs to upgrade her English language and am not talking fake accent. Sade you need to learn to speak eloquent English.

    She hides under the lie that she's shy hence doesn't talk much. The little you spin out is thrash.

    Upgrade your education and spoken English!!! You've acquired enough gold and diamonds and clohings, now step up and acquire more Western education!

    • At Mama Borngirl. You said it perfectly but then what do you expected from a girl like her? Even when you look at her circle of close friends, they were all trashy and ghetto with the exception of the new ones that she met when she married Okoya. She is more closer to those Isake Eko girls. You can take a girl out of ghetto but not ghetto out of girl

    • @ Mama Borngirl. Mama Borngirl always say it as it is. Oh my! You really nailed it about her using shyness to cover up. The few times she has opened her mouth to talk, I was so out off and I wonder why shou couldn't have educated herself to do better than the rush she spews out. Very local and ghetto from her dressing to talking. With all the resources she has, I expected her to have hired an English/speech coach but as a real local and superficial girl, all she cares about is getting different title, jewelries and one plastic surgeries after the other. SMH

    • Upon all your English. See where you ended up? A loser always hating on Alogba’s blog. Low self esteemed idiot. She’s a Yoruba woman not an English woman.

    • You are on point Mama Borngirl. I feel so nauseous and disappointed in her whenever she talks. Guess the reason why she acts shy all the time.

    • …..and she dines with justice oguntade, dem no fit upgrade her spoken English.
      Any gist about justice ambassador oguntade first wife cos obviously Sade okoya bestie isn't his original wife.

    • They’re all razzos. Modupe the justice’s wife is a razzo. Justice Na book help am but a razzo like Okoya.

    • At anon 7.27. STFU Madam stupid. Money is not everything in life and remember that some of us were not hungry for blood money. (Take that to the bank) fool. She is way over the top with those bogus jewelries and she can't open her mouth to speak good English Perhaps she should use some of those millions you mentioned to train her illiterate tacky self

    • At anon 8.19. Talking about Jistice Oguntade's wife – Modupe. She was married to Justice Oguntade's who was a friend to her late husband, Dr Jimi Okunola Aina. Very shameless woman that was going out with Oguntade when her husband was such before she passed away. Dr Aina daughter was mad with her for going out with their father's friend and her response was "I'm sorry for going out with one of your fathers friend because I couldn't get one of his enemy to date". Very evil and diabolitical woman running after Sade that is her grand daughter's age mate.Now that her husband is the Permanent Secretary in London, I really hope they wouldn't damage Nigeria reputation because most of their friends were into "Powder" business

    • 10.04 pm Agree with you. How did he become a Justice self? No wonder majority of their close friends were into that powder one time or the other. Titi Oseni best friend/business partner(Bola Marshall) one time was arrested 2 times for it. One MM airport on her way to US was pregnant at the time and had the baby at the NDLEA prison. 2nd time after being released by NDLEA as old habit never die, she traveled to US and was arrested there with the shit and she did over 10 years in yonder. Same applies to that thug that his wife was once in House of Rep – Tunde Oshikoya. He too was arrested for years in Nigeria by the late NDLEA boss – Bamaiyi and also that fake ass Oba of Ikate – Lateef Adams and Bola Shagaya who is their Matron.

    • They had to run to JESUS CHRIST when they met a jazzed up young lady called , Sade! Sade's jazz is tight with help from her mum!

    • At 11.32 pm You got that right. And help from that ugly face wicked Modupe. Cannot believe Buhari made her husband the Permanent Secretary to London when majority of her friends were into powder. And that is the person representing Nigeria in a drug infested London? SHAME ON BUHARI FOR GIVING HIM THAT POSITION. She will soon pollute London with their shenanigans

    • Is too late for them to run to CHRIST. The damage has been done already. Hopefully the man has not willed everything to Sade and her kids. Ghetto queen kneeling down to people on stage at Sun Award ceremony to people that came on stage to support her husband when he won Sun Award. Very local and embarrassing. Is all strategy

    • You can't will baba's kind of wealth to a single person,even if baba tries it the older kids will use their influence to discard the will and or kill sade.its like saying Kessington wills everything to his young wife when she no wan blow up in broad daylight.Presidency will direct any court to tear up the will right in front of them.
      I really don't pity the man considering the evil he has done in this world.
      A man who sleeps with his own daughter,gave Sade H*V to mention a few

  • I dont know if i can get any help on this blog. Does anyone know any baba or anyone that can bring an ex back? We broke up about a month ago and i havent been myself ever since. If u do, pls help. Someone confirmed and strong, not some weak…

    • At Anon. please call Modupe and Sade ASAP. I'm sure they have someone they can refer you to that help th to turn their husbands to dummies. Good luck with that one

    • Nawao! Ok! Wake up at 12am! Go to the altantic ocean, naked, call your ex's name 7 times while turning to East,west, north and south! Bath there and go home. Don't look back! Remember to come back to testify oooo

  • At Anon 2.11 Are you kidding me? Have you how Sade, her mother and her 2nd mother/ bestie (Mrs Modupe Oguntade) turned Okoya into a dummy? Tagging along with her even to Elohor modeling show at his age. And someone tell me it is love for a man that is over 70 years old going to that tacky Elite modeling show? Give me a break!!! Don't believe her calm demeanor in public as that is just a gimmick to get public love. None of his family can even have direct access to the man except they go through Sade. From a real family source, all they are waiting for is for the man to die and they will get down with her since the man is not within his senses now, but Modupe husband being Okoya's best friend and also a ret.judge, I'm sure he must have advised him getting a Will that will benefits her and her kids if and when he died. That Modupe story is for another day.

    • Blood money! Dirty fetish people! Remember when they were building, you could not drive past that major high way without holding your nose! Laying corpses and other fetish items underneath the foundation of their houses! *Spits! Dirty Fetish people! Maggot infested home! If only people can see spiritually, they will never take money from them!

  • why is it that this lady doesn't ever smiles or laughs? she is too artificial,she loves loud makeup and her accessories are always too big and doesn't look good on her most times.sometimes,less is more.


    • Real ugly teeth and sour mouth and can't stand when she want the whole world knows she has a lot of jewelries by using too much like a tout

  • At 11.06 oh my! You guys were brutal on this blog men. Dragon? You are mean men but in actuality you are so accurate

  • It's so sad that tunde, biola and taofick who suffered to help their dad have been marginalized sade is a witch gold digger