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Imagine that everyone worth their salt are getting prepared for the Arabian magic that is set to unfold and to be unleashed come this Sunday, December 10, 2017.

And the magician of extraordinary repute that is putting the extraordinary showcase that would blow the people’s mind away is none other than the elegant glamour queen of TV herself, her royal sweetness, Mo Abudu, the founder/initiator and boss at EbonyLife TV.

What’s the occasion? It’s none other than the world premiere of “The Wedding Party 2”, the sequel to the hilarious “The Wedding Party”, which we only just watched for the 1st time a few days back.

We were one of those allowed to have a private view of the new film a few days ago at the Imax filmhouse, Victoria Island and we can tell you without revealing much that this 2nd part is a more big budget endeavour and from the beginning to the end it was comedic excellence at it’s best and fun galore. From what we experienced, those that attended nearly laughed their heads off. Many of the cast gave a super great account of themselves. Maybe after the film has premiered officially we would do a more precise critique of the whole thing, the story line, the cast, the acting, the cinematography, the editing and the likes. For now we can tell you without mincing words, that it was an hilarious experience and there was this “good feel factor” about the film. Something very obvious immediately is that the budget was upped and quite heavily too.

Those of us that attended the premiere also had the honour of meeting the crew and the cast that made the whole thing happen.

So the world premiere is this coming Sunday and the style theme is “ARABIAN” in look and ambience! We would all be entralled, transfixed, blown over, mesmerised, gobsmarked etc by the magic that would be displayed and unleashed. The fashionistas, the stylish ones and co, a few that we know, are already going gaga about what to wear and how they want to stand out from all others and upstage all others too at the same time.

Style will meet panache, elegance will connect with glamour, Elan will salute gorgeousness, grace will mix with oomph on Sunday and we promise to bring the whole proceedings to you all LIVE.

We know it’s going to be LIT! We are looking forward to have our pick of who would be the “Arabian Sheikh” that will stand out the most that day and would be the most stylish man and also we would be looking out for “queen of Arabia” that day, whose style all others would bow to.

The venue of course like you all already know is the expansive hall of the main hall of the Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos. .

We are totally loving that such class of events, occasions are all happening back to back this December, at least adding colour to a year that has been somewhat sudbued, due to the economic meltdown and depression that has affected all comers.

So Sunday, December 10, 2017 here we come!  Maestro’s Media would showcase the colours and spectacle of the whole shebang.

Salute Mo Abudu! 


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    • This Mama again! *Deep sign! Old mama youngie! No matter how many times you shave your pubic hair, those grey hair there will still be obvious! Leave my boyfriend alone!!!!!

    • Anon 7:42, have some self worth! Your boyfriend that gave her his contact nko? That's how you people are, blame the woman and leave the man cos he's a baby and doesn't have sense! Nonsense! Mo is a lot of unprintable things but call your gigolo bf to order, not the woman.

    • Thank God for makeup artists. Banke did some serious panel beating on her face and the editing helps too. I have watched her interviews and it was mediocre and cannot believe she was being praised for that. I guess the PR money is really money well spent. She is not even average as far as I'm concerned

  • This senior again! Looking good here though! I wonder which fuck boy is taking out the cobwebs! Thank God for hormonal medications to lubricant the "dry land! Curse me and die!

  • The Anonymous on this blog are brutal!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁! Mehn! I live in the states but this blog brings me home! Luv this blog man!

  • Her face looks funny,not natural at all.too much botox.our Nigerian celebrities has started copying Hollywood's stars in doing plastic surgeries.i don't know why they are doing that shit,it doesn't look good at all as far as i am concerned.


  • Her face looks funny,not natural at all.too much botox.our Nigerian celebrities has started copying Hollywood's stars in doing plastic surgeries.i don't know why they are doing that shit,it doesn't look good at all as far as i am concerned.


  • Abeg whats going on with Eloho aisien click? For awhile now nothing dey noisy around that crew. Tiwa always travelling, toke busy with popsy Fadeyi and soending, Freda francis having a ball with birth excitement in london, bisola tokan happily married abi? Cant remember their names now. But Toke is on top(Reigning) babygirl for life. Bordom make me remember them oo. (ANONYMOUS MADAM)

    • Toke 15 mins is almost up. By March next year, no one wil be interested in what she has to say again. She better save her money and stop being dummy using the free money to buy material stuff

  • Everyone has settled down
    Louise in lebanon minding her family
    Freda minding her kid and spa
    Elohor seperated from Owen minding her
    businesses. Prive. Elite etc
    Toke fucking for dough and writing exposes
    Tiwa trying to fix her marriage and minding her business as the only one in Mavin making dough

    The young shall grow innit

  • What happened between kemi adetiba and Mo I sense some bad blood, she didn't direct wedding party2 and she hasn't put anything up to show support I suspect Mo was jealous because kemi took the shine for wedding party 1

    • A pity. Kemi is such a cool chick. Supports her friends and has no airs about her. In any case they can’t take away the success of the movie from her. When people think Wedding party, they’ll think Kemi Adetiba.